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Behind The Scenes & Snapshots <bgsound src="koudou.mp3" loop="infinite">

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I can only put up the snapshots for now. I'm going to write the contents later. Matte kudasai, ne!^_^

Shinsengumi! Promo on "Kouhaku Utagassen 2003"
Kouhaku is NHK's annual song festival in the end of the year. Many popular J-singers perform in the festival, such as Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Chemistry, EXILE, SMAP, Aya Matsuura, AIKO, BoA, Ken Hirai, Morning Musume, Every Little Thing, and much more.
In the middle of the show, Shinsengumi did a little promotion...such a funny one, thanks to Shingo Katori(Isami)! x) Below are the screencaps....lets just say, that Shingo said something funny which made Yuuka(Miyuki Dayuu), and also Kouji Yamamoto(Hijikata) burst out laughing ^_^ Oh, Mitani Koki(Shinsengumi's scriptwriter/director) also attend the show, and Shingo is actually talking to Yuuka and Mitani Koki who are seating in the audience seats.










Photo Session


NG Takes


Pers Conference