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Kare no Jousei-tachi (aka The Gals^^)

Oyuki (Miyuki Dayuu) (Isami Kondou's lover)
I predict that in the history record, it is stated Isami Kondou had an affair with an unknown geisha in Kyoto. Because both in this drama and Kaze Hikaru manga, Isami have a geisha lover, but different name and backgrounds in both adaptation^^


In this drama, Isami's lover is Miyuki Dayuu, a geisha dancer. Miyuki Dayuu is her geisha name, her real name is Oyuki. She appeared for the first time (after her brief appearance in the 1st ep), in episode 17. She is chased by a group of rounin, and Isami-tachi saved her. Not really much we know about this character coz she usually only appear in 1 scene, in every episode. That is whenever Isami needs accompany and also drink, Miyuki will always be there to serve him. Isami has fall for her, and so has she....however, her feelings for Isami is an unconditional love. She's just always be there for him, not expecting anything in return. Somehow she can sensed Isami's marital status.
And it seems, Miyuki has keeping a secret about her identity. Isami has been asking about it to her, but she told him, when the time comes, she will tell him.

Oyuki's twin sister. She's fun! Such the opposite with her sister. She's firm, stubborn, cheerful, genki, cute, childish....even have the guts to stick out her tongue to Isami! And unlike Oyuki, who reluctant to interact with the other Shinsengumi members. Okou have good relationships with them, they even count on her. Isami counts on her to take care Okita and also taking care their headquarter, Hijikata also trust Okita to her and thinks coz of her.. Okita looks genki, Saitou even trust Okou to save Okita from Itou's men^^
Okita once ask her, why is she not afraid being in a Shinsengumi HQ, Okou said, "Because turns out, Shinsengumi is not like what people talks about! Kondou-sensei is such a nice, yasashii man. While, Okita-han still acts like a little boy!"^^
Okou is NOT Isami Kondou's love interest.....but she does have sparks with another Shinsengumi member with a high position ^_^

Yuuka (1980)
Yuuka is one of my fave actress ever since I watched her in Love Story, co-starring Etsushi Toyokawa, Miho Nakayama and Shingo Katori ^_^ I've only seen 3 of her dramas/movies so far. Taiyou wa Shizumanai(Sun Never Sets), co-starring Hideaki Takizawa, as Takki's love interest...quite a cute couple, but I still think Yuuka looks compatible the most with Shingo!^_~
And also, her 2002 musical movie, Koi ni Utaeba(When You Sing of Love). A pretty good musical movie, I must say....good songs and enjoyable plot, althou sometimes looks silly^^ But I enjoyed the movie. Omoshiroi!!^_^

Tsune Kondou (Isami Kondou's wife)
Tsune is a lady from a wealthy family, betrothed to Isami, simply to support Shieikan's financial condition. Tsune doesn't know Isami at all, before they get married. She just tag along with her parents' decision. However, she gradually and eventually fall in love with Isami, I assume coz Isami treats her real nice and kind. She ended feels really shiawase(happy) married to Isami and living in Shieikan. And she's trying her best to become a good housewife, althou frequently being yelled at by her mother in law, coz she is really slow in finishing her daily jobs(e.g washing clothes, etc)^^ Tsune is a sweet girl, I like her ^_^

Tomoko Tabata (1980)
I dont like the actress, at first x) I think I've watched her somewhere acting a character I dislike^^ Oh, I've also watched her in Tentai Kanzoku(Searchin' For The Polestar), she was just okay, acting as -the married friend- of the 7 bestfriends, and having problems with her marriage. I also think she's not that pretty.
But my mind changed, as Tsune character appear and she is slowly just grew on me^^ And turns out, she can look pretty in the olden Edo period costume ^.^ Her acting is very good as the sweet girl turning to a good housewife....she can make Tsune character really likeable, lovable^^


Mitsu Okita (Isami Kondou's first love/Okita Souji's older sister) by Yasuko Sawaguchi (1965)
Okita's older sister, she works in Shieikan and a good friend of Isami and Hijikata. She has a funny character, childish, mischevious(just like her brother^^), cheerful, quite a strong and brave woman...otoko no ko mitai, sometimes^^; Hijikata once said to Isami, "You must like her very much, she's the kind of woman that would be appropriate for an honest man like you,". Isami remotely denied that and tell Hijikata not to say such things, coz Mitsu is already married. But, it looks like Isami do like her........kind of........^-^


Hide Yagi by Kazue Fukiishi (1982)
Gennojou Yagi's daughter, whose household are temporarily made as Roushigumi Group-3's accomodation. She is told to dress as a man by his father, to avoid troubles since they are having 13 men living in the same house. Thus, Isami-tachi actually think and treat him like a man ^_^ Omoshiroi! Although she doesnt like the fact she has to dress as a man and 13 men are living in her house, but it seems...gradually Roushigumi members grows on her....and looks like, she herself gradually grow feelings for someone.....



Okoto (Hijikata's love interest) by Maki Tamaru (1978)
Her first meet with Hijikata was arranged, it was an omiai. However, Hijikata clearly told her that he dont want to get married. Nevertheless, Okoto have fallen in love with Hijikata, so they still meet often, with the hope that Hijikata will change his mind as time goes by. But even until his departure time to Kyoto, he never change his mind...
Okoto is a weak, weak girl...cry easily. And is crazy about Hijikata.


Akesato (Yamanami's lover) by Sawa Suzuki(1972)
Akesato in this NHK version, is FAR from what have been described in Shinsengumi anime and manga adaptations. In other adaptations, Akesato has always been described as the queen of all geisha, stunningly beautiful and elegant.
Appeared for the first time in episode 31. Yamanami met her in Masa's foodshop. She is not really pretty, really stupid, country-bumpkin type of girl, but cheerful and innocent. She is a low-class geisha, and Yamanami always turn to her whenever he feels down and lonely, coz the problems he had in Shinsengumi.
Knowing her Yamanami-sensei love history and politics, she tries and doing ganbatte to read more history books, so she'd be able to chat alot more with her beloved sensei. Its funny to see how her traits is the total opposite with Yamanami, yet they fallen for each other^^

Masa (Harada's love interest) by Emi Hashino (1973)
Masa is a waitress in a food shop which Shinsengumi members ALWAYS goes to.[I wonder why they never go to a different food shop, always in the same place x)]
Shinsengumi members know her pretty well, and she always gives them information on what happen in Kyoto, mainly about what the Choshuu samurai do.
Harada keeps giving her love letters and also daikon. But, Masa told Isami that she dont like him at all, moreover Harada smell bad. However, all that changes after the big fire incident in Kyoto.


Oume (Serizawa's lover) by Kyoka Suzuki (1968)
Oume was a homeless woman. She became the mistress of Maekawa, one of the family head in Mibu village, coz Maekawa pitied her. He give her a home. But later when Maekawa's wife knew about it, she was kicked out from the house...and have no other choice but to live in a small empty place across the Yagi household(Shinsengumi's HQ).
She is about to be expelled from the village, by the family heads in Mibu, due to her manner, who likes to seduce young men[including Okita x)]... when Serizawa then announce in the middle of the Mibu family heads' meeting, that from then on, Oume will become a family member of Serizawa Kamo, the commander of MibuRoushigumi.

Ikumatsu (Katsura Kogoro's lover) by Rei Kikukawa (1978)
She may not appear fact, her scenes are really few, and she has only say very few lines, too. But, I grow to like her, coz of her supportive act on whatever her lover, Katsura Kogoro do. Just like, a supportive wife for Katsura. And she is such a firm woman, she do not fear samurai with swords, always act calm even when she and Katsura are in danger.



Oryou (Sakamoto Ryouma's lover) by Aso Kumiko (1978)
Oryou was a servant in the Tosa clan, Sakamoto's clan. And Sakamoto fallen for her, since their first met. Later, Oryou work in the Teradaya Inn.





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