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Episode 10


Title: Iyoiyo Roushigumi! (At Last, The Roushi Team!)
Broadcast Date: March 14th, 2004
Ratings: 15.6%


Its the middle of night...Isami is in his room lying, eyes open, gazing at the ceiling. Then, he turns his head to the right...his baby daughter and wife are sleeping peacefully besides him. He gets up...goes to the training hall and starts to exercise kendo by himself.... While exercising, his mind goes flashback to what happened before...

He runs excitedly that night, after he found the letter from Yamanami, which contains information on the establishment of Roushigumi in Kyoto. He goes to a food shop where Yamanami and Yamaoka Tetsutaro had waited for him. Then, they go to Kiyokawa Hachirou's place, the person who initiated the Roushigumi project. Kiyokawa explained, the shogunate decides to form a unit of roushi or 'masterless samurai' called Roushigumi to have them serve the Shogun and settle disturbances at Kyoto. Kiyokawa really thanked Isami for willing to join Roushigumi. After the meeting, Isami has strong impression on Kiyokawa.

Isami and Hijikata are eating ramen near a food stall. Isami tells him about the news. Isami has decided that he will be a samurai at heart.

Isami talks to Tsune while eating dinner. He tells her that he will go to Kyoto in another several weeks. "I heard, that it is a dangerous place...", "That's why, I have to go...its a dangerous place, so my task is to protect the city and to serve the Shogun," Isami answered. "You really have decided?", "Yes, I have decided...". Silence surrounds the room for a few secs, "About the hanami, we'll just go next year..." Isami said. Tsune smile wryly and nods. She looked really sad, but she know she has to let her husband go.....

Isami visit Shusuke, and tell his father about the news. Fude is quietly listening from outside the room. Shusuke asked him, what will happen to Shieikan dojo, if he leave for Kyoto. Isami said he will trust Shieikan to Okita. Shusuke is a bit sad...coz for 24 years, Shieikan have never experience something like this... However, Shusuke support Isami fully to be a roushi, he even ask Inoue to follow Isami, to be a roushi.

Today, Isami gather all guest swordsmen and Shieikan pupils at the training hall and inform them about the Roushigumi establishment and he hopes that everyone join too. Okita excitedly answered, that of course everyone would agree. Hijikata and all of the guest swordsman agree to join the Roushigumi. However, the Shieikan pupils are not as excited about it...they dont want to leave Edo and their family....
Isami thinks its okay, even there are only few people who would join the Roushigumi from Shieikan. Okita is really excited about it. But suddenly, Isami tells him that Okita cannot go. "What? Wait a minute, what are you talking about?", "You'll stay here, to protect Shieikan, I'll trust Shieikan to you,". Okita flared up, "Chotto matte!! Why?!? Why me?? I want to go!", "We are not going to play!!", "I understand that VERY well!! .......please, clarify this to me...aren't I one of the most strongest person in Shieikan, my swordskill is #1, desho?", "That's why, you have to take care of Shieikan!" Isami insist. Okita is very dissapointed, upset and angry, her eyes shows anger but starts to get teary, "You let Heisuke join, too!!!!! Why is it different for me?!?!", " any case, you cant go!!".
"Why is it always like this..?? people always think I'm still a kid?? I'm NOT a kid anymore!!!" Okita runs outside angrily.

Isami, Hijikata, Nagakura, Yamanami, Inoue, Toudou, and Harada are in a food shop. Harada is totally drunk. Yamanami tells Isami that the official person in charge of Roushigumi is Matsudaira Kazusanosuke. Isami ask Yamanami who is this guy, he knows Matsudaira Chikaranosuke, and that he is such a terrible person...but he has never heard of Matsudaira Kazusanosuke. Yamanami also have not heard this name. Drunken-Harada suggest that they should meet Kazusanosuke to ask his true intention in forming Roushigumi. The others agree.

Isami-tachi are waiting in a spacious room for Matsudaira Kazusanosuke. Then, foot steps are heard. An old man enters the room.....its Chikaranosuke! "Well, well, well....such a pleasant thing, to meet Kondou-sensei again...". Isami is quite surprised, "Anoo...since when did Chikaranosuke-sama change name to Kazusanosuke?". He explained that since he is in charge of the Roushigumi now, he feels he need to change his name, "The last time you were here, you made quite trouble.....what do you want now?", "This time, I'd like to talk about a different thing," Isami answered. Then they talk about his true intention in forming Roushigumi. Kazusanosuke assured them that Roushigumi is for good purpose, for the sake of Shogun, Tokugawa bakufu. And he has promised to give 50 ryo to each of those who will register to be one of the Roushigumi. He assured Isami-tachi that he is a man of his word.

They are going back to Shieikan at night, when suddenly Mitsu appear in front of them and hit Isami's head with a stick. Isami is in pain, "Ittai..ta..ta..(ouch)!! What are you doing?!??". Mitsu is angry and very upset that Isami did not let her brother to join the Roushigumi with him, "Why do you treat him like that?!? .........then, just do whatever you want!!" she throw the stick harshly to Isami's foot, then walks out angrily.

February 4th, 1863....
Isami and Tsune are sitting besides sleeping-Tama, their daughter. Isami stroke Tama's cheek gently. Then, Inoue inform that its time to go. All 7 of them are going to the Roushigumi registration place, and to listen to Kiyokawa's speech before they depart to Kyoto.
However, they are not the only ones who comes to the place. Inside, Kazusanosuke are having a meeting with Sasaki Tadasaburo, Yamaoka Tetsutaro, Kiyokawa Hachirou and other few men. The number of roushi who gathered is far larger than anticipated. Kazusanosuke have prepared 2500 ryo for 50 roushi. But now, there are 300+ roushi have come to the place, he don't have that much money for them. They're trying to find a way out. Kazusanosuke then decided to pretend to collapse, so he doesn't have to give away the money today.

Meanwhile, Isami-tachi are not allowed to get in, although Yamanami have assured the guards that they have talked privately to Kiyokawa and Kazusanosuke, so they wait outside together with the other roushi. They find great and quite well-known samurai at the place, such as Kazuya Shingoro. Serizawa Kamo have also come to the place in a snobbish attitude, with 3 other men.
There's news, that Kazusanosuke is not in a healthy condition, so the payment for roushi who will register would be postpone. Isami-tachi suspected, that Kazusanosuke is trying to escape.
Kiyokawa Hachirou walks out and start to give his speech. And so, all of the roushi start to gather at the center. But there are too many of them, so Isami-tachi have to jostle to get to the front...but, still...they cant hear what Kiyokawa say......

Isami-tachi are going back to Shieikan and they are quite dissapointed with today's event, not as they expected, moreover they didn't earn the 50 ryo, too. Harada is very dissapointed, but the others feels okay with it, Yamanami ask Isami what does he think. "I dont care whether he'll give 100 ryo or 10 ryo...I wont change my mind," Isami said.
Suddenly Okita appear before them.....he reveals his half-shaved head. Everyone is stunned. "You did it..." Harada said. "I'm not a kid anymore..." Okita, once again, tried to assure Isami. Hijikata and all of the guest swordsmen pleads Isami to let Okita join Roushigumi with them. Then, Isami nods.....and smile. Okita is very happy....he hugs Toudou. " did this yourself?" Harada stroke Okita's bald head. "Dont touch!".
Hijikata said to himself, "I wonder what is waiting for us in Kyoto....".........

Rate: C+

Pretty good episode^^ It tells what does the very beginning of Shinsengumi like. There are touching scenes at some parts, but this is not an episode that I would watch over and over x) A bit too serious...

Just one mention, Fujiwara Tatsuya is a great actor!!!! Love his performance in the scene at the training hall, when Isami forbid Okita to join Roshigumi with them. I can even feel his upsetness, anger and dissapointment......really great, great acting from Fujiwara-kun!^^