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Episode 14


Title: Arriving in Kyoto!
Broadcast Date: April 11th, 2004
Ratings: 14.4%


An old man, bringing a lantern, is walking on the street of Kyoto in the middle of the night.
In another place, there's a gathering of old men. Apparently they're having a meeting regarding Roushigumi's accomodation in Kyoto. Attend the meeting, are the head of families in Kyoto. The chief of the meeting is announcing which group stays in which family.
The old man with the lantern arrive at the meeting, apologize that he is late. He is told that Group-3 of Roushigumi, consists of 13 samurai-s, will stay at his house (which is located in Mibu), temporarily.

The old man, Gennojou Yagi, hurriedly gather his family members, as soon as he arrived at home. There are Masa Yagi, his wife. Hisa, his mother. Hide Yagi, his daughter. Tamesaburo Yagi, his son. And 2 young men housekeepers.
He told them they have to be prepared as one group of Roushigumi will be staying at their house. They are shocked when they hear that there will be 13 men staying at their house. They dont like the idea. Gennojou then, tell her young pretty daughter, Hide, that with this situation it would be dangerous for her staying under the same roof with 13 men. Hisa agree to that, "Very dangerous!! Before you know it, her belly will already get bigger!!". "Please, dont say that!" Mrs. Yagi said.
"That's why, Hide, listen to me carefully.....from now on, you are not my daughter.....but you are my son...named Hidejiro,". Hide is confused, "Hai?!?". Masa ask her husband, "You want her to disguise as a man?? ...ah, sou, sou, thats a good idea!". Hide protests, "Wait, wait a minute!! Its impossible! I cannot act like a man!".
Gennojou tell his son, "Tamesaburo...from now on, she is not your ane-ue(older sister), but ani-ue(older brother)....". Tamesaburo then address Hide with, "Hidejiro-niisan...". Hide is in shock, "Nooooooooooooo...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

February 23rd, 1863...
The Roushigumi, at last, arrived in Kyoto. Isami-tachi are amazed with the capital city. It seems they are very excited upon arriving at the city. But suddenly, the groups stop walking. Isami told Toudou to see what happened in front. Turns out, the 3 heads of the wooden statues of Ashikaga Shogun are disgraced at the Sanjo River Bank. It seems the dignity of the shogunate is really down to the bottom in Kyoto. Isami feel like doing something about this, but Hijikata said they have to be patient.

Meanwhile, Katamori Matsudaira, who is commissioned to protect public order in Kyoto, was informed by his man about the Sanjo River Bank incident. Katamori order his man to stabilize the public security.

At another place, Genzui Kusaka, one of the choushuu samurai, that goes with the slogan Sonnou Joui! (Revere the Emperor, Dispel the Barbarians!), have gathered many roushi from the Choushuu domain. The roushi is telling him, they have to start moving now, as the Roushigumi have arrived in Kyoto. They want to do something bigger for the Emperor. Kusaka-sensei calmly tells them, that it would be soon....very soon....

In another place, it is Ryouma Sakamoto, aiming a western gun to a strawdoll and shoot right at it. He is amazed with the gun's ability, and observing the gun excitedly. A man calls his name, and Sakamoto reflexively aim the gun to the man. "Dont...dont shoot! Its me, Sakamoto-san!". "Ahh, so its you! haha...gomen, gomen!". Sakamoto's friend told him about the arrival of Roushigumi, which he just saw on the street. Sakamoto was not interested until his friend say, "Among the Roushigumi groups, I saw Isami Kondou!!". Sakamoto at once turns his face, "Isami Kondou?". "Right! I will never forget that face! I'm very sure!". Sakamoto just mumble, "Kondou ka.....this should be interesting......"

Yagi household, Mibu, suburb of Kyoto. Group-3 of Roushigumi has arrived and are unpacking their bags. Hijikata is upset, with the fact, they have to stay together with Serizawa's gang. Isami said, "Dont be too upset...afterall, Serizawa is not really a bad guy, y'know...".
Group-3 and Yagi family are gathering at the center room of the house. Gennojou introduce their family members, including Hide, who is now dressed as a man. Gennojou introduce her as Hidejiro, his eldest son. Hide tried really hard to talk and act like a man, thus the way he talk sounds weird^^;;;

The major members of Roushigumi are called by Hachirou Kiyokawa, Roushigumi's initiator. They are compelled to sign a petition to the Imperial Court.
And so, each member of Group-3 signed the petition. Inoue gives the signed petition to Yamaoka Tetsutaro. Yamanami looks unhappy, it seems he has a bad feeling about this. But he just put on a smile act, facing Yamaoka.

Serizawa suddenly barge into Isami-tachi's room, and invite them to have a drink with him. Harada responded very positively to it, and very excited about it. But, Isami rejected softly, telling Serizawa, that they are tired today. Serizawa turns to Okita, "You're coming?". Okita excitedly response, "Really?! I can come? Then, okay!!". Serizawa leave the room. Hijikata scolds Okita, why would he accept his invitation. Okita defended, "Why can't I?! he is not a bad guy, right? I'm going!". "Yosh! Me too!" Harada answers. "No, Harada-san, you're always create problems when you're drunk," Isami told him. Harada is very dissapointed, but nevertheless agree to it. Hijikata is a bit worried, "Is it gonna be okay? He's going alone?". Isami then turns to Nagakura, "Nagakura-san? Can I ask for your help?". Nagakura nods, and follow Okita. They're walking thru the corridor of the house, without knowing a pair of pretty eyes are watching them. Its Hide, gazing at them, nervously.
Nagakura & Okita finds a broom is put upside down on the entrance of the house, so Nagakura turn over the broom.

At night, Isami and Hijikata are taking a walk on the street near Yagi household. "The stars in Kyoto is no different with the ones in Tama, huh..." Hijikata said looking up. Isami point to a direction, "That is the Nijou Castle, the place we have to protect with all of our might,". Isami & Hijikata then bow to the direction.
Suddenly a soft gentle voice of a woman can be heard, "The Nijou Castle cant be seen from here,". Isami and Hijikata turns, and stunned to see a very beautiful lady in front of them. She is Oume. "The Nijou Castle is that way," she gracefully point to the opposite direction. Isami & Hijikata looks like they're half-still stunned and half-embarrass^^;; "You are Roushigumi members?", Isami answers, "Hai!", "...such fine young men, gokurohan deshita na..." then she walks off, in an elegant manner. Hijikata is gazing at the lady, in full interest, "Yappa....Kyoto's ladies are different, they have attitudes....".
They, then, goes back to Yagi household...and find an upside down broom. Isami pondered awhile, then turn it over, just like what Nagakura did.

Isami and Hijikata once again find the upside down broom, and coincidentally Hide is around. But Hide, hurriedly avoid them. Isami tries to stop her and ask her, "I keep seeing this broom is put upside down, does it has any meaning or something?". Hide does not answer, and looked really scared. "Please, come out for a moment, dont be scared," Isami try to calm her down.
Hide come out. "You are Hidejiro, aren't you?" Isami ask. Hide answers with a rough hai. "For a young man, your arms are so small," Isami is touching her arm. Hide remotely pull off her arms, and looked panic. Hijikata then told her, that she put her katana sword in a wrong way. Isami corrected it. They're telling her, if she accept, they are willing to teach her Shieikan's Tennen Rishin Ryuu swordskill. Hide does not know what to answer, so she just nods. Isami said, he will teach her starting tomorrow. Then, they walks off. Hide looks like she's about to bursts crying. Apparently, her mother is there, was watching the scene, so immediately hug her daughter. Hide said, "I'm scared....".

Nagakura, Okita, and Serizawa are walking on street, going back to Yagi household. When suddenly, they meet 2 samurai being chased by another group of samurai. Serizawa stop them. Okita is about to pull out his sword, but Nagakura hold him back. Then Serizawa, with his sword, skillfully killed one of them. The other one escaped. Nagakura and Okita gaze at Serizawa, seriously and a bit worried.

Yamanami starts to realize that the petition swears their loyalty to the Emperor not the Shogun. So he visits Tetsutaro Yamaoka(who is on Kiyokawa's side) to verify the truth. Yamaoka keeps denying....but at the very last, admit his and Kiyokawa's hidden intention.
Yamanami then told this matter to Sasaki Tadasaburo, and together they confront Kiyokawa. Tadasaburo Sasaki have always feeling uneasy about the act of Kiyokawa, but just now, he is shocked to hear Kiyokawa’s announcement that the real role of Roushigumi is to serve the Imperial Court.

Meanwhile, Isami is peacefully teaching sword skills to Hide in the Yagi household......

Rate: B

Hmm......Hide Yagi is an interesting character!^^ I'm really looking forward for more interesting scenes/plot regarding this character...hehee....

Well, I guess the story of Shinsengumi has really start and the story gets more exciting!! Cant wait for next episode, coz Saitou Hajime will appear again! It has been a long time since his last appearance in episode 5!!^.^