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Episode 15


Title: Iku ka, Nokoru ka (To Go or Not To Go)
Broadcast Date: April 18th, 2004
Ratings: 17.6%


The leaders of Roushigumi, including Tadasaburo Sasaki, decides to take the members back to Edo. Due to Hachirou Kiyokawa’s plan to make Roushigumi serve for the Imperial Court, instead of the Shogunate, is revealed.

February 29th, 1863...
Yagi household. Serizawa and his men are having breakfast, with Mrs. Yagi serving them. "Obaachan, okawari!" one of the man yelled, asking for another bowl of rice. Mrs. Yagi is very upset to be called obaachan(granny). She put the rice in the bowl in an angry manner. Looks like she really cant stand it anymore, to serve these impetuous men.

Isami-tachi are having breakfast in another room, with one of the young man housekeeper serving them. Isami ask the housekeeper, "Can I ask one thing? About something I always see at the house entrance....what does the upside-down broom means?!". "Saa....what is it, na...." the housekeeper answers unsurely. "Isn't it just a coincidence?" Hijikata said. The housekeeper leaves. Yamanami calls Isami, "I would like to have a talk with you,". Isami nods.

Isami, Hijikata and Yamanami are going out, but at the entrance, they find the upside-down broom again. Isami turn it over. They walks off.....but, a sound of a door open is heard....its Hisa, Hide's grandmother....she is turning the broom upside-down again, then gaze at Isami-tachi cynically. Isami, Hijikata & Yamanami are quite puzzled...but they just continue walks off.

Inside the house located right across Yagi household, they see the beautiful lady they met at the other night, Oume. Isami decided to ask Oume, "Anoo.....what does an upside-down broom means?". Oume smiles and answers, "That we wish the uninvited guests would soon leave...". Isami is stunned, but then thanked her. He said to Hijikata and Yamanami, "It seems we are unwanted in that house...."

Mrs. Yagi and Hisa are complaining to Gennojou about the Roushigumi members' behaviours, they cant stand it anymore, they think those men have to leave the house as soon as possible. And the one they should worried the most is Hide.
Meanwhile, Hide feels really uneasy, have to hang out with Nagakura, Okita and Harada who are half-naked, coz they're taking a bath. Okita is asking Hide, why wont she take a bath too. Hide, of course, refuse. "Ahh....then let me teach you how to hold a katana sword!", Okita then embrace her from behind, hold her both hands and telling her the right way to hold the sword. Hide feels really, really uneasy now....and very nervous too ^-^

Isami, Hijikata and Yamanami are in a food shop. "We are going back to Edo?! That's impossible!" Isami is upset. "We came here to protect the Shogun!" Hijikata too. Isami called the waitress while saying, "I'm not leaving Kyoto, that's for sure...".
The waitress, named Masa, comes, "Hai? What do you want to order?". Isami & Hijikata ask her the foods the guests on the corner of the shop are having. Masa answers, Isami-tachi are quite surprised to know the kind of foods. "The foods in Kyoto is really different, na.." Yamanami said. Nevertheless, they order the foods.
Yamanami then explain what has happened at the other night. Isami & Hijikata firmly stated that they will not go back to Edo. Yamanami kinda hesitate about their statement.

Serizawa Kamo and Niimi Nishigi are walking back to the Yagi household. Coincidentally, Serizawa look to the left, and find a beautiful lady, Oume, inside the house across the Yagi household, who is also looking at him. Serizawa and Oume are gazing at each other for several seconds, till Serizawa enters the Yagi house. Oume smiles, keep gazing at Serizawa, till he disappear from her sight.
Inside, Serizawa asks Mrs. Yagi, who is the beautiful lady, live across. Mrs. Yagi said, she never know there's a beautiful lady live across the house.

Hijikata is telling Isami, "You know what....lets just let the others go back to Edo, but we are going to stay! We're staying and lets form a new Roushigumi! With you, as the taichou(chief),". "Can we really do that?" Isami pondered. "Of course!". The other Shieikan members agree to Hijikata's idea and very excited about it.
Kiyokawa gather Roushigumi members and announces they are going back to Edo. Isami stands against the decision, together with Serizawa's support. They are stating firmly that they are going to stay, since they have determined to protect the Shogun, and will never change their mind. They are going to form a new Roushigumi group. With that, Serizawa leave the hall, followed by his men and Isami-tachi, except Yamanami. He looked hesitate and still sitting on the hall, Okita calls out to him, but Hijikata pulls Okita, as if telling him to just ignore Yamanami.
Outside, Isami announce that together with Serizawa-tachi, there are going to be 12 people forming a new Roushigumi. "13!" turns out Yamanami has exits the hall. "Is it really okay, Yamanami-san?" Isami ask. "Yes, I've decided to follow Kondou-san in whatever you have decide," Yamanami smiles.

Gennojou are telling his family, that Roushigumi will be going back to Edo. Mrs. Yagi and Hisa are so relieved to hear that, saying, "Yokattaaa....". However, Hide doesn't seem look that happy.... The housekeeper tells Gennojou that Isami Kondou would like to have a word with him. Gennojou happily answers, "Ahh.....sou ka...."

"E?!?" Gennojou looks puzzled. "Yes, although the other members leaving, we are going to stay," Isami said. "Why?", "Ahh...its a long story," Isami answers. "Sou desu ka....?", Isami excuse himself,"Shitsurei,".
Mrs. Yagi, Hisa and Hide are listening to the conversation quietly....and they are so dissapointed. Except for Hide....who keeps smiling...after she hears what Isami said.

Serizawa's group and Isami's group are gathered in a room. Serizawa said they should kill Kiyokawa. Isami against the idea. Interrupting the debate, the housekeeper inform, there's a guest for Isami, its Kiyokawa Hachirou...
Kiyokawa and Isami are having a private talk. Kiyokawa tries to explain that his intention is good. He tells Isami that he is also born in a farmer class, that's why he is determined to create a new society without any social class. Suddenly, Hijikata comes into the room and whisper to Isami. Isami tells Kiyokawa to be careful tonight, coz Serizawa is going to hunt him down.

At night, Yagi housekeeper inform that Kiyokawa & Yamaoka has entered a house. Serizawa starts to move and ignore Isami's protest. Isami told Yamanami and Toudou to follow Serizawa, while the others to follow him.
Serizawa-tachi are waiting for Kiyokawa outside the house. Serizawa thinks Yamanami followed him, coz he is told by Isami to stop his moves. Yamanami does not deny what Isami has told him, but he himself is willing to kill Kiyokawa, so he wont stop his moves. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is quietly listening to their conversation and seems interested...

Kiyokawa is finally out and is being chased by Serizawa's group. Isami-tachi also make their moves, to save Kiyokawa.
Serizawa's group manage to surround Kiyokawa. Yamanami tells Serizawa to let him do the killing. But, actually, this is just Yamanami's trick to help Kiyokawa get away....thus, Kiyokawa manage to escape. He keeps running, then suddenly a mysterious figure appear in front of him, "This way......hurry!". Kiyokawa ask him, "Why are you saving me?". "Because the person who had saved me, intend to save you....hurry, follow me!" the mysterious man leads the way.

Isami-tachi meets Serizawa-tachi on the street. Gazing at Yamanami, Serizawa says, "He actually the one who helped him escape...". Serizawa's men starts to move to attack Yamanami, but Serizawa stop them, and they leave.
Isami is wondering, "How did Kiyokawa manage to escape, actually?". "I lead him the way..." the mysterious man appear. Everyone is on guard. The mysterious man takes off his hat.....its Yamaguchi Hajime, have changed his name to Saitou Hajime. Okita and Inoue soon recognize him, "Aa....the man who came to Kondou-sensei's wedding,". Isami soon realizes, "Yamaguchi-san!!". "Long time no see," Saitou answers.

Isami: "What has happened since that time?"
Saitou: "A lot....*pause*..... Who is Kiyokawa?".
Yamanami and Okita: "He is our saviour.....a bit unbelivable, but it is because of him, we are now what we are and all here,"
Toudou: "What will happen from now, ne...".
Harada: "We dont have to think of what happen tomorrow! Lets just think whats happening now!"
Hijikata: "Let's just forget about that saviour guy......from now on, we'll have to form a new Roushigumi together!"
Nagakura: "Seems like we'd be very busy, ne....."
Inoue: "Before that.....lets just go back home first....."
Harada: "What are you saying?!? Lets have a drink first!!!"
Okita: "good idea!"
Isami (to Saitou): "Come with us!"
Saitou nods.
Toudou: "Yosh!! Then, lets have drinks!!"
Okita: "Yosssh!!!!!"

The 9 men walks together..... Okita yells out, "Kiyokawa-saaaaan!!! Arigatooouu!!!" ..................

Rate: B+

Just a comment on Hide's reaction....why does she look unhappy, when she knows Isami-tachi are leaving, and she is smiling happily when she hears Isami said that they'll be staying?? Ehh...??O_O I thought she doesnt like being around those men? Or does she begin to like them? .....or, maybe just one particular guy? Ayashii naaa.....^_^

Waai!!! Saitou Hajime joins the club! Its a complete group now!^_~ hee...cant wait for more Shinsengumi episodes!!!