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Episode 16


Title: Ippitsukejo, Tsune-sama (A Letter to Tsune)
Broadcast Date: April 25th, 2004
Ratings: 16.6%


Isami-tachi are sitting surrounding Saitou Hajime in a room. Isami asked Saitou what does he do now. Later on, Isami explain to Saitou about Roushigumi and how they planned to form a new Roushigumi, Isami asked Saitou to join them.



~March 28th, 1863~
Back in Edo, Tsune receives a letter from Isami telling about what has happened in Kyoto. Mitsu calls Fude to join her and Shusuke, to listen to Tsune reading the letter. The letter starts from the very first day they arrived in Kyoto, then how Kiyokawa deceived them. Isami-tachi decided to stay to form a new Roushigumi and even put a sign which says Mibu Roushigumi on the entrance of Yagi family's house.

Isami-tachi starts to make efforts to attract more members to the new Roshigumi. First, Okita persuave his brother in law, Rintarou Okita to join in, but he refused, he wants to go back to Edo, "Yappari, I'm not gonna be a good samurai....afterall, I really miss Mitsu, I want to go home....".
Then Isami and Okita goes to meet Shingoro Kazuya, who accept the offer and join Mibu Roushigumi, in one condition, that is Mibu Roushigumi is not to kill innocent people, but purely just to protect the Shogun.
One samurai begs Isami to let him join Mibu Roushigumi, however Hijikata and the others doesnt quite agree, since it seems this samurai looks very, very weak and sick. But nevertheless, Isami let him join in. Later, one of the Yagi family housekeeper also beg Isami to let him join Mibu Roushigumi, coz it has always been his dream to become a samurai, so Isami let him join.


Meanwhile, Gennojou just got back, he enters the house....but then, goes backward to the entrance, since he felt something different. He is quite shocked upon seeing the "Mibu Roushigumi" sign on the entrance.
Gennojou and his wife, quietly observing Isami-tachi...they realized there are new people among the group. "Look at him," Masa point at the weak samurai, "he never show up before, he must be a new guy!". Suddenly, a deep voice behind them is heard, "Sumimasen,"....its Saitou, he passes the old couple. And they are in shock, "That one, too!! We have never seen him before!".

Serizawa is passing by Oume's place. Tamesaburo, Yagi's youngest son, is accepting an origami bird from Oume, the kid thanked her, but suddenly Mrs. Yagi comes out and pull him away, telling him to avoid the woman, and she just throw away the origami. Oume is looking at the origami she made being thrown away, sadly. Serizawa keeps gazing at Oume, but Oume didnt realize Serizawa's existence. Yagi housekeeper tells Serizawa about Oume. Apparently, Oume's danna (master, the person who support her financial matter) is suffering from a heavy illness. She is now, looking for a new master.

Hijikata and Yamanami are talking in a food shop. They are trying to find a way to get Mibu Roushigumi recognize. At one time, Hijikata is asking why is the Aizu lord, Katamori Matsudaira is in the Shogunate's side. After, Yamanami answers, he soon realized that's the way out!! Later, he tells Isami and Serizawa to have a meeting with Katamori Matsudaira.
Isami asked Sasaki Tadasaburo to arrange a meeting for him with Matsudaira.


One day, Shogun Iemochi enters Nijou Castle. The Mibu Roushigumi members are very upset, that despite they are willing to guard the shogun,yet they are only allowed to catch a glimpse of him from a distance.
Suddenly, they hear someone mocking the Shogun with a loud voice. Isami-tachi immediately run after the man. They manage to after him. Isami asked him whether he is a friend or not. The man does not answer and turn to his back, finding Saitou Hajime ready to pull off his sword, asking, "Should I kill him?". Isami stop Saitou. Then, Hijikata tell the man, "You can go if you tell us, your name,". "Why should I tell my name to strangers," he said ignorantly. Then Hijikata orders to Saitou, "You can kill him,". Saitou then pulls off his sword, and so does the man. But someone stop them....its Kogoro Katsuura. He's trying to make a peace with Isami-tachi and tells them that the man, is Genzui Kusaka, a friend of his.

At last, Serizawa and Isami are allowed to meet Military Commissioner of Kyoto, Katamori Matsudaira. After the meeting, the 24 members of Mibu Roushigumi are officially put under the umbrella of Katamori Matsudaira. Isami is very excited about it and when they are going back, Isami asked Serizawa to have a drink together before they go home. But, Serizawa refuse, he's going to drink alone tonight.

In a food shop, Serizawa is drinking alone, and not far from his table, he finds Oume also drinking alone. They are gazing at each other, Oume smiles, but Serizawa just act like he dont care.
Later on, Oume got herself into trouble with a samurai, and Serizawa help her, to get rid of that samurai. Oume smile widely, thanked Serizawa, and said, "You're actually just want to get to know me, arent you?". Serizawa gaze at her, walk closer, bend down a bit, and point at her forehead, "There's rice on your head,". Then, Serizawa goes back to his table. Oume is surprised and feels embarrased, she immediately wipe his forehead. A bit upset, but then also smiles a bit.

The next day is time for Roushigumi to go back to Edo, except for Isami-tachi who has formed a new group, Mibu Roushigumi. Tsune finish reading the letter, and they are all very happy to hear about what Isami does in Kyoto. "But, how come you're the only one to go back?" Mitsu asked and turn her face to a direction, its her husband, Rintarou. "Such a -good for nothing- man," Fude said. "Kakko warui desu," Tsune said while smiling sweetly^^ Rintarou just give a sigh and not answering.

Tsune is alone in her room, holding the letter tightly. She remembers all the times she has with Isami while recalling what he said on their wedding day, about him is different from any other man, he's a man that need adventure and love to explore new things. The times when Tsune saying okiotsukete to Isami who is about to leave the house every morning............their wedding day...........the time she help him getting dressed, and he warmly held her hand.......their times playing around with their baby daughter, Tama.........the times she is cooking for him.......the time when Isami embrace her, coz of the letter that has changed his life...............
Tsune hold the letter more tightly and look up into the sky. Apparently, Isami in Kyoto, is also looking up into the same sky........


Rate: B

Shinsengumi hajimarimasu!!^.^ Saa....what will happen from now, ne....

The flashback between Isami and Tsune is so sweet^^ Ironically, in next week's episode, Isami Kondou's lover will appear for the first time!(not counting the 1st ep) yeah!! At last, its Yuuka's turn! What a long wait! 16 episodes!O_O fiuhh....