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Episode 17


Title: Hajimari no Shi (First Death)
Broadcast Date: May 2nd, 2004
Ratings: 15.6%


All 24 members of Mibu Roushigumi are having a meeting with Katamori Matsudaira. Matsudaira said, he is gonna trust all security matters in Kyoto to the group, and he seems trusted the group to Serizawa's leadership.

Hijikata express his annoyance to Isami and Saitou. He's quite upset, "If it continue like this, Mibu Roushigumi would become Serizawa's!!". "Its okay with me," Isami said. Saitou asks, "So its not good if its Serizawa?". "I think we can trust it to Serizawa," Isami said. "You have no idea what will he turn Mibu Roushigumi to, if he got the leadership! I already have bad feelings about this," Hijikata answered.
Then Hijikata ask Isami, "Until when do you plan we'll stay here, in Kyoto?". "Until when...? Till ue-sama(shogun) goes back to Edo, I guess....", Isami answered. "Chigau! Even if ue-sama goes back to Edo, we gotta stay here...if we go back to Edo, is there anything await us there? No, there's no use for us to go back there...we're staying here,". Isami and Saitou are quite puzzled yet interested in what Hijikata said.

There's an internal meeting of Mibu Roushigumi. Isami, Hijikata, Yamanami, Serizawa, Niimi and the elder members attend the meeting. They are going to discuss about Mibu Roushigumi's organization. But, even before the meeting starts, Serizawa has create an argument on the group's name. He thinks Mibu Roushigumi doesnt sound good(kakko warui), "Who invented that name, anyway?". Yamanami admit he's the one who created the name. "I'll say, we change the name to Seichuu Roushigumi, how bout it, Kondou-kun?", Serizawa said. Isami answered, "I think we can put aside the name's matter for later, we're here today to discuss....".
Serizawa cut him, "If we haven't even decide a name, how can we continue the organization discussion...". Kazuya Shingoro is quite upset already, "Mibu Roushigumi iinjannai desuka?!?!?".
The meeting continues on with another argument on who should be the group's leader. Hijikata insist, he should be someone from Shieikan, coz they're the one who initiated the idea about the group, and that person should be Isami, coz he is the owner of Shieikan. Serizawa's side, of course, disagree with this. Niimi said, the leader should be Serizawa coz it was him who initiated the stands against Kiyokawa, thus the idea about the group was Serizawa's, afterall Matsudaira have trusted everything about the group to Serizawa, anyway.
And so....the conflict between Isami's and Serizawa's group is never settled.......

Once again, Yagi's husband and wife are quietly talking about how to make the Mibu Roushigumi goes away from their house. Coz they even has to look after their living expense as well. Yagi family is at a loss to accept their misfortune.
Hide passes by, wearing a complete suit for kenjutsu training. "What are you doing?" Gennojou asks. Hide said, she's going to exercise kenjutsu with Shieikan people. Gennojou said, she doesnt have to go that far, "You have to remember that you're still a woman,". "Toriaezu, ittekimasu, gomen," Hide walks off.
Yamanami suddenly comes, and walks towards Gennojou. He informs Gennojou and wife, that people from Aizu Domain will visit their house, visiting Mibu Roushigumi's barrack/headquarter, to be exact. Gennojou sounds so pleased to hear that, while Masa is upset. Gennojou then ask, what show they'd like to see, coz he can do many types of kabuki show.

Harada Sanosuke is fixing the Mibu Roushigumi sign on the entrance, when Hisa, Gennojou's mother, passes by. Suddenly, Hisa falls and seems like her stomach is hurt. Harada quickly help Hisa, although Hisa reject Harada's offer to help, but Harada insist and start to carry her on his back.
Harada enter the house and ask for anyone's help inside. Masa, Hisa's daughter in law, comes, "Mother! What happened??". Harada tells her what happened, then to Hisa, "Becareful next time ok, obaasan(granny)??". Hisa seems stunned looking at Harada.
"Mother, what's wrong?". Hisa giggles and answered, "He resembles my late husband....". Masa widened her eyes and smile awkwardly.

Isami, Nagakura, Saitou, Inoue and Toudou are walking on the street, when they meet Niimi Nishigi and Hirayama(one of Serizawa's man). Niimi-tachi starts to stir trouble again with Isami-tachi. Nagakura and Saitou are pissed, but Isami hold them back. Hirayama even slap Isami's face several times, and underestimate him. Saitou flared up and move forward, but Isami remotely hold him. Isami is trying to create peace with Niimi-tachi. They separate, but Saitou is left behind, he stops....and gaze at Hirayama with anger in his eyes.


Kazuya Shingoro is training kenjutsu with Hide. Meanwhile, Serizawa and Okita are sitting side by side, watching them. Serizawa is making a wooden toy windmill for Hide's younger brother, Tamesaburo. Okita ask Serizawa where did he meet Kazuya. Serizawa said, it was just a coincidence, they were both hunting the same man. Serizawa asked Okita isnt he scared of him. Okita smiles, "Of course not! I know you're not a bad person,". Serizawa continues, "I've killed many innocent do you know I'm not a bad person...?". Okita answered, "I know you have reasons for killing them, ....hora, you're making a toy windmill arent you?". Serizawa take a cynical glance on Okita, then suddenly break the toy windmill, "I'm a bad person,".
Hide and Kazuya Shingoro finishes their exercise, Kazuya goes to the well. While, Hide take a rest, sitting beside Okita. Then, her eyes caught something, "Oume-san....". Three of them find a beautiful figure standing on the house entrance, in an elegant manner, Oume enter the house, she smiles then said to Serizawa, "Thank you for that time,". Okita ask, "What has happened?". Serizawa ignorantly answered, "I've forgotten...".
In a coquettish manner, Oume then sits between Okita and Serizawa, "So you are Mibu Roushigumi, arent you? What do you do?" Oume ask Okita. Okita answered, "Ahh....we prevent the futteroushi to stir trouble,". "Futteroushi? What kind of roushi is that?" Oume ask again. "Ehmm....they're bad roushi...Tosa roushi, Choshuu roushi, for example..." Okita smile nervously, coz Oume is just getting nearer and nearer, she even stroke Okita's face, makes him even more nervous.
Then she tells them, that she will have to leave the area soon, coz she has no master anymore. Serizawa ask her, "Is it okay for you to leave?". Oume answered, "If I can, of course I want to stay,".

Isami-tachi are in a food shop. Its a food shop that only has sweet-flavoured food, that Saitou dislike. So Saitou decided to just wait outside. Suddenly, he find a pretty young lady, seems like escaping from someone, looking pale, scared and losing breath. She's trying to find something she can hide on.
Saitou informs Isami about it. And Isami told him to take her in. The young lady is shocked when Saitou suddenly hold her hands and pull her in, she's trying to let go. When they get inside, Isami ask her, "What has happened?".
When the young lady(acted by Yuuka), sees Isami, she looked more calm, then she ask for his protection, "Please, help me!!". Then she quickly take shelter behind Isami's back, when the group of rounin(samurai) enters the food shop, at last.
"Hand over the girl!!" one of the ronin said. "Why should I?" Isami ask. "The girl has done a big sin to us!". The lady whisper to Isami, "I had to(being forced to),".
Isami ask her, "Then, how bout apologize?", "I have apologized," she said. Isami told the group of rounin, "She has apologize, so I think the matter should be settled already,".
"You think her guilt can be settled just by apologize?! Hand her over to us right now!!!" one of the rounin insist. The lady grab Isami's arm tighter. Isami feel her anxiety.
Nagakura who is casually eating all the while now said, "Such persistent guys naa...". Isami nods to him. At once, Nagakura hit the guy at his back's stomach. Then, the chaos starts, Saitou and Inoue starts to move, beating up those rounin-s. Then, Isami defeat the last guy just by 2 moves, only with his sword's handle.
Masa, the waitress of the food shop is amazed, "So strong....".
"Everything is okay now, if you want...." Isami turns back, but the young lady has gone. Isami ask Masa, "Where did she go?". "She has left since the fight begins," Masa answered.

Its the night of Aizu people (Katamori's subordinates) visits Yagi household. All Mibu Roushigumi members gathered together with Aizu people, to watch the Mibu Kyogen kabuki show by Gennojou and his son, Tamesaburo. Most of them feels really bored and even yawn. The weak roushi member, excuse himself to go to his room, coz he really feels not good.
From his room, coincidentally, he caught Yoshio Tonouchi, one of Mibu Roushigumi's member, having a conversation with Matasaburo Sasaki outside, from his window. Turns out, Tonouchi is working as a spy for Matasaburo Sasaki.

Hisa, Gennojou's mother come to the hall, to find Harada and she give him some snacks, in a very nice and smiley way. Harada is quite puzzled with the old woman's attitude, but nevertheless took the snacks anyway.
Saitou finds Hirayama is walking out, due to boredom. Saitou follows him. Outside, Saitou takes off his sword and threat Hirayama not to disturb and underestimate Isami, like what he did today, "Serizawa have once saved me, so I'll let you live," Saitou slash Hirayama's nose, then walks inside. Hirayama is in great pain.

Yagi housekeeper, Matasaburo, whisper to Hijikata, who is watching the Mibu Kyogen. Hijikata walks off to the weak member's room, and being told about what he has heard. Then Hijikata quietly, goes back to the hall, and whisper to Isami and Serizawa about it. The three of them walks off.
Isami thanked the weak member personally, then having a discussion with Hijikata and Serizawa. Serizawa said, he cannot be forgiven, they have to kill Tonouchi. Like always, of course, Isami against this idea. He said, he'll talk it out first with Tonouchi.
Isami then, persuades Tonouchi to work together. Tonouchi, after much hesitation, finally agrees.
Isami then, tells Serizawa and Hijikata, that the problem has settled.

The Mibu Kyogen has ended, and now they are having dinner together with the Aizu people. Then, they sees them off. Everyone is back inside, except Serizawa, who wants to get some fresh night air. Coincidentally, he finds Tonouchi who is talking to Matasaburo again. Then, Serizawa follows him, and when he's alone....Serizawa quietly kills him without mercy.

The next morning, Isami is shocked and upset to hear the news about Tonouchi's death. And turns out, Tonouchi has left a letter outside the Yagi household, which says, that he cannot decided which side he should sided, so he just decided to go back to Edo, and have a peaceful life there.
Isami comes to Serizawa's room, "You're the one who killed him, arent you??". Serizawa read the letter, then said in an ignorant manner, "Its not me...". They got into an argument for awhile.

Isami and Hijikata discuss the matter. Isami decided that since it is clear, that Serizawa who killed Tonouchi, there's no other way, but just to announce it to the members. Hijikata against the idea, "You cant do that, the group will be in chaos...and what if the Aizu people know about this?? It would be not good, we have to hide the fact!". Isami at first, refuse to do so. But, Hijikata insist, "Please!! For the sake of Mibu Roushigumi!!".

A meeting is held. Isami announce Yoshio Tonouchi's death, and that the murderer is unknown. Kazuya Shingoro protests, "You lie! You know who the murderer is, dont you? Actually, most of us would obviously know who the murderer is,". But, Isami just keep not saying a word. Kazuya is fed up, coz Isami has promised him, a long ago, that Mibu Roushigumi will not kill innocent people. Kazuya then decided that he resign from being a Mibu Roushigumi member. An elder samurai also said that he resigns, and so does his 7 followers.
Everyone is quiet. Then, Serizawa said in a casual manner, "Yosh! Lets go have a drink,". No one answer. He leaves followed by his men. Leaving the 9 Shieikan people on the hall.
Looking very down, Isami ask Hijikata, "Is it really okay like this?". Hijikata do not answer. Then Isami walks off, exits the hall. Outside, he sees Serizawa passes by, who also then gaze at Isami.
Isami and Serizawa are gazing at each other.......when will their conflict ends.....?



Rate: B+

Hijikata's sayings at the beginning of the episode, with Isami and Saitou, interest me!!^^ I thought all they have to do is to protect the shogun....turns out, Hijikata think they should protect the capital city more =)

Harada and the old granny's plot is hillarious!!!*LOL*

At last, Yuuka show up!!!!!\^o^/ favorite actress has show up! Cho happy about it!! And loooove her first scene, too! Looking very cute, hiding behind Isami's back!^.^ how many eps, are there? 15 episodes, till her first appearance, after the brief one in the 1st ep?? tsk....tsk...tskk....
And quite surprised too, looking at the order of the casts given in the opening credits: Shingo Katori -> Tatsuya Fujiwara -> Kouji Yamamoto -> Yuuka -> Joe Odagiri??? Does this mean, Isami's lover will have bigger role than Saitou Hajime?? Sugeei na...xD
Cannot wait for more of her appearance!!!^.^ And its quite strange, that she is introduced as Oyuki(the name appear on the screen, when she showed up). Isnt her name Miyuki? And her twin sister is Okou. So what's with this Oyuki name?O_o

Gosh!! Shinsengumi soundtrack hoshiiiiii~~!!!!!! Loooove that background music in the end of the episode, when Isami & Serizawa are gazing at each other!!^.^

Next week!! Miburoushi's first job!!! ....hmm, a very light first job, I guess...x)