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Episode 18


Title: Hatsu Shidou! Miburoushi! (First Job! Miburoushi!)
Broadcast Date: May 9th, 2004
Ratings: 15.4%



Ryouma Sakamoto visits the Yagi household. He meet and have a casual chat with Isami & Hijikata. Isami looks very happy with Sakamoto's visit. One of the topic is, Sakamoto insists that Japan should possess a navy.
Later Sakamoto visits Kogoro Katsura's place. They're talking about politic matters. Katsura's lover, Ikumatsu, who has been sitting besides Katsura and listening to their conversation, suddenly mention about how Katsura have various kinds of faces, depends on who he faces...even another different face in the bedroom, so she wonder which one is his real face. Katsura looked quite embarrased with this. Sakamoto is amused and laughing, teases Katsura.
Then, Genzui Kusaka and another man (Sakamoto's friend) comes with a written wooden board. Apparently, the board contains lyrics of a song which makes fun of the Tokugawa shogunate.

~April 1st, 1863~
Isami, Hijikata, Okita and Inoue sees the weak samurai off. At last, being aware of his health condition, he decided to resign from Mibu Roushigumi and goes back to his town.
After they sees him off, Isami & Hijikata are getting ready for another meeting with Serizawa. But before they go, Hijikata got something to say to Isami, "With this, there are only 15 members left in Mibu Roushigumi. From our group plus Saitou, there are 9. From Serizawa's group, there are 5, lately Yagi housekeeper, Matasaburo also joins, so it makes them 6. None of us are going to give, I've find a way out. We'll just make it two commanders! Serizawa...and you,".

"Two commanders?" Serizawa asks. There are only 6 people in the meeting room: Isami, Hijikata, Yamanami, Serizawa, Niimi and Inoue, who is serving tea for them.
"Yes, and of course, Kondou is the other commander, since both of you who initiated the group,". Serizawa think about it for a second then said, "Lets make it three,'ll also become a commander. Is it alright, Kondou-kun?". Isami is a bit displeased, but then answered, "As you please..."
Hijikata doesn't look pleased at all with this, but nevertheless, not saying a word. Yamanami suggest the commander would be called kyokuchou. Everyone agree with it. "Then, please leave the fukuchou position to me and Yamanami-san," Hijikata suggests. "Fukuchou?" Serizawa pondered. "The vice there are 2 fukuchou, please write that down, Yamanami-san," Hijikata answered, "Wait, lets make it 3...Inoue, you'll also become a fukuchou," Hijikata adds. Inoue is shocked, "Wait, please...I cannot accept the position, I'm not capable of it! Being a member, is more than enough for me,". Hijikata sighed, "Okay, then...2 fukuchou, me and Yamanami-san,".
"Add vice commander's assistants to that, Hirayama and Hirama will take the position," Niimi suggests. "How about we call them fukuchou jyokin?" Yamanami suggest. "Then, add also Okita, Nagakura and Harada as fukuchou jyokin, write that down, Yamanami-san," Hijikata said.
"Add Noguchi," Niimi gaze at Hijikata cynically.
"Add Toudou," Hijikata also looks about to flared up.
"Saitou mo!".
Isami got a furrowed face, following the meeting, and Hijikata & Niimi's stubborness.
"So that's 3 kyokuchou, 2 fukuchou, ......9 fukuchou jyokin.......member is only you, Gen-san..." Yamanami summed it up, and turns to Inoue. Serizawa bursts laughing and in an underestimating tone, "Ganbare yo!", to Inoue.
"Can I be a fukuchou jyokin too?" Inoue ask ^_^

Saitou is just sitting, relaxing and looking at Okita & Hide who are exercising kenjutsu. Suddenly, from outside, few men calls him, "Yoh! There's a job!". "Leave me, I'm now in Mibu Roushigumi," Saitou answered. "Its your job, got nothing to do with Mibu Roushigumi...come on, its gonna be a fast one, anyway," the man insist. Saitou hesitated...but then exits....

Okita and Hide are walking to the Yagi house, and walking pass Oume's house. Oume is in the house, near the window. Okita and Oume are looking at each other. Okita is smiling shyly.
Inside the house, Okita is trying to get a glimpse of Oume again, "Such a beautiful lady...Oume-san wa... That time, she stroke my face...such delicate hands......" Okita stroking his own face. Hide, behind him, feels a bit annoyed and even looking at her own hands^^
Suddenly, Okita turns, "This is just between us!! Dont tell anyone!!!". Hide answered, "Hai!!". Then, he continues smiling, "Maybe...maybe...Oume-san falls for me....".
Hirayama and Hirama comes, and about to exit the house. When they passes Hide, Hirayama smell something, "What's that smell?", he turns to Hide, "How come you smell so good?? Just like a woman's smell!". Hirayama and Hirama then sniffing the air around Hide. Hide tries to avoid them, but Hirayama hold her hands, "Haha...this is so weird!! You must be a woman!". Okita then, pull Hirayama's hand off Hide's and twist 'em around, "Hidejiro is a man!! Stop teasing him, and go!". They walks off. Okita turns to Hide, "Its alright now, lets go,". Okita walks inside first. Hide is gazing at him, then smile....

Okita is sniffing on Hide, "Hontou come you smell so good?? You smell just like a woman! ane-ue[older sister]'s smell.....*giggles*....ane-ue!!" Okita hugs Hide.
Suddenly, Matasaburo comes asking Okita to train him kenjutsu, just like he did for Hide. Okita agrees.
Gennojou comes and tell Matasaburo to deliver a letter for Oume, Matasaburo ignore him, "Mr. Yagi....I am now one of the Mibu Roushigumi,". Gennojou is puzzled. But suddenly Okita yells, "I'll deliver it!!!!". He takes the letter, then runs in a flash, exiting the house.

Okita arrive at Oume's place, just to find that Serizawa is inside Oume's room! They're drinking together. Okita is very dissapointed, and ask Serizawa why he's there. Serizawa tell him, that man and woman's relationship is hard to understand. "What's with that face?? fall in love with Oume??" Serizawa then laugh, unerestimating laugh. Oume also giggles. Okita then, exits the room, looking upset and sad, got a broken heart......

In the food shop, Isami, Hijikata and Yamanami are talking about the internal conflict in Mibu Roushigumi. Yamanami also mention about how Saitou has hurt Hirayama.
The usual waitress, Masa, then arrive. Hijikata has been looking for her, "Where have you been? Make me some tea!". "Ah, so sorry....ok,"...she is looking at a book, and mumbles that the Choshuu clan always have something so interesting. Isami-tachi are curious on what it is. Turns out, the lyrics of a song which makes fun of the Tokugawa shogunate which is written on the boards on the streets of Kyoto have become so popular among the people of Kyoto. Isami-tachi is quite upset about this.
"Ah...right! Masa-san, about that young lady..." Isami ask. "Which one...?", "The one who got chased by a group of rounin," Isami answered. "Ahh...why?" Masa ask. "Well....have you seen her, since that time?" Isami ask. ", I have not seen her, since then...".
"that's weird..." Hijikata gaze at Isami suspiciously. "What is...?" Isami ask. "Kat-chan cares about a woman," Hijikata answer. "Its not like that, I just thought, it was a quite dangerous situation that I feel concern,". "Oh, okay...I know, you like that type of miss her?" Hijikata continue teasing him. "Its not like that!!" Isami looks like a little boy getting upset^^

Saitou with his old friends are attacking a gambling house........

Isami & Yamanami ask Toudou, to think of something to build a good relationship between Serizawa's group and theirs. Toudou is very excited accepting the task.

Meanwhile, Okita is still in a blue mood. "Sou ka....Serizawa-san is together with Oume-san...?" Hide ask. "I dont understand women..." Okita complain. While Hide, turns to another direction, and smiling happily.

Oume arrive at the Yagi household as she was invited by Gennojou. The heads of families in Mibu has all attend, and turns out they wish Oume to leave Mibu soon. Reason are her master cannot support her financial matters anymore, and none of them wants to replace her master, plus she has starts to create trouble in Mibu.
At first, Oume protests, but since Yagi and the other family heads insist, althou with an upset and displeased tone, Oume follow their instructions, "I dont like this village that much, anyway!"
When she's about to exit the room, suddenly Serizawa open the door, "You will not have to leave this village!". "Serizawa-han, I'm sorry, but this is our village's matters, you dont have to interfere," Gennojou said. "I will become Oume's master. So she will live here, Seichuu Roushigumi's headquarters. From now on, Oume is under the protection of Seichuu Roushigumi's kyokuchou, Serizawa Kamo!". With that, Serizawa leave the place. And how excited Oume is, "Well, heard it if you please, I'll excuse myself..." she smile wickedly. Yagi is stunned.

The popularity of the joke song, have come to Katamori Matsudaira's ears. He's really angry about it. He's about to send troops to take off all the boards in the city. But, his subordinates prevent him to do so. Coz their actions would mean stand against Choshuu clearly. Then, one of the subordinate suggest, to leave the task to Mibu Roushigumi. Katamori is relieved to hear that, and agrees.

Toudou with Noguchi, are joining Okita and Hide. Toudou tells them about his task from Isami. While they're thinking what's the best way....Oume comes. She calls Okita, and tell him that she will live at the same house as him, from now on. Then she held Okita's hand....Okita is blushing..... Hide? She looks real upset... ^_^
Suddenly, Noguchi comes up with an idea of holding a Sumo match. Toudou thinks that's a great idea.

Toudou talk it out with the other members, but he is dissapointed to know that Isami, Hijikata and Yamanami are not in place, coz they were summon by Katamori just now. Nagakura is also leaving, going to Osaka, to meet his friend there. So it left them with Harada, Okita and Inoue. "But we need 4 people..." Toudou said. Then, they all turn their heads to their left, looking at the sleeping Saitou. "Aaa! Saitou-san!!". Saitou open his eyes weakly.

The sumo match begins. Four participants from the Serizawa's group are Hirayama, Hirama, Noguchi and Matasaburo. Hirayama goes first, vs Harada Sanosuke.
Meanwhile, inside, Hisa(Hide's grandmother) who is sick and still resting on bed, hear voices from outside and ask her daughter in law, what's going on. Knowing Harada is now, doing a sumo match. Hisa insist to go outside to watch the match.
Harada wins the first match! Everyone is so happy, and so does Hisa, she immediately hug Harada tightly^^;;

Serizawa, Isami, Niimi, Hijikata, and Yamanami are accepting their first task from Katamori Matsudaira. He orders Roushigumi to dispose off the boards.
They are having an internal meeting at another place. Serizawa is excited coz this is their first task. Yamanami reminds Isami that Roushigumi will officially stand as Choushuu’s opposition if they follow the order. However, Isami agrees with Serizawa who insists on straightening out the situation.

The sumo match continues. Inoue was lost to Hirama. Next match is Okita vs Noguchi. Okita have full confidence that he will win the match. However, when the match begins, Oume comes, smiling and saying, "Okita-han...! Be strong!". Thus, Okita loose all his concentrations...and...lost...x)
Everyone is so dissapointed. Now they're all putting hopes on Saitou. But, Saitou refuse...he said he has never participate in a sumo match before. But everyone insist and pull him out to the front. Saitou have no choice, but to participate on the match. His opponent is Matasaburo.
The match begins....looks like they have the same strength at the beginning, but then Saitou finish off the match wonderfully.....and wins it! Everyone is cheering happily! Saitou is smiling widely and looks quite excited too. And Shieikan group is all cheering for him and lift him up. "So the result of the match is 2-2, a tie!!!", Toudou as the referee yells out.
Suddenly, Hijikata comes, "Hatsu shigoto da!(first job!)".

They're having a brief meeting, then choosing which member will join this first task together with Serizawa and Isami. Harada, Okita, Hirama, Toudou and Noguchi's names are called. And so, the 7 of them goes to the streets of Kyoto.

Isami-tachi arrive at the place where one of the board is set. People are crowding, reading the board. Then Harada breaks the crowd, making path for the Roushigumi. Isami and Serizawa gaze at the board for a moment, then in a loud voice, Isami introduce Mibu Roushigumi, as the protector of Shogun and Kyoto, and from now on will not let these kind of things spread in the city.
Then, gaze at each and every one of the people in the crowd. Coincidentally, the pretty young lady he once saved at the food shop, shows up. She's a bit puzzled on whats going on and decided to see. Then, she sees her saviour at the front. Thus, Isami and her eyes meet. For a few seconds....then Isami turns to the board. Serizawa order Harada, "Take it off!". Harada pulls off the board, then cracked and smash it into pieces. The crowds are surprised. This incident clarifies Mibu Roushigumi’s position to stand against Choushuu.


The young lady is looking at the broken board, then gaze at the fierce-looked Isami with interest.....

Rate: A

Looooove the episode!! I have watched the episode for 4 times, as far as I remember!! xD
The meeting scene to decide who's kyokuchou, and who's fukuchou is hillarious!!! And one of my favorite scene! Okay, I think this is meant to be a serious scene, but it deserves to be laughed at, coz its sillyness!! x) C'mon! 3 kyokuchou, 2 fukuchou, and 10 fukuchou jyokin...with no members, everyone got positions?*LOL* And the way it was decided is just sooooo silly! Just because neither Niimi nor Hijikata wants to give in! x) haha...but i guess, the scene does make sense... I have always wondering....why does Mibu Roushigumi have to have 2 kyokuchou at the beginning?? Then, now it is answered, I guess...due to the stubborness of Serizawa and Isami's sides x) I actually didnt laugh when I first watch the scene...but, as for the 2nd and 3rd times, I start to realize how ridiculous the meeting is!!^.^

And wow! The love triangle has begun! Or is it, love square?? xD*LOL* I knew it!! Hide has feelings for Okita!^.^ Quite odd to see Okita falls in love with Oume...but, oh well...x) I wonder what will happen if Okita knows Hide is a girl...he has hug her a few times already! Oh, and Hide's secret will be revealed on the next episode!! Cannot wait!!

For the very first time....Saitou is able to mingle with the other members. And he looked really happy when he wins the match, and the Shieikan people are all cheering for him. I think, its the first time Saitou feels he has friends...real friends... Coz we can see, that's the first time, he smiles so wide and so sincere... ^_^
I'd take it he has been such a lonely guy all these times, that's why he has a rough temperament. But ever since he meet Isami, and he can trust him, even ask for his help....Saitou have already feel that Isami is a friend, a person he can trust. That's why...we can see how protective he is, when it comes about Isami's life, or even his dignity....Saitou will definitely do not let people to bother Isami^^
And now, it seems he realized....its not only Isami he can trust, but also some of the other members ^_^ hmm...these are only my analysis on Saitou...^^