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Episode 2


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Title: Tama no Hokori to wa (The Pride of Tama)
Broadcast Date: January 18th, 2004
Ratings: 23.9%


"Onii-saaaaaan!!!!!!". A middle-aged man carrying a big basket on his back, turn his head and got a pleasant surprise, "Ooooh!!!!! Katsutaaaaaa!!!" he waved back.

It is 1857. Isami (together with Mitsu), goes to his hometown, Tama. He visit his older brother, Otogoro Miyagawa. Otogoro ask Isami how's it going in Shieikan and Isami smile and answer, "It is still a #1 poor dojo....". Then one of Isami's nephew ask him to do the thing. " wanna see it? Pay attention carefully, then!".....then, Isami put his whole palm into his mouth!(for real! ^_^) The kids are all clapping, "Wuaaa....sugooooi!!!!". Then, Otogoro said, then he can also do he also put his whole palm into his mouth, the kids are clapping again ^_^

Isami meet again with Hijikata after they parted few years ago. Hijikata is now working as a peddler selling medicine. Over and over, Isami and Hijikata's older sister try to persuave Hijikata to join Shieikan, but he always said he's not interested. Hijikata's older sister tell Isami, she knows that Hijikata actually have an interest in swordmanship and he really wants to be a bushi(samurai).

Isami is asked by the local supporters to protect the property of Takimoto Family from the robbers' attack which has been frequent recently in the area. Takimoto Family is a wealthy farmer, who is not in a healthy condition right now, and their son, Sutesuke(Isami's childhood friend) is a coward. Isami heads for Takimoto's together with Hijikata and Mitsu. There, Sutesuke introduce Isami to Nagakura Shinpachi, Takimoto Family's paid guard.

On that night, the robbers attack Takimoto's. Isami initiate the attack to the robbers first, but his right arm got shot by the robber's gun. Seeing Isami wounded, Hijikata attack the robber....but his sword is thrown away and his life is pretty much on the edge. Seeing the dangerous situation, Isami immediately move forward, jump as high as he can and slash the robber's forehead......the robber is dead. Isami is quite shaken as this is his first time killing a man. Meanwhile, Nagakura has also killed one of them.
Then, Hijikata said, "Weird.....there were 4 of them....2 are dead, 1 got away.....the other one?". Suddenly, a woman yelled, "There's a weird man in the house!!". Isami-tachi immediately run into the house......and find a man, wearing almost the same cloth like the other robbers.....eating foods off the large container, using the ladle as the spoon, greedily^^; Then he said embracing the container tightly, "What do you want? I am not giving you this!" ^_^;;
Nagakura and the weird guy is ready to fight at outside, when suddenly Isami stop them and pointing at his own chin, "There's food crumbs on your chin,". The weird guy looking for the food crumbs on his chin and find it, "'re right!! Sorry, sorry......yosh, let's start now!". Seeing his weird acts, Nagakura dont feel like fighting anymore....then, he ask the guy where he came from, his dojo, his name and all. "Urusai na! I'm Harada Sanosuke!!"...then he continue mentioning his favorite food and also his favorite type of girl, "I like petite and playful women! WAHAHAHAHAHA!" x) Nagakura bursts into laughter....^-^

Isami is washing his hand. Hijikata is standing behind him. Isami said that the man should have still live, if not because of what he did. Hijikata said, "Then, I'm dead. Is it alright with you? .....even though I'm dead? I'm dead and that man still wont be sad?". Isami is quite stunned, with this sayings. Hijikata continue by saying what it takes to be a samurai also giving the news that the escaped robber might return.

The next morning, Isami tell Mitsu to go home to Shieikan by herself, coz he still has something to do first before going back to Shieikan. "Why?? Why should I go back first?" Mitsu is not pleased at all. "Because father need your help in the dojo, please, understand," Isami answer. "But, I do not want to go back first,". Hijikata said, "Just go, the faster you go, the better,". Upset, Mitsu kick Hijikata's leg. Isami tell Mitsu that someone will go together with her to look out for her on the way. "I'll be fine alone!!" angrily, Mitsu start to walk away. Despite what she said, Isami ask the man to accompany her.

At night, Isami and Hijikata visit Hijikata's older brother, Tamejiro. He cheers Isami up by saying, "Choose your own future with Toshizo,", as he foresees the age of turmoil in near future.
On the next day, Isami and Hijikata make a trip to see the first U.S. envoy to reside in Japan, Townsend Harris and his party. Seeing Harris' face, Isami is stunned, "What a long nose....."......(*lol*^^;)

Before they part on the next day, Isami ask Hijikata one last time to join Shieikan. Hijikata said he'll think about it........

Rate: C

Although this episode is not my favorite, and it started a bit slow for the first 15 minutes, but it has things that I really enjoyed watching!^-^ Like how Isami put his whole palm into his mouth^^ And also on the first time Isami-tachi meets Harada Sanosuke(Shinsengumi's 10th regime captain) is very interesting and funny!!^.^
I really like the lines Hijikata said to Isami, "Then, I'm dead. Is it alright with you? .....even though I'm dead? I'm dead and that man still wont be sad?". It's a pretty good episode.....but, anyway, I'm more interested in next week's episode!! Looks funny!^.^