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Episode 20


Title: Kamo wo Yowasu na
Broadcast Date: May 23rd, 2004
Ratings: 15.3%


Serizawa and his men is blackmailing again. Serizawa forces a wealthy merchant to donate a large sum of money. They are breaking every furniture at the store, making such a huge mess.

Few days earlier...
Isami, Hijikata, Serizawa and some other Roushigumi members are having a meeting. Roushigumi is ordered to escort Shogun Iemochi Tokugawa to Osaka. Serizawa give a suggestion that they should make a uniform for Roushigumi, a haori, (a short coat for kimono). Everyone seems like the idea. Then, Isami tell them, that actually, he always adore the Ako roushi(the famous 47 samurai who killed Kira Kazukenosuke in 1702 to revenge their master Asano Takuminokami) why dont they use the similar haori design worn by Ako Roushi. Everyone agrees....Oume, who is sitting near them, also support the idea.
But then Yamanami thinks they wont have enough fund to make the haori. "Dont worry, I'll think of something," Serizawa answered. Isami and Hijikata look each other, worried. "Ah...ano, in that case...Serizawa-san, maybe we should just cancel about the haori..." Isami said. "What are you saying?? We are going to make the haori!" Serizawa firmly said.

Isami, Hijikata and Yamanami are talking privately, when suddenly Matasaburo enters. He tells them that the colour 'asagi'(turquoise;light blue) is considered tacky in Kyoto, people will laugh at others who wears clothes in that colour. So he thinks they should consider again for the haori's colour. Isami-tachi is a bit surprised with that, but they have made up their mind.

~April 21st, 1863~
Roushigumi marches to Osaka, escorting Shogun Iemochi Tokugawa, using the haori uniform. They have arrived in the inn where they will stay. They have free time until the night, so they are planning to have fun at a geisha house and entertain Hirosawa(of Aizu), with singing, drinking sake and all. Yamanami, again, reminds them, they should save the fund for more important things, than having fun.
Serizawa said, there's nothing to worry, he'll manage to get more fund later. Hirosawa is surprised then criticizes Serizawa for his rough conduct. In return, Serizawa criticizes Aizu Domain officials for not giving Roushigumi enough funds. Hirosawa shuts up...^_^;

Meanwhile, in Yagi household, a registration for people to join Roushigumi is open, right at the house entrance. Yamanami, Toudou, Okita and Saitou stand-by for the registration. Hide also sit near them. However, no one's coming...
Oume goes outside, she's going to eat outside, and ask Okita to go together with him, to accompany her. Okita happily, of course, said yes and follow her. "I'll return him, dont worry," she said to Hide, smiling.
Hide is quite upset. Apparently, the guys knows Hide's crush on Okita, to cheer her up, Yamanami says, "Its really alright....Oume thinks of Okita as a boy,". "But what about Okita-san?" Hide ask. Saitou answered, "That boy obviously think of her as a woman,". "Deshou, deshou?" Hide upsetly seat. Yamanami smiles, "What do you like, from Okita?". Hide then embarrasly smile and blushing.

Suddenly...a man looks confused and try to look for something walking back and forth around in front the Yagi household. Then he finally goes to Yamanami, "Is this the place to register to become a MibuRoushigumi member?". "Yes!" Yamanami answered. "Ah...I'm Kawai Kisaburou...yoroshiku!". Yamanami tell him to fill in the form. And to come inside, to have swordskill test. Kawai will have a duel with Toudou. Kawai looks shivering, and all he do is only imitating all of Toudou's stance. Then just by one move, Toudou knocked him down, and Kawai collapsed. "Daijoubu desukaaa...?!?!?" Toudou is shocked.

In the foodshop, Oume is asking Okita, whether he has someone he like in Edo. Okita said, there's no one. Oume is all flirting with Okita, which makes Okita nervous, yet kinda happy. Then he goes to Masa, the waitress and ask for water. Masa warns Okita to becareful, since Oume is a dangerous woman....

Another man, comes to register, and join MibuRoushigumi. His name is Shuuji Matsubara. It seems, he has full confident. It is Saitou, who's going to test his skill. And amazingly, Saitou is defeated. Yamanami and Toudou are amazed and remotely tell him that he is accepted as a MibuRoushigumi member. While Saitou is upset and leave the place.
Toudou ask Yamanami how about that Kawai Kisaburou guy. Then, Yamanami tell him that he is not accepted and apologize. Kawai is about to go home...when Yamanami ask him where he from and why he wants to join Roushigumi. He said he comes from a farmer-class family, and he really wants to be a samurai. When, Matsubara hears Kawai's hometown, he is stunned and excitedly ask him more about it. Turns out, they are both comes from the same hometown, Matsubara has always known Kawai family as the most wealthy family, in their hometown...he pleads Yamanami to accept Kawai as a member. Then Yamanami ask him whether he has other talent....Kawai said, people surrounds him always compliment him on his calculating skill. Yamanami then, test him and give him a calculating test...Kawai is indeed very good at it, and answered really fast. Then he is accepted as a member, and will be in charge of the financial matters. Kawai is really happy.

Isami unexpectedly meets Ryouma Sakamoto in Osaka, he tells Isami that Hachiro Kiyokawa was assassinated by Tadasaburo Sasaki. Then, Sakamoto invite them to Katsuura Kogoro's place, as he is also in Osaka right now.
Isami, Hijikata, Serizawa and Niimi comes along with Sakamoto to Katsuura's place. They were having a friendly chat, at the beginning, but it didnt last long. When Katsuura humbles Serizawa's pride, Serizawa behaves wildly. Katsuura and Serizawa started to have a huge debate. Serizawa even almost take off his sword and about to kill Katsuura...but, is held back by Isami and Sakamoto.
Isami-tachi then leave the place, after Isami thank and say goodbye to Sakamoto, they all leave.

At night, all MibuRoushigumi members are having fun at a geisha house. They all eat and drink sake, while watching a geisha dancing accompanied by traditional music played by 2 women. Isami is gazing at the geisha and all smiling, while seems like Nagakura, Harada and Hijikata are talking about the way Isami look at the geisha.
The geisha who just dance, then serve Hirosawa and Serizawa. Meanwhile, another geisha is sitting beside Isami, and watching him drawing a skull-head. She call the geisha who just dance, "Dayuu...". Dayuu stands up then sit beside her friend, "Nani?". "Look, a skull!". Dayuu look at the drawing and looks surprised, "Kowai...". Isami then give the drawings to the geisha who's interested in it. Then, Isami ask Dayuu, "The dance you just did...what is it called?".
Miyuki: Its called....Hime-sama(Princess)....
Isami: ah, sou....
Miyuki: (leans closer to Isami's face and whisper) I'm very glad you come today, Kondou-sensei....
Isami: How do you know----....?
(Isami realize that the geisha dancer in front of him is actually Oyuki, the girl he once saved)
Isami: (surprise) You are.....
Miyuki: My name is Miyuki Dayuu, now...
(note: Isami didnt realize it was her, coz she has a thick make-up on)

In the middle of the party, Serizawa starts to create trouble. He is saying rude things to Hirosawa. Isami try to calm him down and serve him sake, but Serizawa then throw the sake inside the cup to Isami, making his face all wet. Hijikata-tachi starts to be on-guard, but Isami gestures to stop. Isami try to calm Serizawa and serve the sake again...but Serizawa also did the same thing. He is suddenly very pissed, standing up and think that Isami has actually something bad to tell Hirosawa about him.
Miyuki Dayuu tries to calm Serizawa, pulling his clothes, telling him that this is a place to have fun, drink, and to forget all problems, in an elegant and coquettish manner. Serizawa roughly push her away. Isami flared up, standing up, and looks like challenging Serizawa. They're about to start a fight, Serizawa has his heavy fan ready to knock down Isami, but is held back by Shimada Kai. Isami tells Shimada to let him go. Then, Serizawa just sit back, and looking very upset and angry.
Isami bows and apologize to Miyuki Dayuu.

Hirosawa tell them, its time for him to go back. But Isami and Hijikata persuade him to stay, and give him more drink. "Actually, we have prepared a traditional dance from Tama....Inoue!" Isami said. Inoue stands up, "Hai!". Then to Hijikata, "Oy, Toshi! Sing!". "Hee....ore ga???". "Just sing!!". Isami and Inoue starts to do the dance routine, Hijikata have no choice...and so he sings the traditional folk song ^_^; Later, Nagakura and Harada also joins Isami and Inoue, even thou they do not know the traditional dance^^
However, Serizawa is still so upset and exits the room. Isami sees this, and feels sad. So he goes outside too.

Outside, Serizawa is sitting and his eyes looked teary. Then, Isami and Serizawa have a talk. Serizawa said since young, he has killed many, many people. No one believes him, not even a single person ever believed in him. And so, he himself never want to believe in anyone else, either. Isami firmly said, that he believes in Serizawa. When, Serizawa about to leave, Isami say in a loud voice, "Serizawa-san!! I like this haori! I really do!". Serizawa stops....then continue walking....

Rate: B+

haha....Hijikata singing must be the most hillarious part of the episode!! So unexpected! I laughed out loud the first time I watched this!!^.^

In the previous episode, I decided to hate Serizawa! Such a despicable man! But in this episode, I'm thinking, should I change my mind? Seems like I sympathied that kowai man x)

Urrrgghhhh...I hate Okita and Oume's plot!! >=/ Sumimasen, actually there's 1 more Okita-Oume scene...but I left it out....its not important, and I dont feel like writing it...gomen nasai! x)

Haw-haw-haw!! Kawai Kisaburou's attitude, manner and way of talking makes me laughed out loud!!!*LOL* sooo funny! Matsubara also kinda cracked me up....and wow, he defeated Saitou?!@_@ Iyada! I'm sure Saitou is just not in a good mood that day, and underestimate Matsubara too much!!! That must be it! Coz, I believe Saitou is one of the member who has the most high swordskill!!! xD