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Episode 25


Title: Shinsengumi Tanjou (The Birth of "Shinsengumi")
Broadcast Date: June 27th, 2004
Ratings: 19.3%


Hijikata and Yamanami tells Isami, about Niimi's seppuku. Isami is really shocked, upset and angry, "You know how much I hate this kind of way!!!". But both Hijikata and Yamanami tells him, it is for the sake of Roushigumi.

Hijikata: Listen....for the Roushigumi's sake....we will have to get rid any kind of disturbance!
Isami: So, what's next? Getting rid of Serizawa?
Hijikata: Aa!!
Isami: You know I will never agree to that kind of decision.
Hijikata: Kat-chan!
Isami: (talking in a really bad mood and a low voice) Then, you just take the kyokuchou position. I'm going back to Tama. *walks off*
Hijikata: (pulls Isami's collar roughly) You are not going back to Tama! Everyone will follow you!
Isami: I dont like your ways....and you never listen to me, anyway....
Hijikata: This is for the Roushigumi's sake!! My determination is to make Mibu Roushigumi as the most respected troops!! Cant you understand?!? There's no other way....

Hijikata then held a confidential meeting to plan Serizawa assasination's plot. The ones who will do the assasination task are himself, Yamanami, Inoue and Harada. Harada asks why is Nagakura not joining them...Hijikata said, a person like Nagakura shouldn't do this task. Okita and Toudou cant also be trusted to do this task....Toudou is too nice, while Okita is quite close with Serizawa.

~September 18th, 1863~
There's another meeting, Isami, Hijikata, Yamanami, Serizawa, Toudou and Nagakura are there. Since, Katamori has invite them to come to receive a reward, it is Isami and Serizawa who should go to Aizu. But, Serizawa said, Isami would be enough, he dont have to go...he has plans himself. Then, Hijikata tells Toudou that he's in charge to plan a party to celebrate the new name Katamori will give them. While, he give Nagakura a task, out of the Yagi house.

Hijikata talks to Okita. "You cannot ask anything about this, alright? Just listen!". "Tonight , whereever Serizawa goes you are not allowed to accompany him, understand??". Okita surprised, "...doushita?!". "You are not allowed to ask anything, remember?!".
Okita then realizes something and face Hijikata. Hijikata nods, "So whatever happen, just stay where you are,". "Wait!! Let me be a part of this!!! Onegaishimasu! Let me kill Serizawa!". "Dont force yourself," Hijikata said. "No, I wont let anyone else kill him, besides me.....dakara, onegaishimasu...".

Serizawa goes out for an excursion to view autumn leaves with Oume, and Saitou who acts as their bodyguard. Oume suggests Serizawa to build a house and live there, since it is such a beautiful place with colourful trees and flowers surrounds. "Then what about Roushigumi?". "Just leave it to Kondou-san........nee, you can teach the kids kenjutsu here....and we'll have such a peaceful life....". Serizawa just smile, "Its not a bad idea...".

Isami sees Katamori Matsudaira by himself and receives a reward for what Roushigumi has done during the confrontation against Choshu. He is also given a new name for Roushigumi from Katamori. Isami bows and thanked Katamori.

At that night, a celebration banquet for receiving the new name is held as a part of Serizawa's assassination plan. Hijikata is treating Serizawa very nicely and serve him lots of sake. "Weird......what do you have there inside your head?" Serizawa smirks. Hijikata smile and said nothing, "What do you mean...this is sincere,". " think I'm that stupid? You're acting so nice to me sincerely?!" Serizawa is laughing. "So what is it? Are you going to kill me tonight? that's it, you'll make me drunk and then kill me...right?". Isami, Okita, Harada, and Inoue hears what Serizawa said....and feel tensed. But Hijikata just smile, "Nothing, have too many ideas in your head,". Serizawa then walks outside.

Isami follows him outside and tell him what does he think about this new name, Katamori given. "Ha...seriously, you're asking me?". "Yes!! Because you're hito kyokuchou!" Isami answered. "How about the others?" he asks. "You're the first person I tell about the new name,". Serizawa decided to take a look, "Not bad...from tomorrow, we'll use this name,". Isami tries to warn Serizawa of the danger, but Serizawa advises Isami to steel his heart against pity.

After the party, everyone sees Serizawa off who is terribly drunk. The assassins, Hijikata, Yamanami, Okita and Harada follow Serizawa to the Yagi house(the party is in some other place, a bit far from the Yagi house). However, Saitou who feels indebted to Serizawa tries to stop them on the way. Saitou and Harada almost involved in a duel, but Isami comes and persuades Saitou to let Hijikata and the others go.

Hijikata-tachi are spying on Serizawa's room. Silence surrounding them, and suddenly voice of thunder is heard. Dark clouds covering the sky. "Raining?" Hijikata looks up.
Meanwhile, Hide, her mother and brother are sleeping together in one room. Hide hears the thunder and goes outside the room. When suddenly Okita appears in front of her. "Whatever happen tonight, do not come out of your room!!". "What? Why?". "Just obey my words!", "But...", "Go back to your room!! Now!!!". Hide do as Okita says and feels really anxious now.

Hijikata-tachi thinks Serizawa and the others have already asleep. So, they start to barge in. They open the door slowly....seeing a body wrapped in blanket besides Oume...Hijikata and Okita remotely stabbing it. But turns out, it is only pillows. Serizawa is sitting near, eyes open, with a sword in his if welcoming the assasins. "So these are it? 4 people only?'re Sanosuke, right? Who's the other one?". Serizawa cant see Okita's face clearly coz its dark, and he stand at the back. But then a thunder gleams Okita's face brightly. Serizawa smiles, "Ureshii ze...(I'm very happy)". Serizawa wakes up Oume, "Oy! Wake up.....we have companies...". Oume wake up and screaming upon seeing the 4 of them holding swords....remotely, she's screaming and asking Serizawa's men's help. While, the 4 assasins start attacking Serizawa, sound of fights are heard clearly.

Hide, her mother and brother wakes up and shocked. Hide tells her mother not to go outside.

Hirayama and Hirama comes downstairs and help Yamanami and Harada are taking care of them. While, Hijikata and Okita with Serizawa. Yamanami defeated Hirama, but he cant bring himself to kill him and tell him to escape...and he does so. He also defeated Hirayama....he tells him to escape too, but Hirayama picks his sword again and about to stab Yamanami from behind, when Harada comes to the rescue and stab Hirayama's stomach with his spear.

Hijikata and Okita are still fighting Serizawa. Such an intense fight, Oume is really scared and hide behind the door. At one time, Okita's sword is stuck on the ceiling...Serizawa took advantage of this chance and try to stab Okita...but Okita manages to get away. At another point, Okita falls down...and Serizawa almost had him, when suddenly Serizawa step on a sake bottle and falls.....Okita immediately stab his stomach. Serizawa's eyes widened, he is about to thrust his sword to Okita with his last strength, when Hijikata stab him from behind. Hijikata and Okita pulls off their swords....and Serizawa collapse....died, with opened eyes.
Oume is hysterically screaming at Serizawa's body, "Anta? What are you doing? Anta?? Ne, ANTA!!!!". Oume is stunned with teary eyes, she cant scream anymore, then she just looks at Okita. Okita tells her to escape immediately....but Oume is not listening....she keeps looking at him...suddenly, she grab Okita's sword which is coincidentally pointing at her and stab it to her own stomach...........
Oume's head lies down on Serizawa's body.... Its all over.........

They start getting rid of evidence, picking all broken swords. Then Hijikata leave a Choshuu pin near their corpses. Tamesaburo, Hide's brother, witness them exiting the room.

In another place, Isami, Toudou and Inoue tells what happened to Noguchi, and tell him to leave Roushigumi, and start a new life. Noguchi cried.

The next morning, it is announced that Serizawa-tachi are killed by the Choshuu radicals. Also announced, Katamori Matsudaira has given a new name for them, which is "Shinsengumi"! And since that day, Isami Kondou is the commander of the group.

Rate: A+

Such a kanashii episode....I just watched this episode again to write the synopsis. The first time I watched, I didnt cry at all. But now...I realized, there's a possibility Serizawa will turn to be a good man, even thou Okita dont kill him. Serizawa and Oume's chat when they view the beautiful sceneries is touching and sweet. So I cried....knowing this man might have determined to be a good guy....but he is gonna be killed that night...... And Serizawa and Oume might actually love each other, watching this episode. Usually, I thought they dont love each other...that they only need each other. Oume needs him to finance her life, Serizawa needs her just to satisfy himself. Seeing how Serizawa treat her roughly sometimes...and how Oume keep flirting with other guys, esp. Okita. But in the end, I guess, they do really love each other...althou kinda different from common couples.

The assasinating plot is SUPERB!!! Couldnt think of a better plot for this...Mitani Koki has done a very good job!^.^

It gives me goosebumps when I hear how the real history stated the incident in the documentary(by the end of the episode). That on Sep 18th, 1863....Hijikata Toshizou, Yamanami Keisuke, Okita Souji and Harada Sanosuke have assasinated Serizawa and Oume, his lover. The ceiling which is chopped by one of the 4 assasins' sword, can be seen until now(they showed the broken ceiling). Tamesaburo's mother, Mrs. Yagi heard a loud voice, and sounds of people swordfighting, she was really scared. While Tamesaburo himself, is really curious and try to look what has happened outside, but he only open the door a bit and do not leave the room. Since their room is really near with Serizawa's room, Tamesaburo, at least, witnessed the 4 of them exiting Serizawa's room.......

Definitely one of the BEST episode!!!