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Episode 28


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Title: Soushite, Ikedaya e! (To The Ikedaya Inn!)
Broadcast Date: July 18th, 2004
Ratings: 16.6%


A meeting is held. Isami, Yamanami, Hijikata, Okita, Inoue and Takeda are discussing. Yamanami and Hijikata have a debate on whether or not they should ask for Aizu's help. Hijikata is silent, eventually, when Yamanami starts to raise his voice volumes and tones much higher.

Isami ask for Gennojou and Masa Yagi's opinions, before making a decision to attack the radical roushi to stop their outrageous conspiracy. "You're asking me?!" Gennojou ask. "Such a big and difficult problem like that, why are you asking us about this?" Mrs. Yagi also ask. "I'm asking you as Kyoto residents, we dont know any others...." Isami explained. Gennojou then, tell Isami that he will support him.

~June 5th, 1864~
They are having another meeting, this time with Hirosawa of Aizu. Hijikata tells Yamanami to stay in the headquarter, in case the radical roushis attack them back.

Sakuma Shozan order Sutesuke, who is now has become Sakuma's attendant, to deliver sake to Katsuura Kogoro. Then, Sutesuke brings the sake to Ikedaya, where Katsuura stand-by for the meeting tonight. Sutesuke begs Katsuura to employ him as anything....he really wants to work for Katsuura rather than to work for Sakuma, he cannot stand that old man. Sutesuke then try to entertain Katsuura, by singing and moving around...but then he accidentally kick the small table in front of Katsuura, and spills all foods and drinks on it to Katsuura's clothes. Katsuura decided to go back to his place, to change clothes.

Hijikata and Saitou are walking together to Gion. They go through a festival of beautiful lanterns. Saitou tells Hijikata about the lantern festival in Gion which held every year. Then, they cross-pathed with Harada and Nagakura who are eating fried squids, they offer the squids to Hijikata and Saitou...but they refuse and keep walking, and so Harada and Nagakura follows them.

Shinsengumi's briefing at Gion. Everyone is wearing the haori uniform. Hirosawa come and inform that Aizu wont help, there is a strong opposition within Aizu to openly confront with Choshuu Domain. Aizu forces will only watch the raid from distance.
There are 34 members at Gion, they will be divided to 2 groups. One leads by Isami, and one leads by Hijikata. Isami say he'll only need 10 persons. "So, kyokuchou's groups is me and kyokuchou, who else?" Takeda said. "Oy! Dont decide yourself!" Hijikata scolds him. But Isami nods. "Other ones are Nagakura-kun, Souji, Heisuke, and....Tani-kun!". The eldest Tani brother smirks and confidentally says, "Understood,". "Ah...sorry, the other Tani-kun,". Turns out, Isami point to the youngest one.
Okita mumbles, "Are you sure...". Hijikata immediately say, "Its better if the aniki(older brother) also in kyokuchou's group,". The eldest Tani brother again confidentally say, "Alright then,". "Sorry...the other aniki," Hijikata meant the 2nd brother. The eldest Tani looked shocked ^_^;;;
"Alright, so the rest will go with Hijikata!" Isami commands. "hmm...I wonder which group will find the one..." Hijikata smirks. "Maybe....our group!!" Okita said.

Shinsengumi starts run outside and spread. They enter certain inns to no avail. At one quiet inn named Ikedaya, Isami-tachi enters. The servants pretend they dont know anything....but Okita found weapons behind a wall. Then, Isami sees someone is going upstairs. He command Masatake Tani to come with him. Isami slowly climbing the stairs....he reach the room....he opens....the sight of about 20-30 roushis in an on-guard position holding their swords and about to pull them off in a dark room, appears before him. Isami hurriedly tell Tani, "Hurry!! Inform Hijikata and his group!". Then, the roushis starts to attack Isami.
Hearing swordfighting upstairs, Okita-tachi immediately goes and help Isami. Such intense atmosphere surrounding Ikedaya.

Most of the time, the roushis gang up on Isami. But Isami always suceed in fighting all of them.....he slashed the roushi in front of him, and held the roushi's sword's threat from his back with his own sword, without looking back.
"Souji!! I'll trust this floor to you!" Nagakura yelled, since he has to chase the roushis who's trying to get away going downstairs.
Isami have to chase some roushis who went downstairs also....but he hesitates. Okita yelled while still fighting, "Daijoubu!! I'll be fine alone here...just go!". Isami nods.

Tani is running on the street and finally meets Hijikata's group, "IKEDAYA DESU!!!". So Hijikata's group starts running to Ikedaya. "Wait, if its is shorter this way," Saitou leads.

Some of them are fighting outside Ikedaya, on the streets. Coincidentally, Sutesuke and Katsuura Kogoro arrived there. And Katsuura is shocked to see the raids....he goes back as soon as he sees what happened.

Toudou is slashing a roushi with his sword. He feels tired, and decided to takes off his headband. When suddenly another roushi comes and Toudou have no chance to avoid his his forehead to around his eyes gets cut. Nagakura comes to the rescue, then try to wake up Toudou, "Heisuke!!!! Daijoubu ka?? Heisuke!!!!!".

Meanwhile, Okita is fighting against 3 roushis at once. He defeated them, when another roushi quietly try to attack Okita from behind....but he can sense and held it back. The roushi is Kame, we know him, as the Tosa samurai, one of Sakamoto Ryouma's closest friend. Okita finally slashed his back....Kame collapse and looked really scared, as Okita keeps moving forward and about to stab him.
Suddenly, bloods burst out from Okita's mouth. Kame use this chance to escape. Okita is stunned to see the blood....he coughs, and more blood comes out of his mouth...............he realized what is happening..............

Isami is fighting a roushi, when suddenly another one at his back is about to jump and stab him. "Kat-chan, ushiro da!!!(your back!)". Hearing the warning, Isami immediately aim his sword to his back, and the roushi is killed by one move. The roushi is front of Isami is stabbed by Hijikata. Isami and Hijikata smirks to each other.

A regular member of Shinsengumi is almost defeated, surrounded by 3 roushis. But, Saitou Hajime comes to the rescue. Amazingly, he killed the 3 roushis with his sword in 3 continuous/flowing moves only! "Ikuzo!" the member follows Saitou.

Harada is inspecting the upper floor of the seems all is dead already. But, he hears someone's coughing. He is shocked upon knowing it is Okita, "Oy!! Souji?? Where's the injury???". "No, im not fine...".
Nagakura also comes, "Souji....what's wrong with you?!". Okita then cough and vomits more blood. Harada and Nagakura are surprised. "Please, dont tell anyone about this..." Okita begs them.

Okita is lifted with a litter. Isami and Hijikata are surprised to see Okita's lying. "Souji! What happened?!". "Daijoubu da! He just caught a fever," Harada made up. "Baka..." Isami said. "I'm sorry....such a good-for-nothing person, I am..." Okita apologize weakly. "Sure you're alright? Please, help him out..." Hijikata said to the lifters.

Upstairs, Isami and Hijikata look around....Hijikata found Okita's haori which is covered with blood...he takes it. Inside a room, Isami find a lying body which is still alive...he's Miyabete, the one who leads the Choshuu meeting earlier. Isami walks quietly to him. "Shinsengumi Kyokuchou.....Kondou Isami...." Isami said in a low voice. " you're bakufu's dogs..." Miyabete said. Hijikata is about to attack but held back by Isami. Miyabete keep saying how much he hate people against Choshuu, especially Shinsengumi. Isami said it is his task to kill anyone stay in bakufu's way. Miyabete starts to attack, but Isami killed him in one move.

Aizu forces comes to take care of the inn. Then, Shinsengumi marches back to their headquarter. Lots of the citizens lining up on the side of the streets to see the troops. Including, Oryou...

The next morning, Oryou deliver the news to Sakamoto Ryouma. Sakamoto is very sad and upset upon knowing Kame's death(apparently, althou Kame manages to escape, he really has lost his strength and he eventually died). he feels that Kondou Isami, Katsuura Kogoro and everyone are just bunch of baka-s.

Isami and Hijikata reported to Katamori Matsudaira about the Ikedaya Affair. And, Katamori thanked them and will give them reward.

Rate: A+

This episode is really satisfying!!^o^ I love it! The swordfighting scenes are really memorable, well-filmed and well-choregraphed!! The crews has done excellent jobs!!
The actors also did great jobs! They dont looked stiff anymore(like in ep.1) ^_^ Joe Odagiri is indeed, sugoi....slashing in 3 continuous moves...!!!*.*
Shingo Katori also amazed me....his swordskill acting really improved! An episode full of slicing and dicing acts!!^_^

Iyadaa....Okita.....=( I'm so tears flow when he vomits the blood....

Looove how Hijikata warns Isami...then they smirks to each other!! Kakkoooi!^o^

Only dissapointment is...that Hijikata-Saitou-Harada's group arrived late =( If only they can join the raid earlier!! I want to see more of Hijikata and Saitou's swordfighting scenes!!! x(