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Episode 34
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Title: Teradaya Osoro (Teradaya Affair)
Broadcast Date: August 29th, 2004
Ratings: 18.1%


Flashback of Yamanami in Itou dojo, then ask his master's permission to leave the dojo.
Toudou is giving his respect to Yamanami's ashes, since he was in Edo, when the seppuku is commited.

"He runaway with a woman, is what I'm most surprised at.....but I understand very much....he has finally found something sincere.....that's why he did it..." Isami pours out his thought to Miyuki Dayuu, who is sitting beside him, and serve him drinks. "That's what I think, too" Miyuki replied.....then she cough a little. Isami tell her not to force herself.....then, mention his intention to buy her freedom. Miyuki is surprised.

Okita gives Yamanami's last message to Sakamoto. Sakamoto then cant help to think about it all night. Then........he decided something.

...March 5th, 1865....
There's a meeting of the high officials of Shinsengumi, on what their activities are for today. Today, Hijikata, Itou and Shimada will go to Nishi Honganji temple to negotiate with the monks about their moving to that temple. Nagakura and Harada refuse, and ask to postpone the moving. Hijikata said it has been decided before socho's seppuku. Okita is on Hijikata's side, "There are alot of Yamanami's memories here the faster we move the better,".
Next, Isami will go to the Teradaya Inn in Fushimi, to investigate choshuu activities so far, from Otose, the owner of the inn. "What?? This kind of job is not for you, kyokuchou! I will take this job, instead!" Takeda said. Hijikata cuts him, "Kyokuchou will go,". "But....", "I will go!" Isami insist.

Isami, Okita, Hijikata and Inoue are in a room. "I wonder if it raise suspicion, me going to Teradaya," Isami ask. "You actually go to Teradaya to meet Miyuki Dayuu.....the rumor might spread fast," Inoue said. "It actually doesnt fit Kondou-sensei have a lover....datte, you already have a cute wife, Tsune-san, back in Edo...." Okita said. "Souji, its not like that...." Isami try to debate him. "Kyokuchou....I think we'd better depart to Teradaya now," Inoue suggest.

Harada and Nagakura eats at Masa's foodshop. They talk about how Isami actually is going to buy Miyuki Dayuu's freedom, as the real reason why he goes to Teradaya. Nagakura said, he understand Isami's feelings....since he himself, is willing to protect a woman named Kotsune, now. Harada and Masa are surprised, Nagakura have a lover now. Nagakura told them that Kotsune is actually his deceased friend's he wants to replace his friend, to protect Kotsune.
Harada tell Masa, they better get together sooner. Masa hit him on the head^^

Toudou take Okita to a room, "There's someone wants to meet you! Hurry!". Toudou open the door, and Okita is shocked! "Ane-ueeeee!!!!(older sister)".
Mitsu and Tsune are sitting in the room, laughing, looking at Okita's reaction.

Meanwhile, Sakamoto ask Sutesuke to call Katsura Kogoro to come to Teradaya Inn. Sutesuke is willing to do as Sakamoto's wish, with one give Oryou to him....... Sakamoto hesitate for a moment....but then nods to that.

Tsune and Mitsu meet Yagi husband and wife. Tsune is thanking them to have let Shinsengumi stay in their place.
While outside, Toudou and Okita are panicking, since today Isami is meeting Miyuki Dayuu at Teradaya. "What do we do?? What do we do????" Toudou panicked. "Calm down, Heisuke! Calm down, calm down," but actually Okita is not that calm, either. "I cant believe this! Kondou-sensei is having an extramarital affair? So dissapointing...." Hide asked.
" Hijikata here, and tell him the situation!" Okita said to Toudou. Toudou immediately walks off, panicking.

Mitsu gives an encouraging speech to the Shinsengumi members. Inside, Tsune meets Harada and Nagakura who are very happy to meet her again. Then, Saitou and Shuhei enters. Saitou and Tsune looks each other weirdly, and feels they recognize each other. Okita introduce Saitou to Tsune....then Tsune remembers Saitou is the person, who escape to Shieikan, on her wedding day. Saitou realizes something and exits the room.
Nagakura then introduce Shuhei to Tsune, "This is the boy, Kondou kyokuchou, have adopted as a son, Shuhei,.....*to Shuhei* this is Kondou's wife,". Shuhei bow to Tsune. "In other words, she's your mother!" Harada said. Shuhei, then, dont know what to say anymore, "Can I go now?". Tsune smile and nods. Nagakura apologize to Tsune, "I'm sorry....his attitude is a little...". "Not at all....actually, he reminds me of my husband," Tsune smiles.

Mitsu enters the room, and Harada hugs him happily, "Waaa!!! Mi-chan, Mi-chan!! Ohisashiburiiii!!!". Hide poke on Okita, "ne, ne...introduce us...". Mitsu is about to sit, when Okita introduce Hide, "Ane-ue...this is Yagi's daughter, Hide,". Mitsu is really happy to see her, " cute! just like you said, in the letters!". "Dont say weird things!" Okita scolds his sister.
"So where is Kat-chan?" Mitsu asking around. "He's in Teradaya right now, do you want to go there?" Takeda suggest. Okita gives alot of reasons, why they should not go....the place is far, have to rent carriages to carry them there, etc, etc. Tsune then decided, "Lets just wait here,".
Saitou comes in, and hand something wrapped in a paper, "Here...I'm giving back your money, you once lent me on your wedding day,". " need," Tsune said. "Please, take it....I feel uneasy....kyokuchou always refuse and said its his wife's please....". Although hesitate for a moment, then Tsune receive the money. "Ah....Takeda-san, can we rent the carriages with this money now?" Tsune ask. Takeda replied, "Kasukomarimashita!(your wish is my command)". Okita glared at Saitou.....Saitou is puzzled.

Hijikata runs inside in a rush with Toudou, throwing off his sandals. "Where are they? Where are they??". Okita answered, "They have gone to Teradaya!!!". "Baka!!! Why didnt you stop them?!?! Lets go!" Hijikata walks off.
Meanwhile Saitou looks troubled and regret what he did, pining on his clothes, "Its my fault....its my fault...." ^_^

In Teradaya, Isami ask Otose where to get daifuku(rice cake), since its Miyuki Dayuu's favorite. Inoue goes outside, to welcome Miyuki Dayuu and her master(a very old man, looks like in his 60-70s). They finally arrive, and Inoue lead them the way. But as he just turn his back around....he sees Tsune and Mitsu!!! He's in SHOCKED, to see Tsune! He immediately cover his face, and look down....then lead the way to Miyuki Dayuu and her master, that way^^

Inoue ask Otose, to handle this havoc situation, "I dont know what happened, but Isami's wife is suddenly arrive here.....pls help!". Otose tell him, to trust everything to her.
Inoue meets Tsune and Mitsu in a room. "Why dont you seem that surprise to meet us??" Mitsu asked. Nervous, Inoue tried to reply, "What are you saying?? Of course, I'm surprised!!".
Outside, Oryou meet Isami on the way, and tell him that the person he's waiting for, has arrived, "Your wife is beautiful,". Isami puzzled a bit, "ehh....pls, dont put it that way," Isami walks to the room. But Oryou said, "Not that way...this way, please,". "eh?" Isami gets a bit more puzzled.
Oryou opens the door for Isami....holding the daifukus, Isami without looking who's inside first, just said, "I just got you daifukus no--- ..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............". Isami is stunned with no expression for few seconds.....then his eyes are getting wider!^^
"Look, look!! He's so surprised!!" Mitsu and Tsune laughs.

Katsura has arrived at the inn, upon knowing Isami Kondou is there, he's about to leave again. But Otose assure him that Isami is in a hectic situation now, he wont notice him there....since Sakamoto's room is far from Isami's rooms.

Isami looks really nervous and serious, folding his arms in front of his chest, and look down, "Althou I've mention several times, to come visit sometimes...". "That's why we come!! It surprises you, ne!" Mitsu said. "I'm sorry...are you angry?" Tsune ask. "No...not angry..." still looking down. "ah, I heard about Yamanami-san...Im sorry..." Tsune said. Isami nods.
"Ehh? Did you bought those daifukus for us??" Mitsu asked. Isami is getting more nervous and holds the daifukus. Tsune said to Mitsu, "It cant be, since he dont know we're coming,". " who did you bought those daifukus for?" Mitsu ask. Isami keep silent and look down.
"ohhh....kyokuchou!! I'm sorry, to trouble you, to get me daifukus!! Thank you, thank you very much....itadakimasu!" Inoue rushly eat the daifuku. Tsune soon, realizes something is wrong.

Isami walks outside with Inoue choked on the daifuku, "What should we do now??" he ask Isami. Isami tell Otose, that he has to ask her to take care of Miyuki Dayuu for awhile at the inn, until his wife goes back to Edo. Otose replied its fine with him. Isami rolled his eyes.....he's really in trouble!!^^

Meanwhile, in another room, Sakamoto asks Katsura to support his plan and have Choshu and Satsuma Domains establish an alliance. But, Katsura refuse. Sakamoto tries to persuade him, but he still refuse, and about to exit the room. Sakamoto warn him to becareful since Isami Kondou is around. "What is he doing actually?" Katsura asks. "He's buying a freedom for a courtesan....but suddenly, his wife came," Sakamoto answered. Katsura laugh a bit, "What kind of a man is that?".

Tsune feels something wrong and doesnt look happy. Looking at the worried Tsune, Mitsu decided to find Isami. Outside, she sees Sutesuke and Katsura...teasing them for a moment. Then, Katsura tells Mitsu that Isami has a lover hidden somewhere in the inn.

Meeting Miyuki Dayuu and her master, Isami tell them, "I have lots of works these I'm sorry, but Miyuki Dayuu have to stay here for awhile,". "I'm alright with that," Miyuki smile. "Sasuga Shinsengumi kyokuchou! You're really that busy ne....ja, please take care Dayuu, I'm leaving now, " Miyuki's master walks off.
Suddenly, Mitsu and Tsune comes. Inoue and Isami are shocked, they get close to each other...try to block Tsune's view to Miyuki Dayuu(but of course, to no avail!^^).
"Kat-chan! Tell us the truth! Who is that person?" Mitsu demands. Otose tried to save the situation and explain that the woman just came from Osaka, and was bought freedom. ", you have become so powerful, you bought freedom for courtesans, ne, Kat-chan?!" Mitsu said.
"Anooo....I think you have mistaken! The one who bought freedom for Miyuki Dayuu is not Kondou-sensei.....but its Inoue-sensei!!!!" Otose lied. Inoue is surprised. "Inoue-sensei....he's your lady, you have to admit it truthfully!!!" Otose said.
Tsune looks relieved, "Gen-san....". Inoue then plays along, "Its the very first time, I feel this way!!!". He goes to Oyuki and hold her hands, "I will make you happy! Oyuki!". Funnily, Oyuki also plays along with this little "play" x) "Genzaburo-sama!" she replied.
"Waaaaaittt!!!!!" Okita's voice is heard from outside. "Wait, Tsune-san, no!!! Oyuki is mine!!" Hijikata rush off to Oyuki, and throw Inoue away...thus Inoue hits the wall pretty hard xD "Oyuki!! I love you!", Hijikata hugs Oyuki, "I will never let you go again!". Oyuki replied, "Toshizou-sama!".
Inoue gets up.......the 5 people in the room stunned to see what happened, turn their heads to Inoue in unison(LOL!). "Damn youuu....Toshizou!!! Since when, have you been together with Oyuki?!?!" Inoue pretend to be angry. Hijikata smiles cunningly. Oyuki answered, "I'm so sorry, Genzaburo-sama!". Then, Inoue pull Hijikata up and hit him on the face....they wrestle for a moment. Then, Isami stops them, "Stop...stop...everyone STOPP!!!!! Thank you very much to everyone!! I'm really grateful....but its over..........". Tsune's expression is like its true...
Isami continue, "Please, everyone leave the room except for Tsune and Oyuki,". Hijikata gets up and show his bleeding nose to Isami x) then everyone exits the room.

Silence in the room......Tsune and Oyuki are sitting face to face....Isami sit in between them....knowing her place, Oyuki keeps her head lower than Tsune. Tsune's gaze looks empty.
Isami: I will tell you the truth....actually, since I've come to Kyoto, there are not only good things happen....but bad things happen too..... At that time, the person who has supported me to go thru the hard times is Miyuki Dayuu...... But her body is in a sick condition, today I call her to Kyoto, to let her rest......
Tsune: Can you please, leave me alone with Oyuki-san? I would like to have a woman-to-woman talk with her.......
Isami is surprised....but then do as his wife says......

Tsune: He's such a straight everytime he lies, I can immediately see thru it.....what he said just now, is also a lie....he called you to Kyoto, because you're his dearly beloved.....then, later...he will take you in....
Oyuki: I feel really happy from the bottom of my heart with sensei's intention.....but, I will not be by sensei's side anymore.....
Tsune: ..............please, stay by his side........
Oyuki: eh?*lifting her head, look up to Tsune*
Tsune: His most important friend just died......he feels really hurt and sad, but I cant be there for him, by that time....the person who you. Of course, it feels hurt for me, but I have a duty to protect the dojo in Edo. So please...replace me......
Oyuki: Is it really alright?
Tsune: *nods*
Oyuki: You dont know what kind of woman I am....
Tsune: The person my husband fallen for, must not be a bad person.... Kondou Isami...yoroshiku onegaishimasu(pls take good care of him).....
But.....I want you to promise me one thing...*in tears*...that person.....take care of him....only during his stay in Kyoto.....
Oyuki: *in tears*.......only during his stay in Kyoto....
Tsune: hai.....
Oyuki: *looks troubled and in tears* Kasukomarimashita....*she bows to Tsune*......
Tsune's tears flows down her cheek........

Isami is in the bathroom, taking a bath in the bucket. Sakamoto enters, "Ohisashiburi da ne(long time no see),". Sakamoto tell Isami he cant trust bakufu anymore, thus they are not on the same side from now on. Isami tries to defend bakufu.....but Sakamoto keeps thinking that bakufu have weakened. Later, Sakamoto exits the bathroom, and tell Isami, "The next time we meet....we'd be rivals...."

Rate: A

Areee...??? Im surprised the rating for this episode is higher than the previous one with Yamanami seppuku!! xD what? Japanese ppl in the Kanto area, is more interested to see Isami's wife and lover meet, than to see Yamanami's seppuku, the most historical event in Shinsengumi? haha.... Episode 33 was 16.1%, while ep.34 was 18.1%.

I looooove this episode!!!! Why, its soooo hillarious!! Esp. all Inoue's expression are just soooooo funny!!! LOL!!!!!! No use for me to describe how funny the scenes just have to watch yourself!!!^o^

LOL! And, oh my god!!! For the first time, Saitou puts on a funny, funny expression!!! Haw-haw-haw!! A must-see for Saitou's fans!!!!!!^o^ Last episode, for the first time, he speaks up more than one line. In this episode, for the first time, he puts on hillarious expression!!^^

However....I'm very sad with Tsune-Miyuki's dialogues....its really painful for both women. The MOST I didnt expect, and i do not want to hear, is how Tsune ask Miyuki to promise her, to substitute her in Kyoto only. As painful, as it is....but it is more realistic....there's no way Tsune just let her husband in another woman's arms just like that....but, but, on the other side....poor Miyuki!! =(

Its like....both women cannot have the man they love fully. Poor Tsune coz she has to let Isami be with Miyuki, while he's in Kyoto, and Tsune never know when will Isami goes back home.

Poor Miyuki, coz she know it will only be a temporarily happiness for her, coz someday she has to return Isami back to Tsune, coz she is only a replacement. Plus, Miyuki's health is really not in a good condition(the reason why Isami bought her freedom), she dont have family and friends....she dont work if its not Isami, who else does she has?

Used to be, I love Tsune's character slightly more. But I also respect Miyuki more now....coz now I know she is a reponsible woman, she knows her place very well, she respects Tsune very much, she keeps her head lower than Tsune, knowing she is the mistress. She even willing not to be together with Isami anymore.

And the most thing I didnt expected, Miyuki replied Tsune's last sentence with "kasukomarimashita". kasukomarimashita is like a reply to an order or a command from a boss. It means "i'll take your order", "i'll do as your command", or "as you wish". Miyuki replied Tsune's request with that word, made it seems she took the request positively as an order or a command from Tsune. Showing how much she respects Tsune.

And now I also see the comical side of Miyuki......playing along with Inoue and Hijikata with the dramatic "play"!!^^

Oh well.....this triangle love thingy wont last till they're old anyway....not like all the three of them will live till old anyway.....2 of them will die young....soo.....