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Episode 35
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Title: Saraba, Mibumura (Goodbye, Mibu Village)
Broadcast Date: September 5th, 2004
Ratings: 18.7%


Katsura Kogoro, who has remained hidden since the defeat of Choshu Clan at the Hamaguri Gate of the Imperial Palace, meets his allies(Sutesuke and a choshu samurai) to tell them that he will be returning to Choshu. However....their meeting was find out by Saitou, Matsubara and Takeda with their men. Takeda fights Sutesuke who wears mask....and Saitou feels there's something wrong with this man.
Meanwhile, Matsubara killed the choshuu samurai. Before his death, the samurai hands some money to Matsubara and asks him to give it to his wife.

March 10th, 1865....
The Nishi Honganji temple is in its busy day. Shinsengumi reconstruct and renovated some places, to divide some 2 halls to become several rooms. Toudou instructs people here and there.
After a meeting with the Nishi Honganji temple's monks(who doesnt look pleased with Shinsengumi staying at their place....but as soon as Itou speaks up, they look pleased), Isami-tachi looks around the temple...Kawai Kisaburo ask Isami's opinion, on which flag's colour is better, etc.

Matsubara visits the wife of the Choshu samurai....and give the money to her. But upon knowing, Matsubara is the one who killed her husband, she immediately snapped and tells him off.

Hide helps Okita packing up stuffs to be moved to Nishi Honganji temple, she looked happy and laughing together with Okita. From afar, Yagi Masa, Hide's mother ask Hijikata to do them a give understanding to her, why she should not stay by Okita's side.
Hijikata talks to Hide, and cornered her. Hide refuse to hear. Hijikata tells her, not to be together with Okita anymore....he is in a sick condition, and he someday have to die defending shogun, "if its all fun, there is now...". Hide in tears, cuts him off, "Is fun, not good??!". "Its good....for now.....but if anything happens later...there's only regret and sorrow left...please, I dont want to see that boy gets it, for Okita's sake...." Hijikata pleads her.

Isami moves in together with Oyuki to a house near the temple. "Is everything alright at the temple?" she asked. "yeah, Toshi handle everything....I want to make the process simpler...but he always wants to go with the right procedure.....what a busybody, that guy....". Isami sits and drink the tea Oyuki made for him. Oyuki smiles, "I can feel Hijikata-sensei really likes you......I feel a bit jealous,". Isami slightly smiled too, " have you adapted with the environment here?". "The wind is a bit too much...but its fine, it feels comfy here," Oyuki widely smile.

"Excuse me....Nagakura and Harada would like to meet," Inoue suddenly comes in. "What?!?! Who told them about this place????" Isami is surprised....apparently, he's moving in together to a house with Oyuki, is suppose to be a secret. "I think rumors has spread real fast," Inoue answered.
Nagakura and Harada entered the room. They immediately sit in front of Isami and Oyuki. "Why are you keep quiet and moving to this house a secret?" Nagakura asked. "I do not mean it like that," Isami debated. "Nagakura Shinpachi, 2nd regime captain!" Nagakura introduce himself to Oyuki. "Harada Sanosuke, 10th regime captain!". Oyuki bows back to them.
"Actually....kyokuchou....I'm here to ask your permission," Nagakura said. "What is it?", "Just like you, I have also bought freedom for a woman, she was my deceased friend's fiancee....and I feel I have to protect her, in replace of my friend I'm bringing her here to Kyoto.....". "Sou desuka,", "Can I introduce her now?" Nagakura ask. "She's coming now?" Isami ask back. "Kotsune! Come here,".

A pretty woman enters. Nagakura introduce Isami and Oyuki to her, "That's Shinsengumi's commander, Kondou Isami...and that's her lady, Oyuki,". Being introduced like that, Oyuki have a beaming smile on her face and glance at Isami, who also slightly smiled. She bows. Nagakura adds, "Her real name is Osono,". Isami tell her, "Osono-san, nice to meet you,". Oyuki also adds in, "If you have trouble, dont hesitate to come to me,". "Thank you," Osono smile.
Harada feels he should bring a woman he rushes off to Masa's foodshop!^^ But, Masa still refuse him....

Okita finds Hide under the sakura tree. He asked her to go to the temple with him, but she refuse. She stated, it is the end of their relationship...... Okita looked surprised and dissapointed......but finally, agrees with her. They embrace each other for the first and last time.

While Shinsengumi with the increasing number of the members and the new headquarters flourishes in full spirits, Sakamoto starts to work on his plan to have an alliance between Choshu and Satsuma Clans without Aizu.

On the banquet to celebrate their new place, Takeda and Tani asks Isami, "Kyokuchou.....who's your lady's name??". He answered, "My wife's name is Tsune...". Takeda and Tani laughs out loud..."hahaha....that's your Edo's wife, desho?? We meant...the one who stay here, of course....". Hesitantly, Isami replied, "Oyuki...".
"Why dont you invite her here?? Join the party!" Takeda said. Isami is reluctant. But Hijikata and Okita also urge him saying, "Everyone have already know, anyway....". So Isami, goes to his house.

Oyuki refuse and apologize....coz her job is to accompany Isami only now, she is not Miyuki Dayuu anymore. In replace of that, Isami asked her what was she doing the first time they met in Kyoto. Oyuki answered, she is looking for a person, her twin sister, Okou, who was separated from her since they were 15 years old. Isami tell Oyuki, he will help her, to find her sister.

In the next morning....Isami and the high officials of Shinsengumi, say goodbye to the Yagi family, and thank them for all these times, "We will never forget your kindness!!! Arigatou gozaimashita!!!!". Yagi Gennojou, Masa and Hide are all in tears....feels heavy to let them go.....

Tamesaburo Yagi, Hide's younger brother, say goodbye to Isami....he said, he will never forget him and all Shinsengumi members. Isami said, he will also never forget him and his family. Tamesaburo shows his diary about Shinsengumi. Isami smiles, thank him, and caress his head, "Bye bye...".

Isami walks out the Yagi household....then turns back for the last time, gaze at the house with full of memories......he has flashbacks....
The first time, they meet the Yagi family and introduce each other...........the time they keep seeing the upside-down broom, and what it meant.............."You're not going back to Edo??" the time Gennojou keeps wishing they're out from their house, and how upset he and his wife to see new members around their house.........times Hide disguise as a man..............the wrestling match held in their house..............the time Masa and Hide cooked foods for Shinsengumi members....................

Isami gaze at the house for the last time.... Goodbye, Mibu village.........

Rate: A-

heehee....feels glad Isami and Oyuki are really together now, with Tsune's blessing(as awkward as it is x)), and they're acting like husband and wife^^

I will tell you the truth....I dont like Okita and Hide's wishy-washy attitudes to each other.....~_~ Please read the complete translation of their dialogues in the ROMANCE section. Hide first said no....but then said yes....Okita too....they're being too indecisive!!

waaaah........i got my tears, upon seeing the flashback!! I didnt realize there's so many memories in that house!!^^ The background music really fits in, too! Bye bye....Mibu village!!! Bye bye, Yagi family!! We'll miss you! I'll definitely miss Yagi Gennojou....since he sometimes brings out the comical atmosphere too!!^^