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Episode 4


Title: Tenchi Hikkurikaeru (The Universe is Turning Upside Down)
Broadcast Date: February 1st, 2004
Ratings: 20.6%


My rate: C-

March, 1860. Its another morning at Shieikan. Mitsu & Inoue are having trouble in waking up Shieikan's three disciples living in the site. Hijikata and Okita keep pulling up their blankets, while Isami keep sleeping peacefully. So, Mitsu have to do something naughty to wake him up ^_^;;

While having breakfast with Isami, Isami's adoptive parents are talking about Shieikan's bad economic condition. Most of the disciples reside without paying, which is affecting Shieikan’s final condition.

Today's training on the hall, Okita without his head-protector, facing all Shieikan's disciples one by one, and they are all defeated by Okita, including Hijikata. Okita happily mentions Hijikata's weakness point, and Hijikata just upsetly answer, "Arigatou gozaimasu,".

Later that day, while having lunch, they see 3 strangers entering the dojo, an old man, an old woman, and a young pretty lady. Mitsu is asking Isami, "Who are they?". Isami looks awkward and do not answer. "You dont know?" Hijikata answers. "Chotto, Toshi!". "What's the matter with you?! Its okay for them to know! She is Isami's fiancee,". Mitsu and Okita are both jumping up and ask Isami excitedly, when's the wedding, what's the lady like, etc^^ Isami trying to escape with an excuse that he's going out to find Shieikan disciples to collect the training fee^^

Mitsu, Hijikata and Okita are curious about Isami's fiancee, Tsune. They're taking a peek thru the door, but caught by Fude who yells at them, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?". Coz of panic, they wreck the door till it falls from its place^^;;


Isami visits one of Shieikan's disciple's house, Nenojiro Hirokawa. But no one there. While waiting, suddenly a stranger attack him!
Later on, Isami explains that he is not Nenojiro. Turns out the guy is also going to collect Nenojiro's money. The guy introduce himself as Hajime Yamaguchi(later known as Hajime Saitou).
Nenojiro is shock to see Hajime Yamaguchi upon arriving at the house, he's trying to escape, but immediately caught by Yamaguchi. Nenojiro said they better talk somewhere else, so he bring Isami and Yamaguchi to a food shop.
Nenojiro tries his best to explain that he dont have the money now, but he promise tomorrow he will give the cash to them. He ask them to believe him. Then, Yamaguchi keeps asking suspiciously, "What is the different between today and tomorrow? How come you'll have the money tomorrow? What are you going to do in order to get the money tomorrow?". Nenojiro is lost in words, he just keep asking him to trust him. He said, he's going to the toilet for a moment, Yamaguchi do not permit him to go, but Isami tells him to let Nenojiro go, coz he believe in him.

Meanwhile, at Shieikan, a man named Keisuke Yamanami comes visits. He's looking for Isami and would like to make friends with him. He has heard from Sakamoto Ryouma, a friend of his, that Isami Kondou is such an interesting person, that's why he came.
Inoue have mistook Yamanami's intention, since he once heard from Sakamoto about the tradition of visiting a dojo and challenge all the pupils of the dojo, if one's win, one's dojo will become more famous and acknowledge by people. Thus, Hijikata and Shusuke Kondou, makes a great fuss about it and think that Yamanami is making a challenge at Shieikan. Hijikata decided that Okita will replace Isami, he is very sure that Okita will win, Shusuke believes in Hijikata's decision. Soon after, Inoue tells Yamanami, that Isami is going out today, Yamanami then excuse himself and said that he will come back later.
Hijikata runs after him outside, and asking, "Why are you going back already? Are you afraid??". Hijikata challenge him a duel. Yamanami refused at first, coz that was not his intention. But Hijikata threat him if he return now, he will spread the news that Hoshin Itou style has lost to Tennen Rishin Ryuu style. Thus, Yamanami accepts. Hijikata adds, "But, its not me, the one you're gonna face,".....
Later, its a duel of Okita vs Yamanami in the training hall. Yamanami defeats Okita in just a couple of moves. Hijikata-tachi are getting very worried.

In the food shop, Isami and Yamaguchi are waiting for Nenojiro quite a long time. Then, Isami ask the man in the kitchen, who is cutting fishmeat since they come into the food shop, where Nenojiro has gone. The man said they dont have to wait anymore, coz Nenojiro has escaped. Yamaguchi immediately about to run after Nenojiro, but the man stop him, he said he will pay for Nenojiro. He also challenge Isami and Yamaguchi to eat raw fishmeat, in order to prove whether they are real samurai or not. Reluctantly, they take the challenge...and they're having a really hard time to chew and swallow it. The man said, that his name is Kamo Serizawa, and tells Isami not to forget his name.

Isami is going back to Shieikan and Inoue immediately tells him what just happen. In the changing room, he told them that they should've wait for him to come back. He asks, "Where is Soujirou?". None of them answers. Apparently, after the duel and got defeated, Okita just sit all by himself somewhere in the dojo and really in a depressed mood, keeps putting on a serious melancholic expression. It may be the very first time, Okita got defeated by someone from another dojo.....

The duel of Isami vs Yamanami starts. At one time, Isami is focusing on Yamanami's stick which is right in the center, right in the front of Yamanami's head....once it got away to the right a bit....Isami see his head is open now and......TAKK!! Isami suceed give Yamanami a men(a hit on the head). Isami wins. Hijikata, Inoue and Mitsu are jumping up in joy!
Later, Isami and Yamanami are having a talk. Isami knows that Yamanami deliberately gave in. Yamanami admit that, coz he thinks you can't learn by winning, you can only learn by losing to someone. Then, Yamanami has become the first Shieikan guest swordsman.

The next day, Isami receive the news that Naosuke Ii, who acted as Tairo(chief minister in Shogun’s advisory council) is slaughtered by roushi or master-less samurai who are against Ii for signing a treaty with the United States. Isami immediately runs to where the scene takes place. Among the bodies of roushi who were killed during their attack on Ii, outside the Sakurada Gate of Edo Castle, Isami finds Nenojiro's body.....