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Episode 5


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Title: Kounde no Hi ni (The Wedding Day)
Broadcast Date: February 8th, 2004
Ratings: 20.4%


It is early in the morning, the sun even hasn't rise yet. A man is chased by several men, with blood all over his neck and arms. He managed to hide from those people who chased him. Its Hajime Yamaguchi (later known as Hajime Saitou).....

March 1860. Its Isami's wedding day. Mitsu help Isami getting dressed, with Hijikata also inside the room. Before getting done what she supposed to do, Inoue comes in to inform that the bride has arrived, so Mitsu also Hijikata runs out to have a peek on the bride, together with Okita^^;
Later, Okita is wondering why Isami would want to marry a girl, he even never know before. Hijikata answer its because of her money. Tsune comes from a wealthy family, if Isami marries her, it will support Shieikan's financial condition and save Shieikan. Okita is surprised to hear this.

Lots of the Tama people come to the wedding. Including Hijikata's sister and brother in law. Also, Isami's birth older brother, Otogoro Miyagawa. He gives Isami a loincloth which has been passed from generation to generation within the family to congratulate his new start.

The wedding ceremony begins. Meanwhile, outside.....Hijikata finds Yamanami who sits by the entrance, whose task is to welcome the guests. Hijikata tells Yamanami that he's not happy that the heads of prominent sword training halls have not responded to the wedding invitation. Okita is coming to ask Hijikata something, when suddenly a young man show up....Okita calls him, "Heisuke!!", and introduce him to Hijikata and Yamanami. He is Heisuke Toudou, one of the best disciple from Itou dojo. Apparently, Okita and Toudou are good friends. Toudou comes just to inform that the head of Itou dojo is really sorry that he cannot come, but he has gifts for Isami and his wife. Hijikata feels annoyed and openly express his feelings, which is stopped by Yamanami.

The ceremony is done and now the party begins. Isami goes to the kitchen and Mitsu tells him that she's glad about Isami's wife, coz althou Tsune is not as pretty as herself, but Tsune is a very good girl ^_^; Isami tells Mitsu that he understand his father's intention about the marriage, he understand about it all, but he is a bit scared...coz it seems his way of life has always been decided by other people, not by himself... For once, he wants to choose his own way of life... Mitsu just give him comforting words, when suddenly her husband, Kintaro Okita, show up.

Isami and Tsune is in a room. Tsune keeps bowing and keeps silent, althou Isami tells her to lift up her head. Isami explains about what this marriage is and the condition of Shieikan, but he never means just to 'use' her. However, Tsune dont look too happy and still silent. Isami asking whether she's listening or not, Tsune just nod her head. Isami is a bit snapped, and when his voice's tone is just about getting higher, Inoue interrupts. Informing Isami, a man named Hajime Yamaguchi is looking for him.

Isami ask Yamaguchi what happened, and he ask for help. He was just collecting money from a guy, but the guy refuse to pay, accidentally Yamaguchi killed him. Then, the officials are chasing him. But when he knows today is Isami's wedding day, he feels uneasy, he tells Isami to forget what he said and he's just going to escape by himself, but before...he asked if he can borrow some money... Isami explain that his dojo is really poor, he'll give him what he has left....when suddenly Tsune appear by Isami's side and give him something wrapped...Isami opened it and turns out, its money Yamaguchi needs, 5 ryo. Isami is asking her is this really okay, Tsune nods and smile. So, Isami give the 5 ryo to Yamaguchi.
After, Yamaguchi left, Sutesuke Takimoto comes happily saying omedetou to Kat-chan, and he brings fishmeat to be fried, too. Tsune pondered, "Kat-chan?". Isami answered, " former name was Katsugoro Miyagawa,".

The guests are having fun in the cheerful feast. Kogoro Katsura also comes to the wedding. While, Hijikata is really embarrased with his brother in law, Hikogoro Sato, who's totally drunk, saying and doing embarrasing things. Sutesuke then announce to the guests that Isami and his brother, Otogoro, has the biggest mouth and demands them to show their mouth elasticity. So Isami and Otogoro putting mochi as many as they can into their mouth^^;; The guests from Tama are really amused, while guests from Tsune's side have no reaction. And Fude(Isami's adoptive mother) is really embarrased.
Suddenly, Hajime Yamaguchi is back and comes to the midst of the feast, which raise suspicion out of the guests, but Tsune soon yelled, "That man is my husband's friend!!". Isami is kinda stunned with what Tsune said. Yamaguchi is then, taken to a room, and Inoue treat his injuries. While in another room, Hijikata and Isami are debating whether or not to help Yamaguchi. Hijikata said they dont know who Yamaguchi really is, why would he want to help a stranger. But Isami insist in helping Yamaguchi. Fude also against Isami, but Isami is really firm to his own mother, this time. Mitsu tells everyone, that many officials has come.

Shusuke and the guests from Tama are telling the officials that the guy they're looking for, is not in Shieikan. But one of the official said, he must be here, coz they saw him going to this way and there's blood on the ground coming to Shieikan. Isami comes up with a lie, telling the officials that someone has nosebleed. The officials wants to know whose nose is bleeding, coz he dont see anyone's nose is bleeding right now. Suddenly, Mitsu smack Sutesuke's nose with her elbow, who is standing right behind her, causing his nose bleeding, and Mitsu assure the officials that it is his noseblood ^_^;; The officials insist that they have to search the dojo.
Meanwhile, Yamaguchi is inside the room with Hijikata and Inoue, listening to what happened outside, he is about to get out, but Hijikata stopped him, telling him there's no use even he get out, much better just to wait inside. When the officials starts to move, Katsura Kogoro comes to the scene, he manage to get those officials leaving Shieikan only by few words.... Then the feast continue....

Isami leave his wedding to bring Yamaguchi to Kamo Serizawa, and ask him to help Yamaguchi escape. And so, Serizawa accept 5 ryo from Isami and promise to save Yamaguchi, he said its much better if he just escape to Kyoto...

Back in Shieikan, its just Isami and his newly-wed wife, Tsune, in the room. Sitting, facing each other, separated by a small table. Its an awkward atmosphere^^ Isami is saying 'otsukaresama deshita', and Tsune answers politely "otsukaresama" too. After a few secs silence, Tsune bow and saying 'yoroshiku onegaitashimasu starting today', Isami answers 'yoroshiku' too. They both lift their heads and reaching for the teapot at the same time, thus their hands touch each other...a bit stunned, they pull away their hands. Tsune is smiling, then she pour the tea to Isami's cup, she keeps looking down and smiling.... Isami is drinking the tea while keep staring at Tsune....looking at the smiling Tsune, Isami smiles widely, too....^-^

Rate: B+

Love this episode!! A good wedding episode!^.^ Hijikata's brother in law, Hikogoro, really cracks me up! Coz, he is totally drunk at the party...singing and saying stupid things....he even asking nonsense things when Katsura give his speech... While, his wife, Hijikata's sister, smacking his head for his behaviour! Very funny!!^^

The last scene is reeeeaaally sweet!!! Love it so much! My thoughts on Tsune is in the ROMANCE section already.

Historical topic....I wonder whether Yamaguchi aka Saitou's plot is deviated from the history? As far as I know...Saitou did accidentally killed someone, chased by the officials and escaped to Kyoto. But I never read anything that Saitou escaped with the help of Isami and Serizawa(?) I thought Isami's first meet with Saitou is in Kyoto? Right before Miburoushi join forces? That's why, I kinda suspect Mitani Koki(the writer) add this on, just to spice things up....made Saitou to appear earlier...hehee.. But I dont know, I'm such a beginner when it comes to Shinsengumi history...sumimasen x)
But, there are complaints from taiga drama freaks and historical purists on Mitani's way in adding the contemporary lilt of the dialogue, factual inaccuracies and the comical style. So, just wondering whether this one is one of those factual inaccuracies^^