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Episode 6


Title: Heuskenm, Nigero! (Heuskenm, Run Away!)
Broadcast Date: February 15th, 2004
Ratings: 19.9%


September 1860, 6 months later since Isami and Tsune's wedding. Shusuke, Fude, Isami and Tsune are having breakfast together. Tsune serve Isami the tea, Isami receive it and naturally hold the cup by touching her hands, Tsune feels uneasy and immediately let go off her hands. Then, Tsune ask about the sword match Isami is going to today, Isami and Shusuke explains that it is a sword match show that earns money from the audience. Tsune is asking few more questions, who then scolds by Fude for asking too many questions. However, Shusuke said it is fine for Tsune to ask questions.
Tsune help Isami getting dressed. Again, when Tsune tightens the belt, Isami naturally help her tightens the belt too, and touch her hands. Tsune remotely pull her hands away from Isami's hands.....but this time, Isami pulls back her hands ^-^ While saying, "Be good with mother, while I'm gone,". Tsune is a bit stunned, then she widely smile answering, "Hai!". Isami, Shusuke and Hijikata goes to a shrine in Fuchu. And so, Isami and Hijikata starts the sword match show. They earned 55 ryo from the sword match.

Meanwhile, in Shieikan, Tsune is working hard as a good wife. Washing and drying up the clothes. Mitsu visits Shieikan and talk to Fude about Tsune. Fude said, Tsune quite annoy her, since she is slow in getting the house works done, yet she always smile and answering, "Sumimasen, hahaue-sama(mother)!", "Hai, hahaue-sama(mother)!", whenever Fude scolds her. Mitsu said, its natural, coz she's a lady from a wealthy family, indeed she is still not used with housewife works.
Mitsu then talk to Tsune, she comfort her for not taking Fude's words seriously. But, Tsune said, she indeed never take it seriously, even though Fude scolds her a lot of time. Then, Mitsu is impressed that Tsune has learned a lot.

Okita is leading the sword training, as Isami out today. In break time, he complains to Yamanami, why not Isami take him instead, to go to the Fuchu shrine for the sword match. Yamanami answers Isami need him to lead the training in Shieikan. Okita still feels unsatisfied as he thinks, Hijikata can also lead the swordtraining. Yamanami ask Okita what does he know about sonnou joui, asking him why should Japanese hate the foreigners. Okita answers, "Because they're bad people....? ...ehe....I dont actually quite understand,". Yamanami then explains about sonnou joui to Okita.

Isami and Hijikata are having lunch in a food shop, and Hijikata cant keep his eyes off of the pretty waitress^^;; Isami orders foods with eggs, but the owner said its out of order, an American named Heuskenm have bought all the eggs. Then, the owner and the waitress tells Isami and Hijikata about Heuskenm(secretary and interpreter for Townsend Harris, the first U.S. Consul-General in Japan), who has a Japanese woman staying at his house, cooking foods for him, and it seems like she is Heuskenm's lover.
Hijikata insist that they should take a peek at Heuskenm's house, he wants to know what kind of woman, his lover is. Isami reluctantly follow Hijikata and keep telling him, that they should go back. Hijikata said he is staying, Isami can go back alone.
Suddenly, three swords are aiming at them......

Isami and Hijikata are caught by those three men, who has been spying on Heuskenm's house. Suddenly, a man comes, and tells the other three to let go off Isami and Hijikata, coz they are his friends. Its Shinpachi Nagakura. Turns out, Nagakura and the other three are assasinators hired to kill Heuskenm for a large sum of reward. Isami doesn't want Nagakura to become a criminal, he pleads Nagakura to stop his bad intention. But, Nagakura do not want to listen.

On the way, Isami decides to warn Heuskenm of the danger to avoid the assassination. Hijikata feels that they should just ignore whatever Nagakura does. But, Isami insist they should wait for Heuskenm. Isami stop Heuskenm who is riding a horse, on the way. With body language, Isami tries to make Heuskenm understand that he should escape coz there are a group of men who wants to kill him. Turns out, Heuskenm speaks fluent Japanese. And they have a talk with Heuskenm. Isami clarified honestly that he actually hate him and Americans, he try to save him now, only because he dont want his friend, Nagakura, become a criminal. However, along the chat with Heuskenm, Isami learns that this foreigner is actually in love with Japan and also understand the spirit of Bushido. He also sincerely love the Japanese woman named Otomi staying at his house now. He said he is going back to his house even if those assasinators plans to kill him, coz he cannot leave Otomi alone.

Isami decides to help Heuskenm and talk to Nagakura first, try to make him understand that Heuskenm is actually a good man who loves Japan. Nagakura have no reaction to this, so Isami have no choice, he has to protect Heuskenm with his sword. Isami and Hijikata fights the assasinators, and to their surprise, Nagakura helps them fighting the other assasinators. They successfully defeat them and make them escaping from the place to save their lives. Then, Isami offers Nagakura to be a guest swordsman, and join Shieikan. Since, Nagakura have nowhere to go...he accept the offer and follow Isami and Hijikata to Shieikan....

Rate: B

Love the opening scenes between Isami and Tsune!!^-^ heehee...they're cute! And Tsune seems still so shy and awkward around Isami, but Isami tries his best to make Tsune feels comfortable. Kawaii and sweet!! Tsune looks really shiawase(happy) married to Isami and living in Shieikan....^^
On the sidetrack, from Mitsu's expressions, it seems like she's a bit unhappy, knowing all her works in Shieikan has been replaced by Tsune and Tsune seems doing it quite well....^^ That's not a wonder, since Mitsu has always been a Shieikan worker and also the lady who get to help Isami getting dressed and all....but, now its all replaced by Tsune, maybe she feels a bit left out^^;

Waai....Okita Souji is just getting more handsome by the episode!!^.^ Kakkkoooii! And, I'm a bit pleased that this Okita is quite the same with Okita character in Kaze Hikaru manga. He is always upset when he is not chosen to be the one who accompany or guard Isami to important places ^-^
While Hijikata really cracks me up, with his high interest in pretty women...haha, iyada! Such a playboy! x) He tells the pretty waitress' fortune by actually holding his hands and as if he's reading her palm lines and putting his charm on....haha, yeah right...!^^ He even asks Heuskenm whether American women is different with Japanese women and what they are like^^;;; tsk...tskk...tsk... Cant wait till Hijikata's love interest(fiancee?), Okoto, show up!!^^ Should be in episode 8!

Previous episode, Isami saved Saitou, this time its Nagakura. No wonder Shinsengumi members are very loyal and really respect Isami....did he save all Shinsen members before it join forces?? Hehee..... But anyway, I like this episode!! And the way Isami did the body language when he stop Heuskenm on the way, really cracks me up!!!*lol* Oh, the foreigner actor who acted as Heuskenm impressed me with his fluent Japanese and his quite good acting skill! Sugoi!