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Episode 7


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Title: Shuku 4-daime Shuumei (The 4th Generation of Shieikan's Owner's Celebration)
Broadcast Date: February 22nd, 2004
Ratings: 19.7%


A guy is sleeping on the grassland under the tree. It's Sanosuke Harada. He wakes up and feels hungry. From afar, he see a cheerful feast is held.

It's August 1861. Isami Kondou becomes the 4th owner of Shieikan, after his father, Shusuke. To celebrate the occasion, a ceremony takes place at a shrine in Fuchu with the followers of Tennen Rishin Ryu. As a ceremony, a mock battle is held by the followers who are divided into two groups. The Red group and the White group.
The Red group symbolizes Shieikan, and there are Hijikata, Nagakura, and Yamanami also Mitsu(Okita's older sister) as members. The Red group's taichou(leader) is a weak and extremely old man that don't know how to fight at all^^; Hijikata feels really worried about their taichou, but Yamanami assure him, all they have to do is just to keep attacking the White group, without giving them chance to enter Red group's area.
The White group symbolizes Shieikan's enemy. The White group's taichou is Hijikata's brother in law, Hikogoro Satou, who's just as weak as Red group's taichou ^_^;

Isami, Okita and Inoue do not join the battle. Isami with an extremely heavy war outfit, will command the battle's start. He cannot talk or move coz of the outfit, he even asks Inoue to scratch his itchy head ^_^;;
Heisuke Toudou, Okita's close friend from Itou dojo, comes to the ceremony, and Shusuke tells Toudou to join the Red group, Toudou feels really honored. While, Okita really wants to join the battle too....
Meanwhile, Hijikata's sister, Nobu Satou, has prepared watermelons for everybody to eat after the battle, so she forbid anyone to eat the watermelons until the battle ended. But one plate of watermelons dissappeared misteriously, she thought Isami and Inoue ate it....they denied it... Turns out, quietly, it was Harada who ate the watermelons ^-^
When drink is given to Shieikan disciples who would participate in the battle, suddenly Harada has already appeared right beside Nagakura, to ask for his drink portion too, complete with the red headband on his head. Nagakura ask, who he is. Harada lied, he is a friend of Shusuke, and was told to join the Red group^^

Isami start to stand up and lift his uchiwa signing the battle starts, follows by Inoue yelled, "Begin!!!!!!". The 2 groups are running towards each other and attack each other with their sticks. Nobu is yelling and supporting his husband's group. However, the White group is easily defeated by the strongest 5 members from the Red group: Hijikata, Yamanami, Nagakura, Toudou and Harada. Everyone is amazed with their swordskills, Shusuke is also stunned, "Sugee na....aitsura....(how amazing....those people...)". The White group is only left with the taichou, Hikogoro...and those 5 men keep moving forward. Hikogoro is panicked and keep saying chotto matte and all he can do is hide x)
Isami and Okita are not happy with this. The battle ended too soon. Then, Isami told Okita to help the White group. Okita excitedly said yes to that.

Before Nagakura do an act to Hikogoro, Okita yelled, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!!! Hikogoro-sama! I'll protect you!!!". The first one to face Okita is Harada, and he's easily defeated by Okita. Remotely, all four's faces turns really serious to know that they're facing a strong opponent. Next is Nagakura, but again...he is easily defeated. Toudou attack Okita after that, but Okita successfully defeat him. Its Yamanami's turn, tense surrounding the atmosphere, some people there can still remember vividly, the last time they had a match...Yamanami was the winner. Okita is seriously facing Yamanami, and they're having a tough match. However, it ends with Okita's victory.....Yamanami smiles.
Hijikata's turn......but before Hijikata start to attack, Okita mischeviously runs to the other direction. Hijikata is confused by his act, but soon realized that Okita's target is Red group's taichou! Hijikata is about to after him, when Hikogoro hold his both arms from the back, thus Hijikata is stopped. Okita easily defeated those who are protecting Red's taichou, including Mitsu, his sister.....then, the taichou himself.
White group wins!!^_^ Isami happily lift his uchiwa and yelled, "Soko madee......!!".

At night, Okita and Toudou are taking a walk on the street. Toudou is saying that he is impressed with Okita's swordskill, and he is envious of him, he said he wants to join Shieikan too. They stop on the bridge above the river. Toudou thinks a person like Okita should have no worries at all. But, Okita denied coz he actually have worries too......he is wondering when will people thought of him as a man and not as a kid anymore. Just like tonight's party, everyone is having fun in the geisha house, but he is not allowed to join. He is wondering in what age he will be a man. After those words, Okita slash a leaf on the tree till it falls off from its place, with his sword, and slash once again to the falling leaf's direction. When the leaf landed on the river's surface, it split into two, revealing Okita's shadow on the water.......

Tsune is alone with Fude in Shieikan. They're having dinner. She is wondering will everyone comes back tonight. Fude said, its impossible, coz they must be having fun with women now till tomorrow morning, at least, she is sure that his husband is...."......and yours...", Fude said. However Tsune is sure, Isami is not that kind of man..... Fude is tickled and laughing upon hearing this, "You dont know, that men are all the same??".

There's a party in a geisha house, all Shieikan people are celebrating. Shusuke and Hikogoro are dancing around with the women. Inoue and Nagakura are each accompanied by geisha and happily talks with them. Harada is simply going crazy with the women, and a geisha who accompany Yamanami seems so bored, as Yamanami keeps talking about politics, so she move to Isami with another geisha x) Isami is drawing a skull's face on the paper, the geisha who accompany him ask what drawing that is...he said, its just something he likes to draw when he was a kid, then he give the paper to her. Suddenly, Hikogoro and Sutesuke are pulling and forcing him to get up and dancing around, too. Isami reluctantly follow^^ Shieikan, Tsune is knitting something to an outfit......she has doubts for a moment...but then smile, and continue knitting......

Back in the geisha house, Shusuke have an announcement....and Inoue tells all the geisha ladies to exit the room for a moment. Shusuke announced to evryone that Isami, through Katsura Kogoro who introduced him, has been appointed by Chikaranosuke Matsudaira, to be a teacher at Kobusho(the official school of martial arts for samurai youths). Everyone is really pleased and excited with the news, and saying omedetou(congratulation) to Isami. However, Hijikata doesnt look like he's that happy...Hikogoro said, he should look more happy than this as his bestfriend achieved something great...Hijikata just smile wryly and exits the room...

Harada comes forward and pour sake to Isami and Shusuke's cups while saying omedetou. Yamanami ask Shusuke who this person is... Shusuke is strucked, "I dont know...Isami, is this your friend?". Isami is puzzled, "No...". Then, they start to realize, that no one knows who this person is........
"What are you up to?!?" Inoue and Yamanami are ready to pull off their swords. Harada said, he was really hungry this morning, and he happens to pass by the ceremony....besides there are foods available, he was also interested with the battle, so he just join...
Nagakura then remembered, "I know!!! You're one of the thief in Tama, 4 years ago!!". Isami is startled with this. Then, Harada said, " wonder you guys seems so familiar...sou ka, that time, it was all of you!". Mitsu said to Sutesuke, "He was the thief who robbed your family's property!!". Sutesuke then tries to attack Harada, but he easily get away from it, "Didn't I already told you guys that time? I'm not a thief!! And from now on, I am one of Shieikan's guest swordsman!". Inoue is upset, "How can you decide that by yourself??". But in the end.....Isami accept Harada as a guest swordsman.....

Hijikata is sitting outside and gazing at the moonlight. Shusuke sit right beside him. Hijikata said that he better go back to his hometown....since Isami doesn't need him anymore now...... He explains, that on this(pointing at the sword), Isami has Souji. And on this(pointing at his head), he already has Shusuke. Shusuke immediately says, that Hijikata is a different one...he is not to be Isami's someone, Hijikata is Hijikata. Shusuke said, he doesn't need to go back to his hometown...

Later Isami goes to Hijikata's sitting spot. Hijikata congratulate Isami about being Kobusho's teacher. He says he feels a bit envy, coz Isami is always few steps further than he is. Isami is the one who enters Shieikan first. Then he becomes the 4th Shieikan's owner and now, a Kobusho's teacher...while himself, no progress at all..... Isami said its not always good things he experienced, he feels that it seems his life path has been all decided for him, and he's not happy with that....
Suddenly, Isami is told that someone is looking for him. Turns out, its Ryouma Sakamoto.

Sakamoto comes to congratulate Isami. However, Isami and Ryouma begin to fight over a signed pact sealed with blood by Tosa Kinnou Party, group started by Ryouma's friend which seeks to kill foreigners in Japan in order to respect the Emperor's will. Sakamoto and Isami actually begins to have a real duel with real swords, with the condition, Sakamoto should cancel the signed pact, if Isami wins the duel. They, then, had a tough one time, Isami's sword nearly slash Sakamoto's stomach....Sakamoto knows if Isami seriously want to kill him, he's already dead by he admit defeat. And coz of the deep friendship between them, Ryouma do as he promised, he ripped off the signed pact, and walks off.

The next morning, Isami, Shusuke and Inoue comes home to Shieikan quietly. Isami said, "Tadaima modorimashita,(we are home)" in a small voice. However, suddenly, Tsune excitedly goes to the entrance and welcomes them back. Isami feels awkward...Tsune realizes something's wrong... Then, Fude walks to the entrance too, and smells Shusuke's clothes....she's also checking Inoue's smell and found a hickey on his neck x) Fude turns his gaze to Shusuke, then walks off, upsetly. Isami turns to Tsune, and found a really dissapointed face.....

Isami enters his room where Tsune has been waiting, sitting inside. Her expression is wry. Isami sits facing her. Tsune bows saying, "Gokurousama degozaimashita,". Isami just answers 'hai' to that. Then, Tsune gives out a neatly folded clothes to Isami, "Please, use this, if you like it,". Isami open the folds and found a skull-shaped knitted to the clothes....Isami is stunned, "You knitted this yourself?". Tsune, almost in tears, said, "I thought you like it so much, so...". Isami is really pleased and smile. Tsune, in tears, is about to takes back the knitted clothes, "I'm sorry, if the skull-shape is weird...I'll....", before she finish her words, Isami hold both her arms......then he embrace her, hugs comfort and thanked her, to make her feel secured. Tsune's tears is flowing even driftly now. Then, Isami put the clothes around Tsune, and hugs her again. This time, Tsune smiles. Isami also smiles.......

Rate: A

This is definitely one of my most favorite episode!!^O^ Sukiiiiiiiii~~!!!! The mock battle is really cool! How Okita defeated Harada, Toudou, Nagakura and Yamanami are simply cool! Kakkoi! Sugoooi!!^^d However....I'm very much dissapointed...there is no "Hijikata vs Okita" =( I have always wanna know who's stronger between these 2 1858, Okita still wins over Hijikata.....I want to know, after 3 years...will Okita still wins over Hijikata...?? Mitai, ne... Well, I just hope there will be an episode which show Hijikata vs Okita duel match =P

The scene where Okita slash the leaf is plain kakkoooi!!!!!!^.^ Its, hontou ni, really cool!!^^

I'm impressed with Yousuke Eguchi's acting! He really built a strong character for Ryouma Sakamoto! I've seen few of his dramas....and I've also seen the real Eguchi in variety shows, and so I know, he acted the character perfectly well^^ He created a different gesture, way of talk, attitudes, hometown dialect for Sakamoto, and its just really different from his other roles I've ever seen!! Sugoi!! Sasuga veteran actor, Eguchi-san wa!^.^ I think, Sakamoto has become one of my favorite character in this serial, too! However....his swordfighting style is kinda stiff...hehee....well, cant blame him, I'm sure, he never has kendo lessons before...=P

Kimeta'!! So far, Hijikata is my most favorite character in Shinsengumi!!!^____^ With Isami as a close 2nd...! I have no explanations for this, coz there's just something with the Hijikata played by Kouji Yamamoto, that attracted me much...his character is just so interesting! And adorable, too!!^.^
While, on Isami....I'm really taken with the way he treats his wife!!!*v* Sooooo yasashii, so nice, so kind, so tender, so gentle!!!!! He is like, every woman's ideal husband-type!! xD Waaai......the last scene of this episode is just soooooo sweet and probably the most romantic scene there is, so far, in the serial!!^o^ I taped the episode, and I think I've repeated that last scene for umph-teens times already!!!^____^ Sugoku romanchiku!! Love it!

Overall, its one of favorite episode of mine!! Never bored to re-watch this episode till now....=P

Can't wait for next week's episode! Isami's wife is pregnant and he touch her big belly....kawaii!!!^^ Plus! Hijikata's love interest appear!! A romantic plot for Hijikata! I've been really looking forward for real-ly-can-not-wait!!!!!^-^