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Episode 8


Title: Dounaru Nippon (What Will Japan Be)
Broadcast Date: February 29th, 2004
Ratings: 18.5%


May, 1862. Another morning at Shieikan. Isami, Hijikata, Okita with the guest swordsmen are all having breakfast together. Everyone is a bit surprised that Harada doesn't eat beans...he said, its because there's no beans in his hometown. This leads a light conversation about beans among them. In Yamanami's hometown, people eat beans with sugar, this triggered shock reactions from the others, Hijikata stated its the first time he hears about this.
While they're all excitedly talking about beans, Toudou Heisuke comes, and Okita tells him to wait outside for a moment. But, Isami remotely ask, "Aren't you Toudou-san?". Toudou seems stunned. Okita explained to Isami, that since his dojo is on a break, Toudou comes visit. Isami continue, "We're having breakfast now. Please, come join us!". Then, Isami tells Tsune to prepare another plate for Toudou.

Later, Okita and Toudou are talking at the training hall. Toudou tells Okita that now he really wants to join Shieikan, coz he thinks that Isami is really a great person, after talking to him this morning. "What makes you think that??" Okita excitedly ask. "He remembers my name!!". Okita is not as excited anymore, "Just because of that....?". Toudou tells him that his sensei never remember his name, always use 'that one over there' or 'you' or 'second from the right' to call him ^_^;; Okita then agrees Toudou joining Shieikan and will help him, "....but, what would your sensei think?".

Isami is about to head for Kobusho, as he has been appointed as a teacher there. Before leaving, Shusuke gives Isami money to give it to Chikaranosuke Matsudaira, to make sure that Isami will be a permanent teacher there.
Tsune sees Isami off. Isami tells her not to work too hard. Smiling, he stroke Tsune's big belly, "I've already think of the baby's name. I'll name it after my hometown, Tama. If its a boy, Tamao. If its a girl, Tama.". Tsune is very happy to hear that. "Ittekimasu!", Isami leaves.

Okita and Toudou are asking Nagakura to help them, going to Itou dojo, and pleads Toudou's sensei, to let Toudou join Shieikan. "Please, Nagakura-san! Come with us," Okita begs. Harada who is just having a non-chalant time lying on the floor, suddenly say, "Should I come with you?". But, Okita and Toudou ignores him and keep begging Nagakura, who is a bit pesimistic about it.... But, he agrees to help, anyway...
In Itou dojo, Toudou's sensei, Ookura Itou(later known as Kashitarou Itou, one of Shinsengumi member), rejected Toudou's request to join Shieikan. But then, Nagakura comes forward, and challenge Ookura that if Shieikan's Okita Souji wins over an Itou disciple, he should let Toudou join Shieikan. Ookura ask Okita, "You have confidence to win over my best disciple?". Okita nods to that confidently. Ookura accepts the challenge. Toudou looks worried....

Hijikata visits his older sister, Satou Nobu's residence, reluctantly. Nobu apologize to Hijikata, to make him to come all the way here. Hijikata told her to drop the omiai(arranged marriage) subject on him. He has told her numerous of times, that he doesn't like this omiai thing. Nobu tells him, that its just this one time, coz the one who ask for this arranged meeting is Tamejiro(Nobu & Hijikata older brother)'s friend, and she'd feel uneasy to reject Tamejiro's friend's omiai request. The girl is Tamejiro's friend's daughter.

Meanwhile, Isami visits Kobusho and meets Chikaranosuke Matsudaira. Isami gives Matsudaira money under the table. Isami is assured to become a permanent teacher at Kobusho, but he later finds that the lessons at Kobusho lack the spirit...

The duel between Okita and Itou's disciple starts. Ended with Okita's victory. Toudou yelled happily, "Yatta!!". Ookura seems stunned with Okita's swordskill...

In the Satou residence, Hikogoro(Nobu's husband), introduce Hijikata to the girl's side, "This is Toshizou, my brother-in-law, single and joining Shieikan dojo now,". Hijikata bows reluctantly, "Hijikata Toshizou desu...". Hikogoro also introduce the young lady to Hijikata. The lady bows, "Okoto desu...". She keeps looking down since the beginning, but now she lift her head. Hijikata is a bit stunned with her beauty...

In Itou dojo, Ookura stated that he will keeps his promise and let Toudou join Shieikan, however he wants Okita to stay at Itou dojo for substitute. Nagakura, Okita and Toudou are surprised, "That's not the deal!". Ookura insist. Okita rejected saying, "I do not need a sensei who cannot even remember people's names,". Ookura kneels down before Okita, "Okita Souji...". Okita is speechless. Ookura keep insisting and tells them that their conversation is enough for today.
Suddenly, the Itou disciple Okita won over, reminds Ookura that this is not the deal and no matter what, he has promised to let Toudou join Shieikan if they win the duel, without any other conditions, he thinks Ookura should keep his words. Ookura is taken with these words....then agrees, without words and just leave the training hall. Okita and Toudou smiles happily. Nagakura nods to the Itou disciple, thanking him.

Hijikata and Okoto are taking a walk together outside. "Okoto-san, is it?", "Hai!" Okoto answers. "Let me tell you from the start, that although they have introduced us, to get married....but, I wont agree to that. I wont marry you. I do not want to get married,". Okoto seems dissapointed.
They stop by the river's shore. Hijikata is throwing little rocks to the river, "I hope you understand about this....". She ask, "Do you hate me?". "Didn't I tell you, that's not the case??". "Please, if you detest me, say it clearly! I'd be relief here, too!" Okoto looks a bit upset. "Its not like that.... Okoto-san have an attitude, that's why you shines beautifully.....I like that kind of woman. But, I do not want to get married....that's all...". Okoto asks, "Forever?". Hijikata is not answering. Okoto continues, "I knew it. So, you hate me, don't you?", "I've told you, that's not the case....", "Then, please, tell me, what do you like from me?" Okoto walks off a bit further from Hijikata.
Hijikata is gazing at Okoto's back, and suddenly his eyes looks attracted to something. "Your neck is really white," he walks closer to her...."You have a nice smell.." he is right at her back and his face gets nearer to her neck and shoulder area. "Okoto-san's smell makes one's heart calm,".........."Okoto-san's smell makes one's heart peaceful,"........Hijikata's face keeps getting closer to hers, then he embrace her tightly, "Okoto-san's smell is......".....Hijikata take her whole body down on the grass...........
[Author's note: Next thing happen? ....ehem....please use your own imagination x)]

Tsune is waiting for Isami on the dojo's entrance. Isami comes, and she tells him that someone has been waiting for him.
The man waiting for Isami comes from the British Legation telling Isami, that he has been waiting for the medicine to arrive, but it is not arrived till now. He has ordered 30 of it. Isami is puzzled, "What medicine? This is a kenjutsu dojo...". Then the man takes out a crumpled paper written "Ishida Sanyaku" on it......

There are boxes of Hijikata's Ishida Sanyaku since this morning in the dojo. So, Isami ask Inoue and Harada's help to take those to the British Legation with him. Mitsu insist to join them, too. She wants to see the British men's looks.

Isami talks to Matsumoto, the man in charge in the British Legation. However, Matsumoto never ordered the medicine and tells Isami to go back home. And tells him, that the man who just visited Shieikan, Ito Gunbei, indeed cannot be trusted....and that Isami should be aware of that man....

Isami tells the news to Inoue, Harada and Mitsu, they're all dissapointed. Its raining, when they're about to go back, so they decided to wait there for awhile. Suddenly, two British sailors passing by, and they are interested in Mitsu's beauty. The British sailors are talking in english, but Mitsu's guess on what they said awkwardly precise^^;; The sailors tells them to drink together.
They are having fun with the British sailors. Mitsu and Harada are heavily drunk, and so are the British sailors. Harada even sings a Japanese song and tells those sailors to sing it, too.

All the while, Ito Gunbei have been watching this sight, from outside. And he flared up upon seeing Isami-tachi's chumminess with those British. He, then, comes inside....and out of nowhere, he suddenly stab one of the sailor with his sword. Everyone is shocked. Isami immediately reacted to this. Gunbei chase the other sailor outside, and Isami tried to stop him. But its too late...Gunbei killed the other sailor, too. Isami try to wake the dead sailor, but to no avail. Isami looks angry, upset, sad, in despair, dissapointed......then, he scream as loud as he can, in the middle of the hard rain, trying to beat the rain's sound..... And Isami's heart is asking, "What will this homeland be?".............

Rate: B

Great episode!!^.^ Mostly, I would always remember this episode as the Hijikata-Okoto episode......hahaa!!(sumimasen, I'm a sucker of J-drama romance! x))

I looove the opening scene...where the [Shinsen members]-to-be are all having breakfast and chit-chatting a light and a bit funny conversation!!^^ It really showed their friendship...^_^

I come to like Toudou too, now!!^.^ He looks really innocent and nice! But, mostly, I like his gives him chances to have more innocently funny dialogues^^;;

Waaaii!!! Soooo cute, to see Isami stroking Tsune's big belly!!^o^ Can't wait till the baby gets born! hehee.....its Shingo Katori's first time ever, to play a role that is married and have a birth child, a fan, I find this interesting to look forward too =P Shingo Papa!^-^*lol*

Hijikata and Okoto's scene is shocking, for me! Haha.....its their first meet....and yet, Hijikata ALREADY take her whole body down on the grass?!?*lol* Iyada ne...xD However, I'm a bit unsatisfied with the actress casted as Okoto....turns out, she is not that pretty, afterall.....and she is too tall, same height as Yamamoto Kouji(Hijikata)....and they just doesn't look quite compatible. Plus, there's nothing interesting with Okoto's character....=( Hopefully, all these will change as soon as I see more of her...^^

Kashitarou(Ookura) Itou, Toudou no sensei, wa kekko kakkoi yo! I was excited upon knowing that Tanihara Shosuke acted as Kashitarou Itou. I have always like him, after I saw him in some dramas. And he does suitable for plain characters like Kashitarou^^ However, I was a bit eeks too......since in KazeHikaru manga, Kashitarou Itou was described as a beautiful man(bishonen), AND openly homosexual(althou he is married)! xD ...who usually harass Hijikata...*lol*... But, I wouldn't know whether NHK's Kashitarou will also be described as a homosexual man or not....hopefully not....x) It creates funny scenes in a manga, but I dont think it would be the same for a live-action drama xD

Harada cracks me a lot, on his drunk scene with the British sailors!! Chooo funny!!!^o^ But, oh-my-God, could those British actors BE any worse in acting?!? Their acting are HORRIBLE!!!! What the--? Did Mitani Koki just randomly pick British men on the street and casted them for the drama??? I mean, at least, he can find British men who has decent, so-so acting....not as bad as this!!O_O >=( Oh, well.....

Below are just unnecessary rants, please just skip.....hehee....x)
Okay, I just have to get this out here, sumimasen....aaarrrghhhh!!!!!!!! Am getting inpatient here, waiting for Yuuka to come out!!! When, when, when? Yuuka is one of my most favorite actress and am really looking forward for her performance in this drama. But, as far as episode 12(from NHK synopsis), there's still no signs she will show up! This reeeaaally made me wonder! Since, from previews...its obviously, Miyuki Dayuu(Yuuka's role) is the female lead. In the pers conference, Yuuka sits RIGHT beside Shingo Katori, the leading role. In Shinsengumi book, there are 6 actors who got special interviews section and Yuuka is the only female actress who got the 'special interview' section, the other 5 are male actors. But, up to ep12, she hasnt show up yet?? Shinjirarenai nee...... This reminds me of some of Jin Yong(chinese #1 wuxia-novel writer)'s epic novels......the heroine of the novel won't appear until the 13th-18th chapter out of 40 chapters...x) Maybe, that's the case for Miyuki Dayuu, too? I really hope she'd show up in episode 13...coz by the end of episode 12, Tsune and Okoto bid farewell to Isami and Hijikata, who are heading Kyoto with the other 11 men.....^-^ ....hopefully.....