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Episode 9


Title: Subete wa Kono Tegami (Everything is In The Letter)
Broadcast Date: March 7th, 2004
Ratings: 19.8%


January 1863....
A little baby covered with blankets lying on the tatami. It's Isami and Tsune's baby daughter, Tama, who was just born few months ago. Isami leans over to Tama and gently press his cheek against the baby's cheek for a few secs. Then, he gets up, smiling, "Father is going now...".
Tsune sees Isami off outside. Isami is going to Kobusho with Toudou Heisuke, today is his first day to teach kendo at Kobusho.

Tsune serves breakfast for Okita, Yamanami, Nagakura and Harada. Okita is wondering where Hijikata is, Tsune said he has left in the early morning. "Hee....lately, he always goes out frequently, ne..." Okita said. Harada believes it must because of a woman...
On the bridge, Hijikata sees Okoto is happily throwing little rocks to the river. She notice Hijikata's there, then wave to him excitedly. Hijikata just smile, then walk forward.....

Tsune ask for Mitsu and Okita Rintarou(Mitsu's husband)'s help to take care of Tama, while she's going out to visit her parents in law(Shusuke and Fude)'s house.

At Kobusho, suddenly Isami is told that he is no longer a Kobusho's teacher, and it was Matsudaira Chikaranosuke's words. Isami is shocked and ask them to confirm to Chikaranosuke once again, coz its very clear that he was appointed to teach at Kobusho several months ago.... However, the result is still a 'no'......
Inside, Chikaranosuke is talking to Sasaki Tadasaburo. He just got the information that Isami Kondou was born in Tama, a farmer's birth son. In an underestimating tone, "We can't let him stay here to teach...its going to be a farmer kenjutsu dojo, what a joke!".

Mitsu is trying to stop Tama from crying, she tried everything to stop her cry, but none worked. She ask Yamanami to carry Tama for awhile, but he refused, he said he's not good with babies. Harada offered Mitsu to let him carry Tama, but Mitsu think impossible for him to stop Tama from crying. Then, Harada showed his scar on his belly to Tama....then, Tama amazingly stop crying and looking at the scar ^_^ (note: Tama is such a cute baby!!^o^)

Mitsu told Rintarou to join Shieikan pupils to train under Okita's lead. Okita start the training and teach them Tennen Rishin Ryuu's stance position. Stick is straight to the front, with their body leans to the left a bit, right foot and left foot forming a 90 degrees angle to the left. However, Rintarou takes the stick along to the left. Okita tells him, that its wrong, he should positioned his stick still straightly to the front. Rintarou keeps doing the same mistake... Mitsu then calls Okita to come over for a moment....
Mitsu tells Okita to carry Tama, and she stops crying, reaching on Okita's face. "Why are you so good at that?" Mitsu asked him, referring to Okita's nature with little kids, including babies.

Nagakura takes over the training hall. He tells the pupils the right stance position, and he tells them according to Shindo Munen Ryuu...his origin kenjutsu style. Nagakura criticize Rintarou's position as a bad stance position, which is actually what Okita has taught him earlier...its a Tennen Rishin Ryuu's stance^^;

Dissapointed, Isami is about to go back to Shieikan with Toudou, when suddenly he meets again Sakamoto Ryoma on the street. Isami ask Sakamoto, how's the Tosa plan going...Sakamoto said, there is no longer Tosa clan. Recently, he has been hanging out frequently with Katsu Kaishuu, the Shogun’s direct retainer who found the Shogun’s navy.

Hijikata's head is lying on Okoto's lap. He tells her how everyone at Shieikan make a big fuss about the bakufu and all, and how he feels peaceful now here. Okoto said, that her mother asks to bring Hijikata over to her house sometime. Hijikata tells her, that he has already told her from the start, he's not going to marry her. Okoto said yes to that, however she thinks that was a long ago. They have been meeting a lot in this one year, their relationship have to develope anyway. Hijikata still holds his principal, "Afterall, isn't it better if our relationship stay like this?". Okoto is really dissapointed.....they get into a little fight, then Hijikata leaves her......

Back in Shieikan, this time, Yamanami takes over the training hall. He teach the pupils the Itou stance position, one of them, is to move the stick a bit. Okita, who is carrying Tama on his back, comes to the training hall and calls over Yamanami. He said, a man named Yamaoka Tetsutaro is looking for him. Yamanami leaves the hall....when Okita is about to leave the hall, too...he takes a glance to Rintarou, "Wait, wait...that's not what I taught, haven't I told you several times?! And what is that stance?? Kakko warui jannai ka??(such a bad position..)". Then, Rintarou gives up......^-^;;;

Sakamoto brings Isami and Toudou to Katsu's house, which has lots of Western furnitures inside, including sofa, dining table, etc. Isami is amazed with all the Western stuff. Sakamoto also showed Isami, the globe...Isami do not understand. Sakamoto tells him, that its the world and the little islands he pointed, is Japan. Isami still do not understand ^-^;
Then, Katsu show up and serve them champagne. Isami ask them where did Sakamoto and Katsu meet. Katsu tells Isami, their first meet is a bit funny, there was a misunderstood. Later, Sakamoto tells Isami, that Katsu is Sakuma Shozan's brother in law.

Tsune visits Shusuke and Fude's house, and finds Inoue Genzaburou in the backyard, sweeping. Shusuke and Fude moved to another house several months ago, due to Fude's unhappiness to the new people(aka guest swordsmen), who keeps coming to Shieikan. Tsune meets Shusuke and gives him a basket of oranges, and tells him to eat it together with Fude. Tsune also shows Tama's hand print on a paper. Shusuke gives Tsune a mochi cake to give it to Isami later...

In Katsu's house, Isami and Toudou are served champagne in Western glasses. Toudou throw up the champagne, it seems he cannot stand the hard taste. Katsu and Sakamoto are laughing at Toudou. Sakamoto ask Isami, whether he's okay. Isami said he has once drink champagne at the British Legation.
Sakuma Shozan comes to the house. And, Sakamoto tells him, that Isami Kondou is here. Sakuma said, he do not know who he is. "Sensei...!! He's one of the young lad who joined us to see the Kurofune 9 years ago!" Sakamoto reminds him. "I dont usually remember people's face," Sakuma said ignorantly.

Tsune is back to Shieikan and thanked Mitsu and Okita for taking care of Tama, while she's gone. Yamanami ask whether Isami is already home...Okita tells him, Isami is not back yet. Then, Yamanami calls Tsune to come for a moment.
Yamanami writes a letter and tell Tsune to give the letter to Isami. The letter contains information on the establishment of roushigumi in Kyoto, which news he just received from the man named Yamaoka Tetsuro.
Tsune doesn't look happy with this......

Back to Sakamoto-tachi's place...Isami is telling Sakamoto how he is appointed by Matsudaira Chikaranosuke to teach at Kobusho several months ago, and suppose to start to teach today, but suddenly told that he is no longer a Kobusho's teacher. Isami is really upset and ask them, if they might know what is wrong. Katsu then, tells Isami, that Chikaranosuke suddenly dont want him to teach at Kobusho anymore, because of Isami's earlier status. Isami was born in a farmer's class in Tama, not born as a samurai. Chikaranosuke holds the principal that a farmer would never be a samurai. Isami is shocked with this, and together with Toudou, he runs back to Kobusho.

Hijikata, who's just walking on the bridge, stopped by a group of men, leads by Okoto's older brother. Okoto's brother thinks Hijikata just want to play around with his sister, so he has to get what he deserved. Okoto's brother tells his men to beat him up. Hijikata do not fight back. Okoto comes running, and shocked to see Hijikata is being beaten, she's about to stop them, but her brother holds her back. Then, Okoto's brother tells his men to stop, and leave the place. And drag Okoto along, while Okoto keep staring to her back, not saying anything...but her face expressing sorry to Hijikata....

Isami arrive at Kobusho. And coincidentally, finds Chikaranosuke walking exits the training hall. Isami calls him loudly, "Matsudaira-sama!!!!!", and runs towards him, but is stopped by Chikaranosuke's men. "It's true, that I was born in a Tama farmer family!!! But, I am, now, a Tennen Rishin Ryuu follower, the 4th generation Shieikan's owner!!! I am now Kondou Shuusai's son!!! I'm a samurai!! Matsudaira-sama!!!!!". Chikaranosuke glance at him cynically, ignores him and just goes inside. Sasaki is out and tells Chikaranosuke's men to let go Isami and Toudou. Sasaki then, kneels before Isami. Isami tells Sasaki in a small voice, "Sasaki-sama.....I am a samurai...". Sasaki shake his head, "You were born as a farmer, not a samurai...".

Mitsu and Tsune are in a room, putting Tama into bed. Tsune tells Mitsu, that Yamanami all think about is the bakufu problems. While, Tsune only wants to lead a peaceful life together with Isami and the baby. Mitsu suggested Tsune, to hide the letter from Isami, and not to tell him about the letter.

Okita and Nagakura are playing (jap traditional)chess, with Toudou and Harada watching them playing. Hijikata is back, with bruises on his face. Okita ask him what happened. But Hijikata is not answering... Toudou then ask Nagakura where he has been today(coz earlier, together with Isami, Toudou found Nagakura working as labour, building a house with other few men). However, Nagakura is not giving a straight answer. Harada jumps in, "You're not asking about me?". "ahh...Harada-san wa?" Toudou asked. "Me?? I'm eating such great foods today!". Okita mumbles, "Sanosuke-san is the type that always relaxing all day, ne...". It strucked Harada, "Sou ka? Sou desu life has always been like that.....if I think of it, I never had meaningful incidents nor anything that worried me in my life,". "I envy you!" Okita said.

Isami tells Tsune to sit in front of him. Isami tells her, that he has failed to become a Kobusho teacher, it seems no matter what, he can never do something great in his life, he hopes that Tsune feels alright to have a husband that cannot do anything great. Tsune says, all that matters for her, is Isami and their child leads a good life together with her. Isami is touched with that, and tells her, that they should take Tama someday to hanami(to see and enjoy sakura's beauty). Tsune is really happy to hear that, she's about to leave to prepare dinner, but she stopped and goes back to the room, "Is there anything you want for dinner tonight?". Isami answers, "Anything would be fine..", "Please, just say it, anything," Tsune insist. "Jaa....fuwafuwa tamago(note: a kind of egg cooks),". "Hai!".

Tsune is holding the letter from Yamanami, and is now assured, that she should just hide it from Isami. She keep the letter inside the cabinet together with the mochi cake from Shusuke. Then she goes to the market and runs back to Shieikan bringing a basket of eggs. She bumped someone and falls.....she immediately check the eggs, then smile relieved to see the eggs are okay.

Isami and Hijikata are in the training hall. Isami tells Hijikata that he always admire Sakamoto and Katsura Kogoro, who always discussing and care about the country's situation, and they are able to serve and do something for the country. He wants that too, he really wants to be able to serve the country, to serve the Shogun. When he was appointed as a Kobusho teacher, he was so excited and thought that at last, he can serve the country with this, he feels he has find his life path. But now its all gone, his hopes are all gone, his paths are all gone...
Hijikata is not saying any words, just listening to his bestfriend's sorrow... Isami gaze at Hijikata, "Your face really bruised badly, na?!". "No need to talk about me...", "What happened? Got into a fight again, huh? Coz of woman?", "I told you, dont talk about me...!".

Harada looks for Tsune in Tama's room, to ask for foods. Tsune is not in the room, so he search around....and finds the mochi cake in the cabinet. He excitedly takes it away, unaware that he left the cabinet open, and the letter is halfway out of the cabinet........

Tsune is working hard, cooking for Isami....

Isami is in Tama's room now. He keeps staring at Tama. Tama lift her hand tries to reach his father. Isami smile, then he lies besides her, coindentally bump on the cabinet, and the letter falls off its place...right in front of Isami....
Isami takes the letter, read it...........and.............he is stunned......!!
He rush off to the kitchen and excitedly ask Tsune, "Tsune!! What is this??". Tsune is shocked, she doesnt know what to say. "This letter...?!?". Then Tsune says, "I've forgotten!!!! Sumimasen(sorry)!!". Isami hugs Tsune happily, "Tsune, do you know?! With this......I have found my own path!! The path I'm gonna choose!". "I'm going now!" but Isami see the mixed eggs Tsune just made, so he hesitates. But Tsune immediately says, "Okiotsukete(pls, becareful)!". Isami smiles, then he runs outside............on the bridge, he jump and shouts excitedly!

Rate: B+

Great one!^-^ I, especially, loooooove the last scenes!! The BEST scene next to Ikedaya Jihen, I think! The way Isami finds the letter is really interesting!!! And also what makes these scenes one of the best are Shingo Katori and Tomoko Tabata's great acting performances!! Tsune really kawaii sou... =( And I thought, Isami is going to get angry to Tsune for hiding the letter! But what happened, is the other way around, ne! xD I really have nothing more to say....just love these last scenes very much!!^-^

Tama is such a cute, cuuuute baby!!!! Feel like grabbing those chubby cheeks!!^o^ And really cute to see Okita is able to take care Tama very well!!^-^ And I love Isami and Tama's scenes....father-baby daughter just looks so kawaiii and peaceful together! Love it, love it!!^-^

I think I come to dislike Okoto >=\ Sumimasen for fans....but the girl cannot act! And Okoto is the easily-cried type of girl....suki jannai! Gosh, I think Hijikata should go back together with Oshizu, the girl who slapped Isami in the 1st episode x) Althou, she's not that great either, but at least, better than wheepy-Okoto >=( I really hope Okoto's character grows later...if she keeps like that...I cannot enjoy Hijikata's romance scenes anymore.....=(

Again....Shingo's acting performance, when Isami shout out at Chikaranosuke, that he is now a samurai...really touched me *_* Great performance! Hmm...since Hijikata is not as adorable as he used to be in this episode, I feel that my ichiban in Shinsengumi has turned to Isami.....haha! But, wait...I also come to like Okita very, VERY much too!!! Doshio?? xD Maybe, I should watch the whole serial first, before I decide who's my most, most favorite figure in Shinsengumi...tee-hee... But, for the meantime, you dont mind to see my ichiban in Shinsengumi keep changing from time to time, right?? hehe....=P

One thing made me wonder...its a bit strange that things made as if Isami's future depends on the letter. Isnt the letter is a message from Yamanami? Yamanami lives in Shieikan, desho? So, there should be no effect whether Tsune give the letter to Isami or not. Isami will eventually meet Yamanami the next day, and he would surely ask Isami about the letter, desho? And he'd eventually tells Isami about the news, anyway, sooner or later. So back to the beginning, what Yamanami writes the letter for? He'll meet Isami anyway, in the next day...? Or did I miss something here? Is it because Yamanami is going somewhere immediately that day, so he will have no chance to talk to Isami the next few days? I hope I DO miss something here...coz if not, Mitani Koki wrote quite -doesnt make sense- scenes here...., althou doesnt make sense, but it surprisingly turns out good...heehee....^-^

Another thing I've pondered for awhile now.....its a bit -not- belivable that most of the Shinsengumi-to-be members, except Isami, doesn't seem to care about their government's recent situation. A bit strange, no? All Hijikata (the Vice Commander-to-be) thinks about is-women. All Okita (the 1st regime captain-to-be) thinks about is-his swordskill. All Harada (the 10th regime captain-to-be) thinks about is-foods. From 9 eps, its obvious, only Isami who cares....everytime Isami tells Hijikata that he cares about this and that, Hijikata thinks otherwise, to just drop it out. These kind of people who's gonna be Shinsengumi most prominent members?O_o Oh, well....another exception, is Yamanami, i guess...=P He cares about the government TOO much, actually...hehe... I just felt a bit strange, that's all...not that it doesnt make sense^^ Maybe they'll grow, once they join the Roshigumi? Haha....this is what happened when one watch TOO MANY Shinsengumi!!!^______^ Too many rewatching....made me pondered on a lot of details in the drama ^_^;;