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My Japan Trip

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Just got back from Japan!!^.^ I went from August 21st to August 31st, 2004! Tokyo and Sapporo! Too bad, I didnt get the chance to go to Kyoto nee....=(

Anyway, I saw ALOT in Japan!!!!^o^ I went to NHK Studio Park in Shibuya....and WOW!!! So many cute Shinsengumi stuffs are selling! I rode a "Shinsengumi" train in Hokkaido! And I saw Shingo Katori(Isami Kondou's actor) with my own eyes for 75 minutes! Cant believe my own luck!! xD

Wahhh....i love NHK Studio Park!!! Its a public place where people can buy kawaii NHK souvenirs, such as Shinsengumi stuffs, and other NHK programs' stuffs. I bought this kawaii, kawaii chibi-Hijikata keitai strap!!!^o^ Cho kawaiiii!!! My brother got the chibi-Kondou one^^ There are sooooo many Shinsengumi stuffs!! Feel like buying them all!!! xD

Anyway, I went from Tokyo to Sapporo, by changing trains 3 times. It took 9,5 eternity hours to get to Sapporo station!!!~_~ But then, when I arrived at Hakodate station, in Hokkaido. I was shocked!! ehhhhh.....Hijikata and Okoto's faces on the train??? SUGOOOOIII!!! Kakkooooii!!! I was so excited, to know im riding a "Shinsengumi" train!! hehee.... But damn! I didnt get to amaze and enjoy the view of the train's painting for enough time, and didnt get to take photos either....coz i only got 7 minutes, before the train start to depart for Sapporo x) inside the train...there are Shinsengumi posters framed in every car!! I got to shoot that with my handycam!!^____^ Such a sugoooooi thing, there's a so-called "Shinsengumi" train!! Oh....and I saw the train on the next platform, was also painted Shinsengumi characters!!
heee......are all the trains in Hokkaido, painted "Shinsengumi"??? Sugooooiiiii!!!!!^o^


I saw Shingo Katori from this live program variety TV show filming in the studio(called Waratte Ii Tomo), who has audience in the show. I just tried queueing for the Cancel Machi tickets, free tickets....that if some of the main audience do not attend, and there seats available...Cancel Machi persons, have chances to get in. That day, there 7 seats available....and from 20 people who took Cancel Machi....the numbers was draw......and suddenly, my number is called!!!O_O Yattaaaa!!! Sugoi! I really cant believe my own luck!! I get to stare at my dearly ichiban for 75 minutes, from a relatively near distance....since the studio is not so big, relatively small. And that's my first time too, see Shingo Katori LIVE!!!^^ Sutekiiii na kimochi! Ha....and I wonder if I got into the TV....since the camera also shoot the audience....heehee....xD
Shingo Katori wears Ninja Hattori costume in the show....due to his latest movie promotion, NINxNIN ~Ninja Hattori-kun The Movie~ ^_^