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~Little Souji's Tale~


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This is such a lovely and cute story about little Okita!!^_^ I simply love this story and decided to put this up on the website. However, I dunno which section I should include this I just made up a new section, instead ^_^
The story is taken from Kaze Hikaru manga, so I simply just re-written it a detailed synopsis.
Okita's family background is totally reliable, I'm sure it is based on history facts. However....I wont guarantee on the detailed dialogues....^_^
I also put up young Isami-Hijikata-Okita's pics from the NHK version. Coz even thou the story is from a manga...I can practically imagine it with these NHK faces. Coz both NHK and KazeHikaru manga's characters and plot are quite similar!^_^


Summer, 1842
Soujiro Okita is born as the eldest son of Katsujiro Okita's family. Katsujiro Okita is a low-class daimyou's servant, in the Shirakawa province, Asabu. Katsujiro actually comes from a samurai-class family.
By that time, the heir of a family can only be a male. After giving birth to 2 daughters, Mitsu and Kin, only 8 years later they have another descendant...and how happy they are knowing it is a baby boy.

But the happiness didnt last long. In winter the next year, Katsujiro died coz of a disease. Soujiro was only 2 years old. Too small to continue his father's work, the Okita family lost their only income. So, they move to their mother's hometown, Hino village.
They have much troubles in financial matters...since there are only 3 females, and a little boy.

Then a proposal offer comes for Mitsu. Mitsu's uncle tells their mother, "Ane-ue.....he's not a farmer, he is the 3rd son of the village's samurai. He knows your family's condition, at least, for marriage...."
Mrs. Okita's eyes widened, "Marriage?!? Mitsu is only 14 years old!!!"
"But ane-ue....until when you will live poor like this?"
Mitsu: Mother, its alright for me....
Mrs. Okita: Mitsu?!?
Mitsu: Oji-san...please, accept the proposal offer....the Okita family needs a male to become the head of family. To be able to take care Soujiro in a better environment, its my pleasure to accept this proposal....(smiling)"

The man-to-be-wed to Mitsu, turns out is a very, very kind, gentle and nice man. His name is Rintarou Inoue, 21 years old, after marriage, he change his name to Rintarou Okita and becomes the head of the family.
Unfortunately, Rintarou is way too nice, and he's not really smart in trading Okita family's financial condition is not getting better, and it gets worse.

In the family, it is Mitsu who always yelled at Soujiro and scold him. Mrs. Okita, Kin and also Rintarou always spoil Soujiro. So he became really spoiled, just like a little king in the family.

Soujiro: Waaaa.....Kin-neesan kireeei!(you're so beautiful!)
Kin: arigatou, Soujiro...
Mitsu: Kin-neesan will marry a great samurai from Edo!
Soujiro: Edo?! So we wont meet again??
Kin: Sou....*teary eyes*
Soujiro: *crying* Waaa.....Kin-neesan!!! Dont leave! (hugging Kin)
Kin: Oh, should I just refuse this proposal? I also dont want to be apart from Soujiro!
Mitsu: Dont be stupid! When you have a child of your will forget about Soujiro!
Soujiro: Heee...??? Kin-neesan will love someone else more than me?!?!?
Mrs. Okita: *smiling and wiping Soujiro's tears* Every mother is like that....loving their children more than anything else in this world.
Soujiro: Then, why haha-ue never carry Sou?
Mrs. Okita: Eh?
Soujiro: It has been a long time since haha-ue carry Sou....
Mrs. Okita: That's because Sou said, Sou is a big boy are 8 years old now....won't you feel embarrass??
Soujiro: No, I wont...haha-ue! I love haha-ue....
Mrs. Okita: *smile* You spoiled kid...why do you become such a whiny kid?

In 1850, Spring....Kin Okita, 17 years old, the 2nd daughter, Soujiro's older sister, is married to Yoshihide Nagano, a samurai from Mineyama province, who lives in Edo.

At one day, Mrs. Okita is in pain and she cannot feel her hands, it is numb. After the doctor checked, their mother suffered rheumatic. The doctor give the prescription...however, it is such an expensive medicine.
Soujiro: *crying* haha-ue....forgive Soujiro.....Soujiro wont ask haha-ue to carry Soujiro ever again......haha-ue must recover soon, ne....haha-ue....
Mrs. Okita: Soujiro.....

The expensive medicine for their mother has worsened Okita's family economy...
Mitsu is pregnant too...Rintarou said, evrything will be fine, he will find another job. Soujiro, gradually understand his family's economy condition. "Ane-ue....this foods is for your baby, I'm not hungry!". Mitsu feels really touched, and crying in front of Rintarou, "That boy shouldn't have to suffer like this!".

Rintarou: What if Soujiro adopted by another family?
Mitsu: Rintarou-san...?
Rintarou: Actually, oji-san have suggested this long ago, a kendo sensei in Edo is a nice man, and firm. He is a my uncle's relative.
Mitsu: If he is a good sensei and can educate well, I think it would be a good thing if Soujiro become a disciple there.
Rintarou: ...haha, are you sure? A whiny kid like that? Remember when Kin got married?
Mitsu: ahh..sou desune....
Rintarou: To be a disciple of a dojo, it needs money to register as one. But if he goes there as a servant, we dont need money for it. We have talked about the possibility....
Mitsu: ...a servant...? Can Soujiro work like that?
Rintarou: It will be difficult in the beginning, but I'm sure he will get used to it... At least, he can eat more food there, rather than keep staying here. And its a kenjutsu dojo, I'm sure they have ways to train him to be a samurai....this is the best way for Soujiro.....
I know this is hard....but pls, be patient, Mitsu..... please forgive your good-for-nothing husband......*bows*
Mitsu: *in tears* Rintarou-san! Stop it....I'm really grateful that you actually thinks alot for Soujiro....

The next day, Mitsu tells Soujiro about the dojo in Shieikan in a firm manner. "Why only me? How about ane-ue and the others??", "We will wait for you here, to be a great samurai!". "No, I want to stay in this house!", " Even though you dont want to, it is decided! Tomorrow Inoue-jisan will take you to Edo. You have to behave like a samurai's son. Get ready!". Mitsu leave and lock him inside the store room.
"NO!!! Doushite, ane-ue?!? Soujiro will do anything! But please, dont tell me to go to another place! Ane-ue, you hate Soujiro, right? It is because you hate Soujiro! Coz, Ane-ue will have a baby soon! Haha-ueeee!! Rintarou-niisaaaan!!! Soujiro will become a good boy.....dont throw Soujiro away from this family!!". Soujiro is crying all night. As also Mitsu and his mother....

Shieikan, is soon-to-be a living hell for Soujiro. Soujiro is 9 years old when he come to Shieikan. At first, Shusuke Kondou's wife, Fude...refuse to accept Soujiro, "What can a skinny boy like that can do??". But of course, the nice and kind Shusuke accept Soujiro into their dojo as a servant.
However, Soujiro who is sitting outside, can hear the screaming voice of Fude, "What are you thinking?!?!? Dont you know, we are not rich enough to adopt that kind of boy!! Regarding foods, might not be a problem, but to take care a little kid like that every day, I wont have the patience!!!!!".

Soujiro feels really sad, he feels he's not wanted at anywhere. Suddenly, a young man enter the house, "Chichi-ue! This wooden sword is broken, we have to...". He sees Soujiro, "Unn...??". Soujiro is scared coz he looked really kowai, tall and big, but then he smiles widely, "Uwaaa!!! Kita' ne! You must be Soujiro, desho? I'm an adopted son in this family, Miyagawa Katsugoro(later known as Isami Kondou^^)! I've heard abt you! Sugoi,'re only 9 years old, and you already have to be parted from your family....I was already 16 when I was adopted.....but you have come here, you'll be a great samurai!". Then, Isami lift Soujiro up high and carry him. Soujiro is not scared anymore and feels he will like this man for the rest of his life.


The next morning...Fude is screaming, waking Soujiro up, "It's morning, Soujiro!! Wake up! I will tell you what works you have here!!! Soujiro!". But he's not in the store room. Then, Isami try to find him...he found Soujiro squating and crying. Turns out, Soujiro dont know how to wear a shitaobi(men's olden Jap underwear), it has been washed, and he doesnt know how to wears it again...all these time, it is Mitsu, his sister who puts it on. Isami is laughing, "haha! You're crying just because of that? A boy shouldn't cry for something like that! Then, let me teach you!" Isami undress himself and takes off all this clothes. "Come on! Soujiro! Takes off your clothes too!". Isami teach Soujiro how to wear a shitaobi in the backyard. Fude is shocked to see them naked, "What are you doiiiiiiinng?!?!?". ^_^;;

Soujiro is the youngest child, raised by his mother and sisters. While, Isami is also the youngest son in his family, but his mother he is raised by his father, and 2 older brothers.

Watching Isami exercise kenjutsu everyday, Soujiro is attracted and feels like to try to learn kenjutsu himself. But, Fude keeps yelling at him, telling him his works has not done yet. This is Soujiro's living hell, everyday Fude keeps yelling at him, and give him never-ending house works. If he dont do the works right, Fude will slap his bottoms and also slap his face.

One day, Soujiro cant take it anymore, he's crying and runs outside. While lying on the grass....suddenly, he hears a loud voice of a man. The man keeps yelling and swearing. Soujiro is scared, he sees a peddler who sells medicine. He quietly about to leave the place, when suddenly the peddler notice him, "Who is that?!?!". "Waaaa.....!!" Soujiro is so scared that he runs as fast as he could. The peddler is confused.

Soujiro meets Isami outside the house, when they about to enter. Suddenly they voices from outside, " seems Toshi is coming,". "Toshi?" Soujiro asks. "Hijikata Toshizou, the 4th child of a wealthy family in Ishida village, there's a Saitou dojo in Hino, right? Toshi's older sister is married to that dojo's owner, that's why he spent all the year there,". "I met him the first time, in that village, he is a very good person. He's not a Tennen Rishin people....but we're just like brothers," Soujiro thinks that Isami's brother will may be care about him too.
Isami and Soujiro enters the house. "Kat-chan!!!! Ohisashiburi!". Soujiro is shocked, "That scary peddler!". Turns out Toshizou also recognized Soujiro, "its you...!".

Toshizou stay at Shieikan for weeks. Soujiro is really annoyed with him. To Soujiro, Toshizou is such an annoying and irritating person. Coz he keeps bullying him, mock him, and keeps calling him Souji, " you're just a servant here?", "Oiii...Souji!". Soujiro will always yelled at him back, "My name is SoujiRO!!!!". But Toshizou keeps calling him Souji, anyway.
"Yoh! Souji, have you done the souji(souji means 'cleaning up')??" Hijikata says smile wickedly.

Everyday, for the whole one year, Toshizou keeps bullying him and also challenge Soujiro to exercise kenjutsu with him. Until one day, Soujiro is injured and got a fever.
"Oy, you know limit?" Isami scolds Toshizou, "He's just a little kid,".
"Nope! He's not just a little kid, he has the potential....he's really strong,".

When Soujiro have recovered, Toshizou keeps bullying him again, when Soujiro is about to give up, Toshizou always tell him not to give up and to fight him as hard as he could. One day, Toshizou's knocked him too hard and it has broke Soujiro's arm. "Yabai...", Toshizou is dead-worried...and deliver many, many medicine for Soujiro. He also change Soujiro's compress at night. But, when Soujiro wakes up, it is Isami who sleeps beside him.

Soujiro has recover, Isami takes him to a place. Turns out, Isami and Toshizou promise to meet there alone, coz Toshizou wants to give a wooden sword to Soujiro, thru Isami. So he is pissed Isami brings along Soujiro^^ Gradually Toshizou has also become like a brother, to Soujiro....


Toshizou pleads Shusuke Kondou to test Soujiro's swordskill, coz he is sure, Soujiro has a high potential and very talented. He is sure that someday, Soujiro will become the most famous swordfighter in Japan. Toshizou begs Shusuke Kondou to test Soujiro, then accept him as a disciple, if his words is proven.
So, Shusuke test Soujiro's swordskill....indeed, Soujiro is very fast and talented. And so, Shusuke accept Soujiro Okita as a disciple of Shieikan dojo in 10 years of age..........

In 1863, when he joins the Roushigumi, he finally change his name to Souji Okita.........