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Book Title: Official NHK Shinsengumi! 1st Edition

Published by: NHK in December 2003

ISBN: 4-14-923339-X

Price: 1000 yen



Contents: 200+ pages of lots of infos and exclusive full-colour pictures!!

  • Characters Relation Chart
  • Shinsengumi's history
  • Characters Introduction of NHK's Shinsengumi! with actors and actresses profile
  • Detailed Synopsis of the first 11 episodes with pictures for each episode
  • Beautiful photos of the sets location
  • Shinsengumi chronological history
  • Interview with Shingo Katori(the leading actor), Koki Mitani(the writer) and Koji Ishizaka(the producer/director??)
  • More pics of the drama and behind the scenes
  • Making of The Titleback/Opening Sequence(Credits)
  • Koki Mitani's profile and his works(dramas, movies, stage-play)
  • The Composers of Shinsengumi's instrumental themesong



~above pics are all scanned by mee!!^.^~