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Harada and Masa


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Episode 27 :
Masa showed Isami a letter which says, "Dear beloved Omasa-chan....". Isami pondered, then Masa pointed the signed name. "Sanosuke!!" Isami's eyes widened. Turns out, Harada has very often sending her love letters, and also sending her daikon. But, Masa tells Isami, that she dont like that guy...he smell bad. And have such a bad temper.
Later, Isami talk with Harada outside the foodshop, and Isami show him the love letter. Harada is shocked, "How come this letter is in your hand?!?". Isami clearly stated what Masa have told him, that there's no way Masa will love him back. "I'm really serious here! Why wont she like me??". "She dont like guys with bad smell,". Harada sniffs himself, then saying that he will take a bath now. "She also dont like bad-tempered guys.....forget about her,". Harada looks really sad.

Episode 29 :
Harada runs heading Masa's foodshop. It is fire everywhere, and the running crowds are blocking his way. Until he see her....between the smokes. Masa is walking slowly, her face is filthy...her eyes is gazing thru, empty......she looked really shocked. Harada is stunned, "Masa-chan....". He immediately runs to her and embrace her.
"Everything is burned......the whole shop has burned down....!!" Masa burst out crying. Harada hugs her even tighter....