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Isami and Mitsu
~First Loves That Never Meant To Be Together~

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Mitsu Okita is Isami's first love. But she is also like a bestfriend to him. Hijikata has always sense ever since he meet Mitsu. He once said to Isami, "You must like her very much, she really suits someone as honest as you!". And Isami, of course, soon denied that...moreover, Mitsu already married.

At another time, Isami's father, Shusuke explain to Isami, that he has find Isami's wife-to-be. Isami looks a bit hesitant. Shusuke ask, "Do you have someone you like already?". Awkwardly, Isami answers, "Chigaimasu....(no, its not like that)". "If you have someone you like already, just tell me, I'll cancel the engagement...what's her name?".
"Please stop...there's no one...". Suddenly, Mitsu comes and ask Isami to go with her to the festival, while Shusuke still asking the woman's name. Isami just look down, a bit nervous, then looking Mitsu and his father, his eyes is like telling....she's right there.....(^_^) Isami tells he cannot go to the festival right now, coz there are things he has to do. Mitsu walks off looking upset.

On Isami and Tsune's wedding day, Okita is wondering why Isami would want to marry a girl, he even never know before. Hijikata answer its because of her money. Tsune comes from a wealthy family, if Isami marries her, it will support Shieikan's financial condition and save Shieikan. Okita is surprised to hear this.
"Afterall, all these time he has feelings for your sister, dont you know?". Hijikata said. Mitsu who is also there, said, "There you go again, would you stop with that??".

Right before Isami takes off to Kyoto. He has a talk with Mitsu alone. Mitsu adviced him to talk more and say a more proper goodbye to Tsune, his wife. In the end, Mitsu said, "You like me, right, Kat-chan?". Isami is startled. Mitsu continues, "I have always known about it.....I also like you!". Mitsu smile, and so is Isami. She hugs him in a quick move, then walks away.

          ~courtesy pic of Shin-chan~

Really not much to tell about Isami and Mitsu, actually. You just have to see the whole scenes which has both of them, to feel their chemistry and closeness as bestfriends......and of course, with their own hidden feelings........
Apparently, Mitsu has already married to her husband, Rintarou Okita since she was 14 years old. So when she brings Okita Souji to Shieikan and meet Isami, she has already married. So pretty much nothing both can do, ne....