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Isami and Tsune
~The Ideal Husband and Wife~


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Isami and Tsune is really a kawaii and sweet married couple!^^ I salute this couple very much, and Tsune is, maybe, the luckiest -Edo period- woman ever!! What are the odds for a woman to be happy and eventually love the man who was chosen by the parents, to be married to her? While the woman herself, dont have any idea at all, what the man is like, before they get married...? Well.....that is Tsune!^-^


Tsune is really a good wife. I assumed, just like Isami, she also just accept her parents decision even thou she dont know Isami at all... And she knows, that she is betroth to Isami, only because she is from a wealthy family and Shieikan needs her family's financial support. Althou, at first, Tsune doesnt look happy....but bit by bit, knowing Isami's true seems she is glad that she is married to this ii hito ^-^ And, she really come to understand Isami. That's why, she smiled at last, in the wedding day's night...sweet scene....^_^
They are actually happily married. Because Isami is being so nice and kind to Tsune. While Tsune, of course, would fall in love eventually with that kind of husband ^-^
However, hmm...I dont know...will they still be happy when Isami meet Miyuki Dayuu later? x) ....poor Tsune.....she really trust, really believed in and has full faith in Isami....

One big question...sure, Isami treats Tsune very nice and kind, and very caring....but does he actually love her?


Episode 5:
The ending scene. Isami and Tsune awkwardly saying 'otsukare' and 'yoroshiku from today' to each other ^___^ Then, they both are reaching for the tea pot, thus their hands touch each other, then they immediately pull away their hands...(haha, they are married already, yet, they're still so shy to each other..cute!!^^) Tsune then pour the tea to Isami's cup....then, she keeps looking down, smiling.... Isami is drinking the tea while keep staring at his pretty wife....then, he smiles widely^^

Episode 6:
Both scenes are in the first 5 minutes of the episode...
- Tsune serve Isami the tea, Isami receive it and naturally hold the cup by touching her hands, Tsune feels uneasy and immediately let go off her hands. Then, Tsune ask about the sword match Isami is going to today.


- Tsune help Isami getting dressed. Again, when Tsune tightens the belt, Isami naturally help her tightens the belt too, and touch her hands. Tsune remotely pull her hands away from Isami's hands.....but this time, Isami pulls back her hands^-^ While saying, "Be good with mother, while I'm gone,". Tsune is a bit stunned, then she widely smile answering, "Hai!".

Episode 7:
Again the episode ended with Isami and Tsune's scene. Isami enters his room where Tsune has been waiting, sitting inside. Her expression is wry. Isami sits facing her. Tsune bows saying, "Gokurousama degozaimashita,". Isami just answers 'hai' to that. Then, Tsune gives out a neatly folded clothes to Isami, "Please, use this, if you like it,". Isami open the folds and found a skull-shaped knitted to the clothes....Isami is stunned, "You knitted this yourself?". Tsune, almost in tears, said, "I thought you like it so much, so...". Isami is really pleased and smile. Tsune, in tears, is about to takes back the knitted clothes, "I'm sorry, if the skull-shape is weird...I'll....", before she finish her words, Isami hold both her arms......then he embrace her, hugs comfort and thanked her, to make her feel secured. Tsune's tears is flowing even driftly now. Then, Isami put the clothes around Tsune, and hugs her again. This time, Tsune smiles. Isami also smiles.......



Episode 9:

-Mitsu and Tsune are in a room, putting Tama into bed. Tsune tells Mitsu, that Yamanami all think about is the bakufu problems. While, Tsune only wants to lead a peaceful life together with Isami and the baby. Mitsu suggested Tsune, to hide the letter from Isami, and not to tell him about the letter.

-Isami tells Tsune to sit in front of him. Isami tells her, that he has failed to become a Kobusho teacher, it seems no matter what, he can never do something great in his life, he hopes that Tsune feels alright to have a husband that cannot do anything great. Tsune says, all that matters for her, is Isami and their child leads a good life together with her. Isami is touched with that, and tells her, that they should take Tama someday to hanami(to see and enjoy sakura's beauty). Tsune is really happy to hear that, she's about to leave to prepare dinner, but she stopped and goes back to the room, "Is there anything you want for dinner tonight?". Isami answers, "Anything would be fine..", "Please, just say it, anything," Tsune insist. "Jaa....fuwafuwa tamago(note: a kind of egg cooks),". "Hai!".

-Tsune is working hard, cooking for Isami....
Isami is in Tama's room now. He keeps staring at Tama. Tama lift her hand tries to reach his father. Isami smile, then he lies besides her, coindentally bump on the cabinet, and the letter falls off its place...right in front of Isami.... Isami takes the letter, read it...........and.............he is stunned......!! He rush off to the kitchen and excitedly ask Tsune, "Tsune!! What is this??". Tsune is shocked, she doesnt know what to say. "This letter...?!?". Then Tsune says, "I've forgotten!!!! Sumimasen(sorry)!!". Isami hugs Tsune happily, "Tsune, do you know?! With this......I have found my own path!! The path I'm gonna choose!". "I'm going now!" but Isami see the mixed eggs Tsune just made, so he hesitates. But Tsune immediately says, "Okiotsukete(pls, becareful)!".

Episode 12:
-On the day, Isami is leaving for Kyoto. Mitsu talk to Isami and ask him whether he has said goodbye to Tsune properly. Isami answered, "No....just the usual 'itterashai', the usual 'okiotsukete', the usual 'ittekimasu'....".

-Tsune is standing between the crowds but having doubts and she's about to go back again, when suddenly Mitsu comes and tell her to gather herself up and just do it. Tsune hesitates, but then she goes back to the crowds....then she sees Isami walking together with the Roushigumi's groups. Isami sees her, but then looks to the front again. Tsune in tears, cried out, "ISAMI-SAMA!! Okiotsukete!!". Isami turns his head again, gritting his teeth and with a firm face, nods to Tsune.
Mitsu just watch from afar in tears too, and smiling......

Episode 31:
Isami is back to Edo for few days. At the last scene of the episode, Isami and Tsune finally have an alone time in their room, looking at their cute precious 1-year old daughter, Tama, sleeping.

Isami: Cant believe...she's already this big in a year...*caressing Tama's cheek*........yokatta, she look just like her mother...
Tsune: *smiling*....ahh, but yokatta she has your eyes....
Isami: *looking at Tsune, and smile*.....good thing, we finally have a time to talk alone ne.... Here, I got something for you...
Isami hands over something wrapped. Tsune opens it...its a hairpin....she is stunned...
Isami: Here....let me....
Isami put in the hairpin to Tsune's hair.
Tsune smiling, saying arigatou. Isami smile at her, then he embrace her.....she hugs him back.
Tsune: I've missed you so much....

Shingo Katori & Tomoko Tabata

Well, actually they have never work together before in any dramas ^_^ But, I just thought it would be interesting to show you how they interacts off-screen^^ Oh, and they do have a good chemistry, I have to say, in Shinsengumi as husband and wife!^_^

Yuuka and Tomoko Tabata guests in May 24th, 2004's Bistro SMAP(a cooking segment in SMAPxSMAP). Its funny coz when they enter the sets, they cant stop giggling...haha, what's so funny, gals?^^
Actually, I've been wishing they will have Shinsengumi actors guests in Bistro SMAP, I was actually hoping for Kouji Yamamoto, Tatsuya Fujiwara or Joe Odagiri x) But, whaddyaknow....turns out, they bring in The Wife and The Lover! ha! What are the odds? Perhaps, that's what Yuuka and Tabata giggled about ^_^;;

As usual, Nakai Masahiro, the host, ask them what they want to eat....I didnt really get it, but I think Yuuka ask for Tokyo-style cooks, while Tabata ask for Kyoto-style cooks.

Nakai ask alot more questions to Tomoko Tabata, so it feels the show is more focus on her. Of course, because Yuuka has guests in Bistro twice before, this is her 3rd time, so really not much to talk about her^^; Nakai ask how old are they, and they both answered, "23!", turns out they both are in same age.
Nakai also ask Tabata whether she watches SMAPxSMAP, she answered yes. He ask her, which one is her favorite comedy skit. She answered, "Katori-san's Beckyam,". Camera shoots on smiling Shingo^^ (Beckyam is Shingo's parody skit where he mimicks and "do" David Beckham, the England soccer player^^)

Then, Nakai brings the ladies to the chefs. When its Shingo's turn, Nakai talks and teased Shingo about the love triangle between them. Shingo looked kinda embarrased. Shingo said, it is painful, even when he only read the script. He said, the most sad scene was when Isami has to go to Kyoto, and Tsune says goodbye from afar....Tabata agreed and nods to that.
Nakai ask whether Isami will go back to Edo....Shingo said, yes...and it'll be another sad scenes. However, they haven't done the filming of that part ^_^

Both chef teams are done cooking. And its time for the ladies to taste the dishes. Shingo's first oishii reaction is really funny, dressed as Isami, in Shinsengumi costume...he kneeled apologize to Tabata(Tsune), and confess that he's been playing around with Miyuki Dayuu in Kyoto all these time(lol!), so to make that up....he is going to do a seppuku(Jap suicide) now. Yuuka, Tomoko Tabata, and the rest of SMAP members had a good laugh ^_^

The winner is decided, its Goro-Shingo's team!(is it obvious? x)) So, yay....apparently, Shingo get kisses from his wife and lover ;)