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Okita and Okou


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Since Isami finds Okou, he ask her to always take care of Okita, who is sick. So, Okita and Okou are together alot in the few last episodes. Okou has always been a good servant, and chatting friend for Okita, whenever he's lonely, coz he cant go anywhere, keep lying on the room, while everybody is busy. So, Okita must've felt grateful to her, to always accompany him.
Actually I'm not sure myself about their relationship^^ But the way they always bicker with each other, and how Okita keeps mocking her playfully, really indicates there's sparks between them ^_^ if only it lasted longer... =(

Episode 48 :
Okou: what have you done?
Okita: why do you have to come out again?
Okou: what have you just done?!
Okita: i killed an ant...
Okou: Why?!?!? it didnt do anything wrong!!!
Okita: Its an ant...O_O
Okou: Even if its an ant, its also a living thing!
Okita: heh...ant is not a living thing...
Okou: Stupid!! Whether its ant or people, both's souls cannot be replace!
Okita: what are you saying??
Okou: ahh...what a great Shinsengumi 1st regime captain! Even when you kill a living thing, you dont feel a thing, huh?
Okita: Didnt YOU ever kill an animal?!
Okou: Never!
Okita: Impossible!! You're probably stepping about 10 ants with each step!
Okou: I'm going OVER it, not on it!
Okita: Sochi no baka da!(how stupid are you!)
Okou: Ano really have to learn to treasure souls. For the sake to be able to eat, so you kill other living things, is not a human!!
Okita: No such thing....
Okou: Ryoujun-sensei told me about it!!
Okita: Ja, what about Tanuki(racoon)or Kitsune(Fox)!? Don't THEY step on the ants???
Okou: No!
Okita: Uso dayo!(you're lying!)
Okou: I'm not lying!!!
Okita: Can't believe this, I've never heard this kind of conversation! Ja, what if Tanuki or Kitsune sees them on the ground?!
Okou: They'll walk around it!
Okita: ARIENAI! (impossible!)
Okou: ARIERU!!!!!!!! (its possible!)

(Okita realize, both of them are being old man laughing at them)
Old man: Both of you, looks really close and in good
Okita: Sonna koto nai yo.... (no such thing....)


Episode 49:
-Hijikata: Sou da...what do you think about Okou-chan?
Okita: Think what?
Hijikata: Isnt she's pretty? Women with big front teeth have sensitive feelings, y'know...
Okita: it big?
Hijikata: Her older sister's front teeth is, hers must too...
(then Okou comes, they stop the conversation)

-Later...when Okita gets closer to Okou's face:
Okita: Its true....your front cute...
Okou: What?
Okita: Let me see it again!! Come on! Smile!
Okou: NO!!
Okita: Ja....i'll tickle you!!(running after her) Please, i just want to see it, coz Hijikata-san also said it!
(Okita and Okou are running around the house like little kids, then the old man laugh at them again, so they stop running and behave^^)
Okita: *to the old man* ahh...please, dont think of anything weird...
Okou: *smiling embarassly* chigaimasu kara...(coz, its not like that...)