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Sakamoto and Oryou


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Episode 26 :
Isami is hanging out at Sakamoto's place(I assume Tosa clan's place). He is chatting with Sakamoto together with his other two friends. When suddenly, a pretty young lady comes out from inside, "Sumimaseeeeen! The foods are ready,"
(note: they are chatting a bit far from the house)

Sakamoto: Hey, who's that??
Sakamoto's friend: You dont know? She'll be our servant since today... Hey, introduce yourself!
Oryou: I'm Oryou....
Sakamoto: (seems really taken with her beauty) ahhh....Oryou kaa.... I'm-I'm Sakamoto Ryouma!
Sakamoto's friend: (to Oryou) You better becareful with this guy! He likes to go out with different women!
Sakamoto is asking her, how to write her name...turns out, the "Ryou" in both their names are the same kanji. Sakamoto said funny things, which makes Oryou laughs.
Meanwhile, Isami just sighed, watching the whole thing^^