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Serizawa and Oume


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Episode 15 :
Serizawa Kamo and Niimi Nishigi are walking back to the Yagi household. Coincidentally, Serizawa look to the left, and find a beautiful lady, Oume, inside the house across the Yagi household, who is also looking at him. Serizawa and Oume are gazing at each other for several seconds, till Serizawa enters the Yagi house. Oume smiles, keep gazing at Serizawa, till he disappear from her sight. Inside, Serizawa asks Mrs. Yagi, who is the beautiful lady, live across. Mrs. Yagi said, she never know there's a beautiful lady live across the house.

Episode 16 :
In a food shop, Serizawa is drinking alone, and not far from his table, he finds Oume also drinking alone. They are gazing at each other, Oume smiles, but Serizawa just act like he dont care. Later on, Oume got herself into trouble with a samurai, and Serizawa help her, to get rid of that samurai. Oume smile widely, thanked Serizawa, and said, "You're actually just want to get to know me, arent you?". Serizawa gaze at her, walk closer, bend down a bit, and point at her forehead, "There's rice on your head,". Then, Serizawa goes back to his table. Oume is surprised and feels embarrased, she immediately wipe his forehead. A bit upset, but then also smiles a bit.

Episode 17 :
Three of them find a beautiful figure standing on the house entrance, in an elegant manner, Oume enter the house, she smiles then said to Serizawa, "Thank you for that time,". Okita ask, "What has happened?". Serizawa ignorantly answered, "I've forgotten...". In a coquettish manner, Oume then sits between Okita and Serizawa, "So you are Mibu Roushigumi, arent you? What do you do?" Oume ask Okita. Okita answered, "Ahh....we prevent the futteroushi to stir trouble,". "Futteroushi? What kind of roushi is that?" Oume ask again. "Ehmm....they're bad roushi...Tosa roushi, Choshuu roushi, for example..." Okita smile nervously, coz Oume is just getting nearer and nearer, she even stroke Okita's face, makes him even more nervous. Then she tells them, that she will have to leave the area soon, coz she has no master anymore. Serizawa ask her, "Is it okay for you to leave?". Oume answered, "If I can, of course I want to stay,".

Episode 18 :
-Okita arrive at Oume's place, just to find that Serizawa is inside Oume's room! They're drinking together. Okita is very dissapointed, and ask Serizawa why he's there. Serizawa tell him, that man and woman's relationship is hard to understand. "What's with that face?? fall in love with Oume??" Serizawa then laugh, unerestimating laugh. Oume also giggles. Okita then, exits the room, looking upset and sad, got a broken heart......

-When she's about to exit the room, suddenly Serizawa open the door, "You will not have to leave this village!". "Serizawa-han, I'm sorry, but this is our village's matters, you dont have to interfere," Gennojou said. "I will become Oume's master. So she will live here, Seichuu Roushigumi's headquarters. From now on, Oume is under the protection of Seichuu Roushigumi's kyokuchou, Serizawa Kamo!". With that, Serizawa leave the place. And how excited Oume is, "Well, heard it if you please, I'll excuse myself..." she smile wickedly. Yagi is stunned.

Episode 25 :
After Okita killed Serizawa, Oume is hysterically screaming at Serizawa's body, "Anata?? Anata?? Ne, ANATA!!!!".
Okita tells her to escape from there immediately....but Oume is not listening....she just gaze at Okita...then, she pulls off Okita's sword and stab it to her own stomach...........