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The Shinsengumi-s

Matsubara Chuuji (4th regime captain) by Masahiro Koumoto (1965)
He joined Shinsengumi, after Serizawa is killed. He was tested by Saitou, and surprisingly suceed in defeating him. His unexpected swordskill made him promoted as one of the regime captain. He once killed a choshuu samurai, and it troubles him, coz the choshuu samurai ask him to take care of his wife.




Takeda Kanryuusai (5th regime captain) by Norito Yajima (1970)
Same as Matsubara, Takeda joined Shinsengumi, after Serizawa is killed. He is a new member...however, Hijikata finds out that he is such a capable and intelligent man, so he promoted him to be one of the vice commander's assistant....and later the 5th regime captain. Takeda has really contributed alot for Shinsengumi, esp. right before the Ikedaya incident.


Genzaburo Inoue (6th regime captain) by Takashi Kobayashi (1959)
Inoue is the oldest Shinsengumi member, and has been a loyal follower of Tennen Rishin Ryuu for a long time, perhaps even before Isami was adopted by Shusuke or not long after Isami was adopted^^ In Shieikan, besides being a Shieikan pupil, he also used to do the houseworks, together with Mitsu. Well, nothing much to say more about him, except he is a loyal follower of Shieikan and Isami Kondou ^_^


Sanjuurou Tani (7th regime captain) by Yutaka Maido (1965)
Together with his 2 younger brothers, they joined Shinsengumi in the end of 1864. He insist Isami to adopt his youngest brother, to be Isami's adoptive son, since Isami has no son to continue the family's name. He has a really unique, weird laugh!! xD




Heisuke Toudou (8th regime captain) by Kantarou Nakamura (1981)
Toudou is very close to Okita Souji, due to their same age. They are close friends, even before Toudou join Shieikan. He was originally a Hoshin Itou style follower from Itou dojo. But ever since he was charmed by Isami's personality, he determined to become a Shieikan member. So he ask his sensei, Itou Kashitarou, permission to leave Itou dojo and joining Shieikan. Although, Itou didnt permit him at first, but later he agree to let go Toudou.
Toudou is an honest, very nice and kind young man. Very polite, too. Quite resemble Isami, actually. But, Toudou is just much, much, much more innocent and polite ^-^


Sanosuke Harada (10th regime captain)

Harada was formerly a bandit. He used to steal a wealthy family's properties and foods. His first meet with Isami, Hijikata and Nagakura was actually as a bandit, and a quite funny first meet^^ But later, he comes to Shieikan and become a guest swordsman. Harada is a very, very cheerful guy...very ridiculous, and such a comical guy. He never dressed properly. And he is always hungry, eating is his hobby. And he also love to relax, just lying on the floor, doing nothing ^_^ This character really adds in the comical atmosphere to the story.

Taro Yamamoto (1974)
He is in actuality a funny, funny man, indeed^^ I've watched him the first time in MOON CHILD (Gackt & Hyde's movie) acting a silly role. Then, in Battle Royale, co-starring Tatsuya Fujiwara, but in this movie he got a more kakkoi role ^_^ A good actor? Hmm...I'm still not sure....but a great comedian, indeed!^^

Kashitarou Itou (military advisor) by Shousuke Tanihara (1972)
Itou is the owner of Itou dojo in Edo, Toudou Heisuke's master. He joined Shinsengumi, later on, after the Ikedaya affair. He is such a smooth talker. Shinsengumi finally be able to persuade Nishi Honganji Temple's monks, to let them use the temple to be their headquarter, is thanks to Itou^^ Hijikata despise him, from first sight.


Kisaburou Kawai (in charge of financial matters) by Kouji Ookura (1974)
Kawai is probably the weakest member in Shinsengumi, he has a really low swordskill. However, his calculating skill is above average^^

Kai Shimada (spy/investigator) by Shouei (1974)
Shimada is introduced to Isami and Hijikata by Nagakura. He is a really big and tall man. He has changed his name about 5-6 times ^_^;

Susumu Yamazaki (spy) by Kichiya Katsura (1971)
Yamazaki's identity as a Shinsengumi member is kept as confidential as it can be. He rarely seen in the headquarter, and he never wear the haori uniform. And only those with high positions in Shinsengumi knows about Yamazaki.

Shuhei Kondou (formerly Masatake Tani) by Yousuke Asari (1987)
Tani's youngest brother, later become Isami Kondou's adoptive son. Coincidentally, have pretty much similar traits with Isami^^





Kamo Serizawa (former other Commander) by Sato Koichi (1960)
Serizawa is a high-skilled yet cynical swordsman. His personality is quite scary and weird. His face never show any trace of happiness nor anger. Although when he's angry, someone might get hurt, or would involve the lives of many people. He joined Roushigumi and support Isami & Hijikata's ideas of forming a new Roushigumi. Thus, he became the commander together with Isami.
Nothing has ever go wrong with his life, until he meet a beautiful woman in Kyoto, named Oume. And fallen for her...

Nishigi Niimi (former other Vice Commander) by Kazuyuki Aijima (1961)
Niimi is a loyal follower of Serizawa...a creepy man to me. Coz he has such a plain face...and kinda weird...^^;

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