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AnY ComMeNTs 4 mE?! DoOZo!!^-^

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Irrashaimase! I'm Yanie, an Indonesian, who live in Jakarta, the capital city ^_^v
Despite the fact, that I'm not a fan of period dramas or perhaps well-known as samurai dramas, I am a fan of this Shinsengumi taiga period drama!!^.^ Its quite shocking for even myself, coz even thou ever since I watched the previews and trailers of this serial, I knew that I will like it....but I didnt know I'm gonna love it so much, very much, enough till it triggered me to build this website dedicated to the serial!!^_^
Before you start to browse the website, would like to inform you that I am a fan of Japan dramas and movies, also a huge fan of Shingo Katori & SMAP! Just so, you wont be wondering why I have these in my website, althou its kankenai with Shinsengumi itself^^
Jyaa......enjoy the contents of this website! Dont forget to sign the guestbook!!^o^

Before anyone use the contents of this website without asking for my permission, I would just like to make this clear.
All writing contents on this site belong to Yanie(with the exception of some, whom I will state the names). I'd highly appreciate it, if you do not use them for your own website. If you really need it, then you can just link the page to your site.
99% of the pictures in this website are also specially captured by Yanie. If you want to use any of the pictures on the site, then please, do politely inform me first. I'd be extremely grateful.




Shinsengumi! broadcasts in NHK World Premium channel. If you have CableTV, make sure you watch Shinsengumi! in NHK:

  • Every Sunday, 20.00 Japan Standard Time
  • Re-runs: Every Saturday, 13.05 JST & Every Sunday, 02.55 JST

In Indonesia, it means: Every Sunday, 18.00 WIB
In Singapore, it means: Every Sunday, 19.00 Singapore Time

You can also visit the Official Website of the serial at: NHK's Shinsengumi!

Official Synopsis of the Upcoming Episodes also available in English at: NHK World Premium website. Updated monthly!

Shinsengumi! also broadcasts in KTSF channel, Bay Area, CA, USA. Every Saturday, 21.30 Pacific Time.

Minna-san! I've created a mailing list for us to talk about this serial!!^o^ So, please join! Onegaishimaaaasu! The URL is at:


My Japan Trip's Report - Shinsengumi related


Webmaster's E-mail :



February 5th, 2004: UPDATES! UPDATES!!!!^o^

  • Updated and edited CASTS Page 2 and 3....added Okou character, added some pics!

  • ROMANCE -> added pic of Okita-Hide & Yamanami-Akesato, added Okita-Okou

  • Added scans in GALLERY OF MAGAZINE! And -Shinsengumi won awards- news!!!!

  • MISCELLANEOUS -> added Original Soundtrack TRACKS list, and LYRICS of the main theme!!^o^

  • Added "Shura no Toki" in the RELATED section!

  • Added 2 new POLLS below! Scroll down to the bottom!^^

  • Added BACKGROUND MUSICS in all of the section pages, and some episode synopsis pages!! do u notice?^^ if your connection's slow, may takes alot of time to load the BGMs ^_^;; if you're annoyed with it, just simply click STOP on your internet browser, heehee....
Enjoy all the updates!!^o^

November 7th, 2004: Updated -Gallery of Magazines- with NEWS of:

  • "Shinsengumi!" Won The 8th Nikkan Sports Drama Award !!!
  • "Shinsengumi!" Filming Has A-Wrap!
I'm very, very sorry for not able to update as frequently as before, anymore! Hontou ni sumimasen!>_< My college schedule is too tight, didnt even let me breathe! I'll get one-week break soon....hopefully, could do something to this website during the break x)



Shinsengumi War Zone !!!

Introductions: who is shinsengumi?, historical background, my interest on shinsengumi

Casts: characters description, the actors and actresses who acted them and about the scriptwriter

Detailed Synopsis & Review: synopsis of every episode and my reviews, my comments on each episode

The Romance: plots that most of which are fiction-made and not written in the history ;)

Behind The Scenes: previews, interview with the casts, the pers conference, the NG takes, etc

Gallery of Magazines: pictures of Shinsengumi from the Japanese mags

Tama Gallery: pictures of Isami and Tsune's baby daughter ^___^

Miscellaneous: scans of Shinsengumi official books, articles and other stuff related with NHK's Shinsengumi!

Little Souji's Tale: Okita Souji's family background and a story on how 9 yrs old-Okita first met 18 yrs old-Isami and 17 yrs old-Hijikata

Other Related Taiga Dramas/Anime/Manga: Kaze Hikaru, Peacemaker Kurogane, Gohatto, Rurouni Kenshin, Chuusingura 1/47, Toshiie to Matsu

Please sign the guestbook! Tell me your favorite Shinsengumi member, tell me your favorite actor in the serial, tell me your comments about the serial, and tell me your comments about the website!!^o^ Onegaishimasu!




Please visit my other website:


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Who is Your Favorite Shinsengumi member?
Kondou Isami
Hijikata Toshizou
Okita Souji
Nagakura Shinpachi
Saitou Hajime
Inoue Genzaburou
Toudou Heisuke
Itou Kashitarou
Yamanami Keisuke
Harada Sanosuke
Who is Your Favorite Female Character in NHK's "Shinsengumi!"?
Miyuki Dayuu/Oyuki [Kondou's Lover]
Okou [Oyuki's Twin Sister]
Tsune [Kondou's Wife]
Mitsu [Okita's Sister]
Hide [Okita's love interest]
Akesato [Yamanami's Lover]
Masa [Harada's love interest]
Oume [Serizawa's Lover]
Okoto [Hijikata's Fiancee]
Do you want me to continue to write the SYNOPSIS section?
YES!! coz I'm watching this series without subs!
Not necessarily...coz I've already watch this series with subs I understand.
Althou, I've watched this series with subs, I'd like to know your comments of each episode^^

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