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Detailed Synopsis, Review and Snapshots

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Detailed synopsis, reviews and exclusive pictures for every episode are all here!! Just click on any episode you'd like to read and see pics of. And please, kindly be patient for the remaining synopsis. ^-^

So far, the shooting of this taiga serial is not finished yet. They have started shooting since September 9th last, the shooting may be expected to wrap up around September this year.

NHK has broadcasted the serial since January 11th this year and it is broadcast once a week, every Sunday night. Enjoy the synopsis & reviews!


Part I

Episode 1: The Arrival of The Black Ships! ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 2: The Pride of Tama ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 3: Mother Leaves Home ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 4: The Universe is Turning Upside Down ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 5: The Wedding Day ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 6: Heuskenm, Run Away! ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 7: The 4th Generation of Shieikan's Owner's Celebration ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 8: What Will Japan Be ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 9: Everything is In The Letter ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 10: At Last, The Roushi Team! ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 11: Mother, I'm Leaving! 
Episode 12: To The West! 

Part II

Episode 13: Serizawa, Flared Up! 
Episode 14: Arriving in Kyoto!  ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 15: To Go or Not To Go ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 16: A Letter to Tsune ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 17: First Death ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 18: First Job! Miburoushi! ~Synopsis & Pics Available~
Episode 19: The Funeral ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 20: Kamo is Getting Weaker ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 21: Dokkoi Jiken 
Episode 22: Kamo on Top of The Roof 
Episode 23: The August 18th Incident 
Episode 24: Sakete wa Torenu Michi 
Episode 25: The Birth of "Shinsengumi" ~Synopsis Available~

Part III

Episode 26: Commander Isami Kondou! ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 27: Before The Ikedaya Incident! ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 28: To The Ikedaya Inn! ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 29: ??? 
Episode 30: Nagakura's Petition 
Episode 31: Going Back to Edo 
Episode 32: Yamanami's Desertion 
Episode 33: A Friend's Death ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 34: Teradaya Affair ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 35: Goodbye, Mibu Village ~Synopsis Available~
Episode 36: Taiketsu! Mimawarigumi! 
Episode 37 

Part IV

Episode 38 
Episode 39 
Episode 40 
Episode 41 
Episode 42 
Episode 43 
Episode 44 
Episode 45 
Episode 46 
Episode 47 
Episode 48 
Episode 49 

Synopsis & Reviews by Yanie